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  1. Bro...monthly one day .. or bimonthly 2 days ...
  2. Local leaders can't even have a call to nbk...ide situation
  3. Ayana range ku atleast oka district incharge tiskone full fledged aa tiragale
  4. Yscrcp rendu strong groups unaye ....ide gelvadaniki reason
  5. Ke prbhakar ye ga...extra baggage
  6. Ycp previous incharge aa ethanu...loyalist aa
  7. Tomato gadda... Nevu Dr aaa🙀...ivanne enduku chepthunav
  8. Both are too good ....Corporate guys with faction tinge
  9. Vadu kalyanduram n shinganamalagurinche chepinde correct...guntakal current person kids gelustadu
  10. As on date , easy win possibility Tadipatri Uravakonda Penugonda Hindupur