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  1. General ga ur training center will provide..
  2. villages lo situations different bro.. janalu andariki istuunaru anukuntunnaraa.. as per my experience who are againest to TDP not getting any benfits.. this problem creted by Janmaboomi committes
  3. i shared my views.. inka youth enjoy seyyandi
  4. 1 yr mundu plan cheste ayyedi
  5. tell me one name.. who has in politics only for serve the people..
  6. e mata nuvvu nenu anukunte parla... contest chese members anukunte ne kastam kada boss
  7. ikkada PRC DA antaru thats are regulery given what ever the govt...
  8. this time also expecting majerity below 1000 atleast in 30-40 seats.. so every vote importent..