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  1. still remember the F1 road race which should be coming to Hyderabad the then AP in 2004 .... left HYD after INC coming to power in 2004
  2. Our family is involved in ZBNF. we have started it from last two years with our own interest . we are doing paddy in 5 acres now . planning to go in large scale in coming years provided we get good market . This ZBNF scheme got lot of benefits but the scheme is not reaching core of people . it took us more than 6 months to move around govt offices to know about subsidies and other benefits provided by this scheme . Govt officials are very much worried to bring the scheme closer to all farmers ..as once the implementation goes good ..they will loose the perks from fertilizers and chemical suppliers ...and farmers will require less support once this is successful biggest problem is to find market to sell .
  3. happy birthday brother

  4. in search of my destiny