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  1. aa time lo COVID antey mulige nakka meeda tatikaya paddatte. Family ki and aa person ki mamulu torture kadu mentally. Hatsoff to doctors and staff to uphold hopes and making it successful. For seeing that smile on her face . 🙇‍♂️
  2. sudengaa pothey maralaa aa avinash gadochi statues pedatadu. He should face the punishment for crimes when he alive.
  3. one or other should start these kind of things on Media. These guys are day by day becoming crooks with all baseless allegations of their own agenda.
  4. CBI aaaa ayithey okay. INkaa 10 boothulu ekkuva tidataam, em heekkuntaaro eekkondi
  5. Jagananna vidya kanuka & Babai's heart attack is the story
  6. CM days kuda add chesi as usual bakaralani chesaru gaa
  7. TG lo kuda TV9 or some channel ki ilaanti scam ye bayatapadindi gaa
  8. Petiotioners anukovachu gaa. usual gaa petetioners ki lawyers chebutaru, how its favor ani before judement. Annee ilaa antey elaa
  9. Video lo last line edaithey vundo, na bhooto na bhavishyat. Pirra gilli jola padatam antey bahusaa idenemo