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  1. AIG hospital is one of the top notch hospitals in Hyderabad, which is run by Nageswar Reddy(very good guy). ee ABN gadi ki pano pata lekunda, edhava nasa antha choopithadu. Matter nill.
  2. Sardar Patel - Statue (China made) Bullet Trains - (China made) 5G - (China made) Corona Test Kits - (China made) by end of the day says Made in India., Make in India theme..
  3. Bakoda Modi, he is trying to mint Billions of $ for his chamcha’s by selling Indian railway and At the same time implementing bullet trains through China companies & saying development. What a pitty it is..
  4. In through out the world will get herd immunity. There is no other way - stay healthy.
  5. He would get at least 10 Oscar’s in these years.
  6. Haha what a Joker, I'm still don't know, Who's the Health Minister for India & What's that Minister of AYUSH??
  7. That's not quite true, India imported normal corn, which is used for poultry and maize/corn syrup(generally uses for making coke & other drinks).
  8. We both never agree on one thing. Different idealism and opinions., I can’t argue with you. Gud Luk.
  9. That’s the whole game. Initially they agree for imports exactly just before crop comes to farmers hand. Then Traders buy from farmers for cheaper price, Once price is corrected. Then again same traders export it to higher prices. In this case traders are benefiting by government which provide approvals initially such as in crop timing and exports permission. This is cycle happens repeatedly., and once elections comes again saying made in India - Make in India theme song..
  10. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/economy/agriculture/maize-prices-fall-15-on-the-back-of-rising-imports/articleshow/73358832.cms?from=mdr Maize prices fall 15% on the back of rising imports New Delhi: Maize prices have fallen 15% to Rs 2,150 a quintal in the past month owing to higher imports from Ukraine, Myanmar and Russia, traders and company executives said. Anticipation of a higher output from Bihar and West Bengal also weakened prices, they said. Prices of the grain, which is largely consumed by the poultry feed and starch manufacturers, have remained firm for the past two years because of poor weather and damage caused by pests. They said future contracts of up to 450,000- 500,000 tonnes of maize have been signed, which will land on Indian ports by February-March. Further, the state-run trading company MMTC recently increased the quantity of maize imports in a recent tender to 175,000 tonnes from 125,000, which will also put pressure on prices, they said. “Prices are continuously correcting with government opening import for private traders from January 1. We expect another 10% fall with the arrivals of the ships by February,” said Rajesh Kumar of Naya Bazar, Delhi-based Shiv Shakti Traders. Read more at: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/economy/agriculture/maize-prices-fall-15-on-the-back-of-rising-imports/articleshow/73358832.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst
  11. That's mafia run by government. This year they imported just before the crop comes to farmer's hand; which effecting the Price and ultimately benefit gone to brokers (Farmers can't stored).
  12. Comedian laga; chese konchem manchi panini kuda chiraku theppistunnav. CM YS Jagan launching 108 vehicles
  13. NRI’s used to invest in India upto demonitization; after that 70-80 percent of NRI’s backed out. Not interested in investing..(I’m not talking about FDI’s, that’s diff story)
  14. He literally killed beauty of Indian economy by ediotic decision.
  15. Biggest thing is Demonitization - Black money. I still don’t know what country’s achievement in demonitization., only god knows.