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  1. Kukka inkaa media munduku vachi aravatam ledu entaa anukunnaa, arichindaaa. Good.
  2. Babu

    Actual gaa andari manasullo vunna mate adi. No problem, evaru enni press meet lu pettinaa no problem.
  3. Why NCM?? What is the Use

    He is not what you mentioned. He is a real cheater and cunning fellow.
  4. Why NCM?? What is the Use

    Why ? He is an MP. He is in public life. No need to spare.
  5. Tripura antey kaneesam mana guntur dist antha vuntadaa...
  6. Jai Balayya..

    Jai Balayya. Awesome movie
  7. Atlanta Gurava reddy

    Guts and bets candidate eeyanegaa
  8. Komatirreedy rachha in Assembly

    AP lo ilaa chese scope ye ledu gaa. Mnavi physical mics kadu anukunta. Some sensor based ones.
  9. Venkaiah is from RSS roots, he won't resign and go against party.
  10. CBN Press meet started

    Anthey Anthey, emi chesinaa, adagataniki inkoti vuntadi janalaki.
  11. Nagaland Deserves a Change

    Akkada kuda "Naga desam" ani oka party pettu @Bob Marley
  12. Kutumba rao

    Simple gaa cheppali antey racha lepadu peddayana, full clarity on each and every point raised by anchor. Special mention to Anchor, its been long time to see a constructive interview by a news channel. Missing this kind of journalism in our media.
  13. ED SUMMONED A1 & A2

  14. Social media nirasana

    another thing, if we start web campaign against BJP in karnataka elections, that will also be a good slap like FB review option.