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  1. NTR Negative Role #SSRNext

  2. NTR Negative Role #SSRNext

  3. ★ US Jai Lava Kusa Rentrak Gross ★

    Update Day 5
  4. Amaravati

    kadu.. Frank Gersdorf ane journalist rasina article idi, athanu work chestunna "Het Financieele Dagblad" (the financial daily) ane Netherland news website lo publish ayindi akkadi nunchi evaro copy chesi mana DB lo vesaru..
  5. Amaravati

    aa article publish chesindi oka dutch architect firm.. not CRDA international community lo, kashmir lo pak occupy chesina part, china occupy chesina parts ni India lo part ga chupincharu, because those are not under Indian control monna recent ga Modi govt rule pass chesindi.. solid lines kakunda aa disputed territory ni (PoK and CoK as we call it) dotted lines lo chupinchali else evaraina sare ban chestam ani so google maps lo kuda dotted line tho update chesaru ventane, to reflect its not part of china or pak..
  6. AP fibre Grid project

    USA ki kuda antha scene ledu, ikkada chala places lo inka cable internet use chestunanru AP lo statewide fibreoptic grid cheste it would be better than most of the states in USA