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  1. Munna_NTR

    kanna letter to bjp

    Ante indulo edo okato rendo ichesi.. maa vallu letters raasi... maa meeda pressure petti tepinchukunaru.. that is AP BJP antara enti ippudu.. oh my aravinda desilva
  2. Munna_NTR

    Jagan Paadayatra

    Ah barage video ippude chusa .. baga shoot chesaru.. evaru teesaro telisthe marriage shoots ki set cheskovachu 😉 Chandas bro chepinattu akkada yellow colour tdp flags impact ee video ki double untundi...
  3. Munna_NTR

    Hero Krishna!!

  4. Munna_NTR

    pk srikakulam dst tour review

    Vasu dev lekapothe PK abba dabba jabba ee annai
  5. Avnu bro Ippudu unna position ki 3800c very tough job.. but instalments laaga istam ani 1st round release chesthe bagutundi emo..
  6. Kadu anna.. voters figure chusara entha undo .. manam istam ani edo okati cheyakapothe .. opposition YSRCP/JS meeku money istham maaku vote veyyandi antaru.. guddi janam guddutaru.. gelichaka ichedi ledu sachedi ledu ani teliyadu vallaki .. Kabatti mana govt chance teskokunda edo okati chesthe bagutundi emo..
  7. Neelamani Raju was the first woman Director General of Police in the state was transferred for allegedly 'insulting' Mamata. The Karnataka DGP, who had a run-in with West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been transferred. Sources claim that the transfer happened because the DGP, Neelamani Raju, who also happens to be the state's first woman DGP, 'insulted' Banerjee by making her walk a kilometre to Vidan Sauda during the swearing in of Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy. Neelamani Raju was the first woman Director General of Police in the state. An official of the state home ministry told DNA that transfers are a regular occurrence in the police department and denied any political reason for her move. Neelamani, a 1983 IPS officer from Uttarakhand was named as the first woman to lead the police force in Karnataka in 2017. “I think it is a great responsibility and honour to be selected for this post,” she said. “Karnataka is a well managed state and has a good police organisation," she had said. Earlier, a video of the West Bengal CM having a heated discussion with the cop was shared by news agency ANI. Mamata was forced to walk a short distance to reach the Vidhana Soudha (state assembly) for the swearing-in, as a number of vehicles blocked the route to the venue. Due to this, Mamata lodged a complaint with the Karnataka Director General of Police (DGP), Neelamani Raju. Earlier, sources suggested that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was not entirely happy with the traffic arrangements made for the big day. In a video captured of her entering the venue of the swearing-in, a perturbed Mamata was seen gesturing her dismay to the Karnataka DGP and later was seen explaining her situation to former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) President Sharad Pawar, who were also present at the venue. While proceeding towards the seating area, Mamata was seen once again in conversation with other leaders present there, in a disturbed manner, but went on to greet the dignitaries at the dais and the audience at the venue, after apparently being pacified by Deve Gowda and other leaders.
  8. Munna_NTR

    may 15 tarwata

  9. Munna_NTR

    Kalyan fans cheap politricks

    Normal ga tiyunchukunnaru pillalu pics kalyan tho... vaatini valla fans ah pillala parents uddanam kidney problem valla chanipoyaru .. kalyan dattata teskunadu ani propaganda chestunaru.. Ah pillala valla ammagaru ila wrong propaganda avtundi ani tana FB lo ah pics pettuknaru.. ikkada shock enti ante she is also PK fan..
  10. Munna_NTR

    Krish tweet

  11. Munna_NTR

    NTR BIOPIC DIR announcement VIDEO

    Ala ila kaadu.. resound ravali kodukulaki ..
  12. Munna_NTR

    NTR BIOPIC DIR announcement VIDEO

    Sai madhav burra dialogues .. MM Keeravani BGM... balayya voice.. eyyy .. kodutunnam.. Jai balayya