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  1. Police vallu kavalane evaro okarini irkinchestaru ... Just media pressure ki case close cheyadaniki
  2. @sskmaestro generalized statement Anni pattukochi BJP ki ruddadam kuda tappu... Regarding oil prices actual price eppudunna crude is set awtadi ..... And UPA time lo extra crude price Manaki subscidy ga icharu ... How? Sonia pocket lodi kadu .... appulu chesi ...Bonds release janala netthina ruddaru.... Eg. 2012 barrel crude 140$ unte 140-80= 60 $ Gap ni UPA appulu in bonds roopam lo chesi subsidy ichindi... AAA appulu modi has repaid ... Vaddu 7.5% . Modi emi oil prices gap tineyatla .... But still I agree with modi failed but not as disastrous as UPA... Ego feeling ki poi CBN, Kejriwal, Subramanyam swamy gani FM aiunte e patiki India parugulu pettedi ....China handsup ayyedi.... BJP , RBI governor ga history chadivinodini pettinappude we should understand entha illeterates vallu.... CBN e lafoot, langaa ,lofaer , lafangi, lathkoor , lavaada, leki Telugu prajalu ... Viswasam Leni kukkalanu vadilesi center ki poiunte ee desam gundello pettukunedi.... Telugu prajalu most illeterates. Having said that ...BJP people are inefficient yet honest. Cong most efficient yet most worst corrupted. Why always compare with Cong .... Chance dorikithe dooripodam Ani unnaru... So BJP is far better but ... Dubara, pokiri mogudu Kanna mangalavaram mogudu better
  3. Me badha, avesam artham awtundi gani, agree BJP is big failures no doubt in it . But Cong nagupamu always ready to throne the power. So we don't have option. Only development works ante PV, Vajpai,CBN la shed kellipotam...what is the use ... Modi ne correct mogudu ee selfish people ki
  4. Every where intha darunamga pracharam chestunnaru valla karyakarthalaku.... TDP me pilla future tho adukontondi Ani....
  5. To cover the disastrous failures of ysrcp till date, jaffas are using English medium as weapon and publicising that TDP is against it every where. Prathi chota bhootulu dobbutunnaru JSP tdp ni . Sensitive matter ni artham cheskoleka ,handle cheyaleni vallaki rajakiyallo kastam ... Was clearly warned to stay back or to give positive opinion on English medium .... Ycp antha XXXXX party emkoti ledu desam lo
  6. @sskmaestro You mean soft ga secular ga undi... Colgate 5,00,0000 cr crores scam 2G scam 1,76,000 cr Common wealth games scam Adarsh scam BANKS Npa scams chese parties ni gelipinchalaa... Great Kanisma commodities prices control cheyaleni Cong ki state govt kuda paniki radu ... BJP is far far better .... Stop sutti salahalu
  7. Values Leni vadu mala veste pavitrudu awtada.
  8. Where ur children are studying sir ?
  9. As per govt stats in budget 40,000cr spent on state education. Sagam sagam not possible because it's not fisable
  10. Any protest against it back fire very badly from middle class and lower class in rural and semi rural area school parents ... Need to keep silent
  11. Infact TDP should have done this long back, considering changing world. TDP should strictly stay away on protesting against this, PK has lost all good what he ha earned recently in sand agitation. Except school teachers no one benefit from Telugu medium. చరవాణి , అంతర్జాలం what is use in learning it Telugu when world is learning it as Internet and cellphone
  12. From last 5 months disastrous governance and administration . Jagans best policy is changing Govt schools to adopt English medium. Many people can't understand this for now but in long term it's going to be huge benefit to people. Lower class can save lot of money. As now majority money they are earning is going to liquor and school fee .
  13. Honestly ABN valla TDP ki 0 labham ... Loss is huge .... EEnadu, TV5 are far better in injecting content in better way .... ABN overacting vall leniponin differences ekkuva awtunnai
  14. Nenu God ni nammanu gani.... But believe in tappu cheste, they might be punished at some point of time . Leni hatered ni janalameda impose chesi nasanam chesinavallallo vellu first .... Now God is punishing for their greedy.... Driver's, conductors, cleaners,mechanics govt emp avvalanukovadam too much greedy
  15. Huge respect to modi ... Mana land manam pondhadaniki enni years ...