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  1. Lokesh

  2. Social Media Summit & Awards, planned by Vibri Media and supported by Govt of Andhra Pradesh, on 18-19 Nov 2017 in Amaravati... @ncbn #SMSA Eminent personalities are expected to participate in the 2-day event that comprises conference/panel discussions and an award night... #SMSA About 300 social media influencers/creators from across the country are expected to participate in Social Media Summit & Awards #SMSA
  3. ****Exclusive : #NBK102 JAI SIMHA 1ST LOOK****

    Jai balayya
  4. Revanth resign to TDP

  5. Revanth resign to TDP

  6. Spyder Movie Records

  7. Fidaa total WW collections

    Akkada undi ga .. rights emo approx 18c ani .. So budget 10C iyyi untundi .. Heart King nizam own release ga .. dabbuleeee dabbulu ...
  8. Fidaa total WW collections

    ABO kooda ade vesadu ga
  9. Fidaa total WW collections

    Nearly 38% of the total ollection is from nizam.. nizam ki nawab lu.. kakinada ki kabab lu undaru ... meeru chepinattu evadi cinema bagunte adidi adutundi ..
  10. Fidaa total WW collections

    Raju gaariki hole em undadu anukunta .. producers through heart king release..
  11. Fidaa total WW collections

    Sai pallavi masssss
  12. Bhairawadweepam

  13. JLK interview links