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  1. koddiga ade chettho ...... HCL vijayawada , Xerox (Condunent) , FinTech valley kuda ettheste bagundu ..... elagu Amaravti shed ki velli natte , KIA kuda soon chalgaya .... its not my curse , its public opinion they dont want all these shit ...... okkadunte chalu maku jagan , aaa name vinte chalu maku orgasm
  2. emka chalu bros war is over , we lost .... continuous of threads vesi pichi disco lo petti no use ... please request every one to focus on personal priorities ... wait at least 1 year to get clear picture ... entha sicukunna waste eppudu psychological ga kuda not good on too much disco ... lets take break
  3. agreed but , dynamics changed in last week bro ..... all kaps jsp ki support annaru last lo YCP wave valla vallallo split vachi sagam sagam tho agipoyaru its helped GBC and most importantly adireddy vasu effect helped in rural also ..... or else GBC assam ayyevadu
  4. EVM tampering antha easy kadule bro ... if it was happening antha easy ga vadalav opposition .....edo cheppukodaniki
  5. Most speculated and anticipated kapu votes because of contracts , 1300 ms students , kapu corporation 5k crores ... but couldn't attract kapu youth
  6. Going against BJP right or wrong i don't know .... but we lost educated brahmin votes significantly Muslims , Christians are still 100% with YCP SC ST Reddies are strong supporters of YCP . Caste equations also spoiled tdp Eg: velama very strong voters in west are diverted to ycp because of MP RJY gowda vs kamma eluru velama vs kamma vijayawada kamma vs kamma gutur reddy vs kamma
  7. కృతజ్ఞత vs అవకాశం . ఆశ vs అత్యాశా comfort vs luxury నిజం vs బ్రాంతి నా జన్మభూమి vs నా స్వార్ధ ప్రయోయోజనం TDP vs YCP .... public mindset after talking to them
  8. 95 Lakhs dawcra ...... 65 Lakhs pensioners .... 6.5 lakhs government employees 70 k apsrtc employees 58 lakhs passbooks (farmers) 3.5 lakhs children in govt schools ...... vellanta target ycp ki ...... target programs chesai ..... successfully deceived manaki 1.25 cr votes ycp ki 1.5 cr votes ..... data talks
  9. @NatuGadu edi matuku 100% sure bro ..... evanni okka month or year vi kavu ..... slowly they implanted one after other mana puppy shame batch sit silently
  10. these are party ycp సానుభూతి పరులు . distributed in all groups to sperad ycp motives
  11. nokia okappudu manchi company , but update avvaka ... MI samsung lanti vatiki market pogottukunnadi . my persona observation as groups candidate . we are in parliamentary form of govt not like presidential form .... group level lo pattuleni leaders ni chuttu pettukoni babu garu cannot win even panchayti elections .... yanamala , kodela , somireddy , narayana , lokesh , sujana , cm ramesh ....... they cant win even one mla .... but enjoys power they can never understand , predict , trouble shot any issue ..... if babu garu continues ....amen
  12. YCP ee okka opiton prati okkadini , prathi group ki target chesai ..... when i spoke to around 200+ , prati okkadiki reason undi , casual ga vesinode ledu .... i recollecting 2015 bihar elections days how , #beef and #అసహనం issue raised just before elections and spoiled prospects of bjp ..... sebash pk ipac team ..... తెలుగుదేసం ఓడిపోలేదు ... వైసీపీ గెలవలేదు ప్రజలు మోసపోయారు
  13. Interesting observation i have seen is paytm batch , though they are simple they did enough damage . vellu almost all groups lo unnaru who spread lies . * my friend who is working in rajahmundy civil court who is hardcore TDP , voted for fan ....why ? just before elections date in their legal employees whatsapp group got a message saying jagan assured 46% fitment to govt employees , plz vote for fan... see how planned lies they spread * mana housing scheme lo lottery lo rani vallandariki houses ista ani call chesi IPAC team gave false promises .
  14. 3. Social media effect , i see it personally . it can not be seen individually . it impacted all above YCP utilized 100% , tdp also tried best but could'nt convince. - Successfully deployed anti kamma feeling in all groups . when i spoke to ongole , karnool , atp , they questioned me as CBN ki kamma capital was established in their area , if reddy is there they would have been crorepati by now . - this foolsish people believing all jobs , promotions , programs , contracts by kammas. - IPAC-PK is successful in this * shaming NBK , Lokesh has lead to some negative. ఒకపక్క జగన్ ఏమో గుడిసెల్లో దూరి ముద్దులు పెడుతుంటే labour కి . లోకేష్ కామెడీ , బాలకృష్ణ పంచెస్ అంత పొగరేంట్రా వాళ్ళకి అని questioned me .
  15. 2. MLAs negative , outright, worst fellows కింద తేల్చేసారు సామాన్య జనం , కార్యకర్తలు . reasons - ఒక్క రూపాయి సంపాదించుకుని అవకాశం ఇవ్వరు , mlas అందుబాటులో ఉండరు , చిన్న చిన్న పనులు కూడా చేయరు . వాళ్ళు వాళ్ళ ఫామిలీస్ earnings తప్ప . ఆఖరికి పార్టీ మెంబర్స్ దగ్గరే మనీ tiskuntunnaru ani chepparu eg: i spoke to unguturu , udayagiri , tadikonda , kanigiri , atp mlas - suprise reason i heard from apt person paritala sreeram ki 25 safaris lo velladam awsarama. already janalu kastallo unte e showoff lead to further more. - కార్యకర్తలకు హెల్ప్ గా ఉంటది అనుకున్న జేబీసీ మనకే రివర్స్ అయింది