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  1. Taraka Mantram

    Kiran - the person & Kiran - the Admin

    Kiran bro
  2. Taraka Mantram

    Breaking News .... #RafaleLiesExposed

    nothing on u man.. just sympathetic to kiran bro struggles . defense is a different ball game.. its not a IT exp to look into a thing if they worked on it or not.. its more of capability and trust of the companies that taking such initiatives..whole reason for MII is to get to that stage... as we dont have lockheed to stepup and build right away... cant rely on HAL now with our airforce in dire situation.. and i am not surprised it going to Reliance or Tata infra such things going into their hand is not a surprise and lobbying is not a thing we shud worry abt and spend time now..
  3. Taraka Mantram

    Breaking News .... #RafaleLiesExposed

    bro many ppl here dnt even know reliance acquired pipava def.... just dont strain on these lines of explaining things to blind folded ppl over and again to the AJ followers
  4. Taraka Mantram

    Buddhist Circuit in AP

  5. Taraka Mantram

    Buddhist Circuit in AP

    i think renovation or something around tb inculding budda vigraham... and increasing some toursim based on this..at that time for them, i remeber reading it.... just got into mind and was checking if there is any conenction in idealogy or something
  6. Taraka Mantram

    Buddhist Circuit in AP

    just a Q. y cbn like buddha. tank bund lo vigraham now this i'm not against buddhism. but just want to know if there is any reason for cbn inclination towards buddism
  7. Taraka Mantram

    Tarak driving Porsche... SEXY CAR... SEXY DRIVE

    buddodaa mazaak aaa :terrific:
  8. Taraka Mantram

    NTR... Best of the Best

    this is fantastic stuff from u ba.. kummeesaavu....