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  1. Vinay NTR

    Artist Started

    Aa package ichi unte ee godava undedi kadu ga
  2. Pichi pushpams and verri baffas
  3. Lolll . Good for cooperates. Aadi bhakths picha fellowsm mental hospital lo undali vallu. India ni ammestunte...modi is better than congress anta my foot. .
  4. Vinay NTR

    Kapu Corporation

    Dalit ni CM cheyagane. xxxxx govt employees ghoram ra babu. Enta money ichina inka CBN anyayam chesadu ani antaru. Bank employees 30 yr sevrice chesina govt employees 16 yrs chesina same salary. Thu. Panulu mattuku cheyaru lanchalu dobbutaru dsagam mandi. Jagan devudu antaru edavalu
  5. No hindu took care of her. And now after 8 yrs suddenly her religion came up?? Wow. BS
  6. Vinay NTR

    Rupee is losing because.....

    Lol pichinmaatalu tweets vesukunta bratakatame swami and modi bhakts. Lol he knows his prediction is fked up. And ram mandir kadata ani owaisi ki challange chesadu...pichi na dash gadu lol.
  7. Vinay NTR

    Rupee is losing because.....

    Sorry i stand corrected. It went to 68. Kani according to modi it shud have ckme down to 45 and according to swaminit shud have been 1.00 lolll. Tokkalo modi.
  8. Vinay NTR

    Rupee is losing because.....

    Above information is false. Made by bhakts. It never crossed 63.9 in 2013
  9. Vinay NTR

    Edo tv9 video

    Lol 16 cases lo fraud chesina edavaki suppprt istara mana db sodarulu?
  10. According to bhakts demonitization valla terrorism eradicate ayindani cheppru?lol pichi bhakhts
  11. Vinay NTR

    GST pros & cons

    Vp party and their vp pans
  12. Boys will not have so much pressure from their parents to stop studying. Girls ki konni villages lo ika chadivindi chalu le antaru. This thing might help the cause
  13. Vinay NTR

    GST pros & cons

    Modi takes money from entire India and develops Gujarati and Maharashtra. Adi vadi plan. That's it.
  14. Vinay NTR

    GST pros & cons

    Lol worst govt.
  15. Vinay NTR

    PWD Grounds to Become "Vijayawada Square

    Yeah ground alane unchite better. Especially for exhibitions book festival etc. Kani trees penchchahu out field lo and walking ki track veyachu. Or complete ga multi functional chesese better. So that every one can own it