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  1. Dhantlo work ceysey vAllu chala mandi max except high cadre antha vachey dhi ekadda nucho telusuga
  2. These people are funded by some Muslim sangalu ani cepparu keralites ni adigitey
  3. Ee youth antha full money lo unndey vallu don’t expect much from them
  4. What I heard from gunadala people jagaadu baaga tokkutunnadu annta veedi belt and wines shops ni ... veediki main gaa revenue feom the wines shops tappatam leydhu velakka maamuluga leydhu annta veedi ki heat paigga pillodu ayyipoyyadu so no other option than compromise
  5. Uma anna on fire fire 🔥 🔥
  6. Ekada bro dB Ki vastey kaani teleela
  7. Some one pleae make all these and circulate in what’s ho leta put them in status make the fun
  8. What the duck this bleddy TDP wing will do ella vellali illantivanni viral gaa thu
  9. Anntey seed mee krishna akkada molisi untadi ley
  10. Yaaa posible we seed sure ga akkadidey ayyindali
  11. It’s TDP SM work to make reach max people even in north and all parts of India they should tread these kind nee team lo unndey other parts vallu neeku msg pampistntey apposition Ycheappee gallu ella gunjukuntaru