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  1. It’s visible that TDP is putting max efforts in this by-election 👍. Hope some positive things will happen for the party in this election
  2. Anni daridralu chustunna inka Jagan mania epudu potundhi??
  3. Holding the railing while climbing steps is legally mandatory otherwise you will not get your insurance 🙂
  4. Okavela Lokesh ki opportunity ivvaka pothe thanu prove chesukune chance kuda vachedhi kaadu ga. He proved exceptional in his minister post and fetched several awards. Multiple projects have been dealt by Lokesh in an easy way by him. Apudu ala project chesi undakapothe maname ane vaallam CBN ni blame chesthu ipudu and we might be left with open ground in that case
  5. Baagundhi idhi. Mundu mind ki peace vastundhi