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  1. avinn


    Maddali ni move chesthe Vysya votes meeda effect untundemo kadha Guntur town lo
  2. avinn

    AS Manohar

    Bro, we believe in Cbn. Asalu chances lekapothe y wil he give seat. These are just our opinions and perspectives, just to throw some light on the issue. We have less knowledge on constituencies compared to Cbn. Ikkada maakunna doubts ki answer emaina dorukundemonani trying Anthe. #BleedYellow
  3. avinn

    AS Manohar

    Ya. Local TDP leaders like dorababu want him to contest from TDP. But cadre dont want him
  4. avinn

    AS Manohar

    Last election lo odipoindi kadha councellor ga. Full frustration, YCP lo elagaina ticket kottalani chusaru, raledhu. Tarwatha BJP_TDP ties unna rojullo, they joined BJP and thought 2019 potthullo CTR BJP ki vachela chesthe they will win ani planned. Again this failed. So, both are in frustration. Iddaru iddare
  5. avinn

    AS Manohar

    CK kani poti chesthe from JS or independent, TDP pakka win avtundi. YCP votes apudu cheelipothay between JMC and CK. But CK gadu I will contest only from TDP or I will not contest ani cheppesadu anta. So ipudu tough fight
  6. avinn

    PK from VJA East

    Krishnalanka lo Vangaveeti radha ki bagane following undhi kadha. Will that help TDP?
  7. avinn

    AS Manohar

    Brothers. Rampachodavarm Vantala Rajeswariki ichinapudu Chittoor AS Manohar ki ivvadam tappu kaadhule. Lets see
  8. avinn

    AS Manohar

    Chittoor lo Kapu votes ekkuva, Kamma candidate will lose 100%. Balaji Naidu ward member range. 2009 lo party funds janalaki panchakunda swaha chesadu kuda.
  9. avinn

    AS Manohar

    CK aithe TDP and Neutral voters will vote for NOTA mostly. He tortured TDP supporters for more than a decade
  10. avinn

    AS Manohar

  11. avinn

    AS Manohar

    CTR lo tamilians ekkuva, basically BC voters. It seems that local BC leader Bullet suresh and few other ward members are not OK with her. Lat time Katari Mohan handled the elcetion (he later got murdered by his nephew). Without Katari, its very tough to pull Kapu votes in town. Considering all this, Satyaprabha ki election campaigning power ledhu ipudu. Her son and brother in law are not supporting her due to some family issues. So, consodering all this, tickt ivvaledhemo
  12. avinn

    AS Manohar

    Vadu malli party maarithe, kodatharu town lo
  13. avinn

    AS Manohar

    Chittoor town lo TDP ki somewhat favour gane undhi, Satyaprabha aithe financially strong. JMC kuda parledhu, but recent ga councellers and BC leader joined YCP. AS Manohar ni andaru marchipoyaru town lo. Sudden ga accept cheyatam kastam. But chudali. Okavela AS Manohar confirm aithe (as it is ot official yet), YCP ke edge.
  14. avinn

    AS Manohar

    Appudu CK babu meeda case ayindi and congress did not give ticket to him. So win ayyadu. Lekapothe veediki antha scene ledhu