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  1. Akka racha mamuluga undadu .. Facebook lo CBN ni chala anedi appatlo
  2. https://youtu.be/-0EdIj0wrKk For people who don't know who Vijaya Kesari is please watch the above video. I did not watch the video posted about AIG but I hope she comes out of all problems quickly and everything should be fine for her.
  3. Edaina ichestha .. I love nag.. Nag roxx.. chai rules.. akhil continues
  4. Pawan anna ni premistham .. Jagan anna ki vote vestham..
  5. Ah vellopovadam lo style edi ithe undo.. as it is kalyan babu la anipinchindi
  6. The main ignorance of people like you comes up here. Do you know that I am a MODI supporter ?Have some information before you speak. You better know that i am a better and big follower/well wisher/ supporter of CBN than you. I actively participated in tarak's meetings when he campaigned for TDP in vizag district. Did you ever attend mahanadu ? Do you have TDP membership? Did you ever participate in TNSF programs ? I did them when I was studying. Don't ever dare to speak about me regarding TDP and CBN. Finally what manmohan did was a different case and now what is happening is a different case. Now the whole world is suffering from economic crisis and you want the Prime Minister to do magics and you say this keeping a keyboard in front of you typing whatever you want. Do you dare to file a case against cognizant.. can you do that? If so do that and support the 18000 employees otherwise don't say unnecessary useless comments over here on whom ever you want because typing is free. Finally if MODI is fraud why did he won the second time as well. People cannot accept the succes of others it might be in any issue but they can say whatever they want. CBN did a lot to many people. I know what he has done to IT industry in AP. He has given employee incentives, rental subsidies, office spaces many many things to companies in AP. Current government is also following and releasing the incentives that CBN introduced in 2017. But he lost in the elections. We have to accept the defeat. I am not comparing CBN with MODI, I just told that CBN also gave subsidies in my above post. For people like you everything and every comment will be in a negative way. Go have some coffee and finally you are in my ignore list In this DB. Bye bye.
  7. I always stay away from unnecessary discussions. I was shocked to see you blaming MODI for layoffs .. now you are comparing a PM and CM.. I don't know what's the issue. So let's go by your way.. you should blame Yediyurappa or palaniswami for layoffs .. why are blaming MODI then ??