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  1. kesani


    He is not in a ruling party in his tenure as a MLA. How could he done any corruption? What I unsterstand is He and his family involved in Real Estate Business and didn't paid taxes to government. Most of the Big Real Estate companies are doing same practice in india. Just check today's news that Indu projects are getting ready for bankruptcy but this one is really involved in big scam in Lapakshi Sez in YSR time. What the xxxxxxx thing ED took action against Indu Projects.
  2. Somehow I am strongly feeling Modi may delay elections in Telangana to defeat Kcr.
  3. Close xxxxxxx asramams in india, they are doing all illegal activities on the name of god.
  4. kesani

    Haranna met with accident

    we never know exact reason, there is another car is involved in accident.
  5. kesani

    Haranna met with accident

    Pls Don't Judge right now, His condition is very critical and looks very bad..
  6. kesani

    Haranna met with accident

    Looks very serious.. Sorry to see him like this.
  7. kesani

    PWD Grounds to Become "Vijayawada Square

    Very good design. Nice to see these type of square's in Vijayawada.