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  1. Bro India lo andaru ilanti politics chesthe then no difference between taliban and india atleast Nehru,Rajiv Ghandhi,PV,Manmohan,Vajpayee,CBN lanti vallla atleast ematram Anna development chusthunnamu
  2. Religion division doesn’t work in AP
  3. Waste of money for our telugu tribals They will eat in anna canteen and vote for ysrcp
  4. This is not applicable for telugu tribals if u fight for people they will loose best example jagan and kcr did not fight even on one issue except telangana movement for kcr cbn fought for babli no deposit in telangana cbn is first to help people in Uttarakhand floods but no use better revanth sit in home time will come
  5. nehru, indira gandhi,manmoham,PV narasimha rao,ntr,vajpayee,,CBN will be remember for decades
  6. Bro if every one think like you then no nagarjuna sagar dam No economic reforms no cyber towers no roads no hospitals no law and order atlease CBN pv vajpayee manmoham type of leaders are required for the country like India
  7. For present telugu tribal mentality TDP will not fit for present youth attitude very difficult for tdp
  8. Present telugu people in both states are suffering from disease called fake news satisfaction emotional speeches by leaders with false informations seeing heroism in unnecessary thing KCR told he will close RTC jagan demolished prasa vedika for present generation these are heroism acts but for me in 1995 govt could not pay salaries CBN solved it no proper electricity CBN solved it brokers used to sell vegetables for high rates CBN solved it raithu bazar construction is heroism few decades back now destruction is heroism for present generation
  9. After seeing yesterday KCR speech on RTC I wonder how people are electing these type of leaders? how serious issue he is doing comedy in entire speech being a CM and one section of people are appreciating this comedy and five employees died all he spoke is completely false APSRTC and TSRTC are safest transport in India they don’t have power to increase bus charges as it leads to anti incumbency govt is using RTC for bus pass to students very serious issue he is doing comedy same thing I observed in YSR after bomb blasts in hyderabad in assembly ysr answered to opposition with laugh and doing comedy
  10. In Hyderabad all trade union leaders are from trs party he used unions until he became Cm
  11. what happened to these skills in 2009 elections ?
  12. people clearly know that BJP did not give anything to Ap and jagan did not fight with bjp for any issues now and even when he is in opposition AP divided without capital people know KCR is against Ap interests people know jagan and kcr are one before elections even in kukatpally some AP PEOPLE voted trs du to hate on CBN modi jagan and kcr working on against ap interests every one in Ap know this when I spoke to some neutrals every one accepted Cbn is best in development but they don’t vote him due to tribal mentally we see these type of mindset in taliban Finally people has to react
  13. Generally telugu people of both states are waste fellows when ever I speak to any person they accept that CBN is best in terms of development,hardwork ,vision,administration but they told they did not vote to CBN the reason may be caste, religion ,region etc even in Telangana 6 out of ten people accept CBN is best leader But not even one will vote
  14. Our telugu people in both states deserves this they love jagan and kcr so much they don’t vote to cbn who developed telugu states
  15. if people want to vote nothing will stop it depends on our telugu tribals mindset if they don’t realize finally loosers are Ap future generations
  16. Already tdp is history just we have to wait for new leaders to emerge for both telugu states but when?
  17. Jagan core vote bank christians+reddy- they vote him without any reason muslims-ysr reservation bc and upper caste oc - ysr fee reimbursement brahmins-hatred on kamma 18-35 youth-most of them in ap will vote due to youtube,posani,ivr,journalist sai etc And these youth will believe fake propaganda so 40-45 percent solid voting for jagan even if he sit in home he can win easily 60-70 seats best example araku seat cbn has done so much to tribals and araku coffee. But they will not vote forget about Ap and forget about telugu people And never talk about telugu pride
  18. Opposition is there but people in telangana are not voting they defeated revanth reddy who has some voice karma hits back rtc employees deserves this during sakula jana samme they stopped buses for 40 days for employees what is the need for fighting for separation state
  19. Our telugu tribals already know true colors of kcr and jagan but they love kcr and jagan