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  1. Vedanta first sought an approval of the Union environment ministry for expanding its copper smelter in 2009. The environment ministry, then under UPA gave a clearance, without requiring public hearings. The clearance was valid for five years. When it lapsed Vedanta went back to the Union ministry in 2013 to get an extension. The environment ministry in May 2014 (still under UPA) ordered that cases like Vedanta’s expansion plans need to consult people. But in December 2014, the NDA government reversed this position and in March 2015 the environment ministry extended Vedanta’s environmental clearance till December 2018. This it did even while the question of the need for public hearing by projects in different kinds of industrial parks was being contested in the courts. This allowed the company to carry out construction. 1st UPA gave clearence ani nuvvu esav ga post sarigga chadavakunda title chusi eseyadame... have u even been part of environmental public hearings? 1st clearences are critical... next renewal every 5 years ki vuntai.. those are very much formal and managed....
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    Buddhist Circuit in AP

  3. Taraka Mantram

    Buddhist Circuit in AP

    i think renovation or something around tb inculding budda vigraham... and increasing some toursim based on this..at that time for them, i remeber reading it.... just got into mind and was checking if there is any conenction in idealogy or something
  4. Taraka Mantram

    Buddhist Circuit in AP

    just a Q. y cbn like buddha. tank bund lo vigraham now this i'm not against buddhism. but just want to know if there is any reason for cbn inclination towards buddism
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    Tarak driving Porsche... SEXY CAR... SEXY DRIVE

    buddodaa mazaak aaa :terrific:
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    NTR... Best of the Best

    this is fantastic stuff from u ba.. kummeesaavu....