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  1. Taraka Mantram

    Tg congress working president

    so rg chesadu antaaru RR ni CWP ga
  2. Taraka Mantram

    TDP Seats - Telengana

    nama will never win again in kmm
  3. Taraka Mantram

    T lo TDP

    too many merupu kalalu kada khammam lo tdp candidates e leru except nama vargam where some are close to tummala... entire cadre including settlers and both tdp and congi after puvvada and jalagam batch all converted to trs paleru ki tummala contesting which he reqested cbn in 2014 but cbn denied and gave kmm seat which he knows he will lose... paleru pakka tummala win.. inka kothagudem, palvoncha, illendu all constituencys motham singareni vallu just trs ki kummuthaaru no other thought..... khammam tdp malli nama vargam which has least trust in both tg tdp and ppl over there........ TRS ni oodinchadaniki entha kutamulu vasthe antha ekkuva trs ke balam as many tg ppl will think forces working against them this move will definitely strengthen TRS lastly nalgonda kuda completely turned to trs... uttham gadu gelavadame kastam huzngr lo..... only statement that kcr gave is tg vallani tg valle paripalinchali.... no matter which caste they belong to trs ki vote estharu...and muslim votes with trs-MIM deal no big effect... where as in andhra lo same slogan telug vadini telugu vade pariplainchali or andhra vadini andhra vade paripalinchali ante... again ppl will look into castes and the affiliated parties... this splits votes.. and that will not happen in tg.... only good thing can happen for ap tdp is if they just stay away from alliance with congi or anti forces of TRS. if tdp is part of anti trs forces, it is again big loss for TTDP if any good tdp can do, make 42 mp seats under one tree and change the fate of both states telugu people and remind nation telugu desam party is meant for telugu people
  4. Taraka Mantram

    Buddhist Circuit in AP

  5. Taraka Mantram

    Buddhist Circuit in AP

    i think renovation or something around tb inculding budda vigraham... and increasing some toursim based on this..at that time for them, i remeber reading it.... just got into mind and was checking if there is any conenction in idealogy or something
  6. Taraka Mantram

    Buddhist Circuit in AP

    just a Q. y cbn like buddha. tank bund lo vigraham now this i'm not against buddhism. but just want to know if there is any reason for cbn inclination towards buddism
  7. Taraka Mantram

    Tarak driving Porsche... SEXY CAR... SEXY DRIVE

    buddodaa mazaak aaa :terrific:
  8. Taraka Mantram

    NTR... Best of the Best

    this is fantastic stuff from u ba.. kummeesaavu....