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  1. Huge number of swing voters voted for Revanth in Kukatpally and Qutbhullapur constituencies. Many voters who voted for TRS in assembly voted for Revanth in MP election
  2. East Godavari not only reflects the mood of the state but also the mood of the nation. In this survey East Godavari is the only district where TDP is leading by one seat. Same pattern reflects in most of the districts with some exceptions like Kadapa and Nellore. And cross voting for MP seats is more infavour of TDP due to which TDP is going to win all 3 MP seats in East. East Godavari is bellwether district where all its 3 MPs seats are part of 20 MP seats identified across the country as Bellwether constituencies which got captured by ruling party/alliance in last 5 General elections East pulse is enough to gauge the mood of the state and nation
  3. TDP winning 3 Bellwether Seats, which are among 20 MP seats identified at national level - RJY, KKD, AML This means TDP is going to play key role in Govt formation at Center. No surprise if CBN becomes PM
  4. ante ee loafer gadu Tamil Nadu nasanam avvali ani korukuntunnadaa?? this message should be passed to Tamilians......vedni Hyderabad ki vacchi kodatharu
  5. TG lo KCR kanuka KTR ni CM chesi unte, YCP and anti TDP batch could have turned the poll campaign as "meeku CM ga Lokesh kaavala? or Jagan kaavala?" putting TDP on weak wicket by pushing CBN and his fans into defense
  6. Highs/Postives Pasupu Kumkum Pensions Anna Canteens Anna Daatha scheme Nandyala Win Kakinada Win HudHud Restoration & Vizag development Pattiseema results Polavaram Progress Godavari Pushkaralu overall arrangements Successful Land pooling for Amaravathi Playing Victim card - Exposing Modi-Jagn-KCR Nexus Comming out of NDA against center stand on SS - Nullifying the negativity created on CBN for his earlier stand No Confidence Motion in Parliament Propagating Anti Modi campaign successfully. Lows/Negatives: Vote ki Note GHMC debacle Sand Mafia Anti Kamma lobby Different stands on Special Status/Special Package MLC & Minister to Lokesh PK Social Media strategy- Trolling trivial issues and Lokesh in comparision with KTR Multiple Designs display on Amaravathi Troll on the word "Temporary" constructions in capital region Loss in Kukatpally and Serlingampally Pushakaralu Stampede
  7. Thanks for info....DMK for sure win more than 16 seats....no doubt
  8. They dont even considered Stalin DMK, which is going to get 25+ MP seats in Tamil Nadu highest than any party in South India including Orissa
  9. Factual Analysis on TS Inter Results Fiasco - Spend some time to listen https://youtu.be/uaS9ssyV6ok?t=40 https://youtu.be/uaS9ssyV6ok?t=40
  10. Modi Gujarat development model is more in Urban. In recent Gujarat assembly election, BJP got ZERO seats in 7 Rural districts
  11. Urban segments - Govt employees influence, Youth, Real estate boom, Media (Tv & Print), Contesting candidates stature decides the swing. Most of the surveys are generally carried out in these Urban segments only.
  12. East Godavari District perfectly represents the trend as its population is huge with 70 lakhs (42lakhs voters) female voters out numbering males, good mix of all castes , fertile and agency, agrarian dominated, more semi urban towns, good road, rail, air connectivity, rich in art, literary, culture and tradition, movie and politics lovers
  13. FM - Finance Minister RM - Revenue Minister
  14. Butcchai ki caste bad.........non kamma ayyi unte...Ye FM, RM range lo undevaru He is going to win this time also.....no doubt