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  1. A leader has to attract people all these strategies,cadre,local leaders will help poll mgmt people attracted to CBN in 1999 and 2014 Now new generation voters are against CBN and TDP it is very difficult for TDP to win again in AP with new generation voters who believe in you tube and whatsapp just wait for a new leader with mass image in TDP If people really think about development then CBN may win in 2024
  2. People vote for leader if they want CBN they will vote
  3. Modi, kcr,jagan lucky persons less work more benifit high prices ,less jobs all sectors collapsed but no anti monthly one speech with entertainment in one state one speech with patriotism using pakistan,china claps etc Less work more votes
  4. If people want to vote nothing will stop the problem is 45 percent of people blindly hate CBN without any reason in AP in Delhi election entire BJP leaders ,ministers, BJP CMs,central home ministry,amith shah ,Modi, worked against Kejriwal, but finally he won we have to wait for new leader
  5. olden days lo mantri and raju separate ga vundevallu mantri cunning intelligent ideas raju Ki ichhevadu raju qualities veru mantri qualities veru CBN machi mantri ka ok Kani raju ga saripodu
  6. Jagan have full support from BJP
  7. Sir Ivanni janalaku telusu ABN lekapothe 40 percent voting kuda radu CBN only social media valla,Kathhi mahesh valla vodipoledu there are so many reasons social media may be one reason first reason CBN did not rule like 1994-1999 people expected very aggressive behaviour on GOVT employees CBN followed YSR with too many welfare schemes which neutrals did not like amaravathi selection as capital is another reason bcoz of age he could not attract 18-35 age group votes and social media is one reason
  8. Jagan have full support from BJP
  9. Jagan have full support from BJP
  10. all these are waste if people want to vote nothing can stop ex ntr in 1983,CBN in 1999,jagan in 2019
  11. Better tdp leave this issue tomorrow this nimmagadda may support Jagan who knows better concentrate on people issues more like special status,promises
  12. We have to win in elections not in courts present telugu people will see it as heroism that he is fighting with courts
  13. Court has to take very serious action judgement should be like Indira Gandhi disqualification by court
  14. If people want to vote nothing can stop best example Kejriwal in delhi
  15. Both in Telangana and AP people gave 90 seats and 150 which indicates they can do whatever they want and note people love kcr and Jagan
  16. Not against govt court will see rules and constitution
  17. In Andhra tdp gone case voting percentage in18-35 age group is very less in all caste mass leader required generation change work less attractive speech scold journalists don't answer press Wait for jr ntr to enter
  18. No one can win in Telangana in near future if any one want to win in Telangana they have to follow same strategy what KCR did from 2000-2014
  19. AP gone case for TDP 18-35 age group 90 percent vote to Jagan in all sections
  20. For countries like India it is best other wise too much regional feelings
  21. Telugu politics dynamics changed after kcr entry in Telangana and ysr became CM Cbn strategies will not work in present generation and even Vajpayee,Advani,Manmohan will not get deposits now in elections present generation mindset is totally changed indian people psychology changed eg person A respects his mother and father and neighbours watch him and appreciates person B hits his mother and father in front of public neighbours scolds him both participates in elections A will not get deposits reasons:waste fellow, B will get majority reasons:antha mandi mundu mother ni kottandante entha guts undali very daring person