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  1. In the name of neutrals journalist sai posani iyr Krishna rao Ramana deekshithulu kcr pawan kalyan mohan babu manchu vishnu Modi shah narasimhan played with Andhra pradesh waiting for karma to hit back
  2. China informed WHO about virus in December itself and all countries are aware that is is highly contagious but did not take any steps i
  3. Just for these tongue slips Lokesh and Rahul Gandhi targeted but now jagan ?
  4. bro no one is great no one is less every one are equal
  5. Kontha mandi telugu people Chala Balupu chupinchevallu out of india unte great lage feel ayyeevaru families lo evaranna foreign nunchi vasthe chala over action cheese vallu now at least for 2 months they will keep quiet
  6. Can we go to our native places in our own vehicles?
  7. Oka two months andaru help chesukunte including govt every thing will be all right
  8. Even if any behaves they won’t get deposits in elections
  9. Hyderabad is common capital how can they close borders of andhra and telangana personal vehicles can be allowed for people
  10. CBN unnappudu drought varadhalu ani edcharu eppudu state mothham lock down.? now AP people will realise facts TDP social media should spread this
  11. Dont mix all issues see this issue as separate it is similar to jaffas argument like who is not corrupted?
  12. Sec Ramesh KUMAR has power to book cases and arrest who scolded him in bad language time to show his powers
  13. Elections are more important than peoples health for our C.M. AP people show ur power in 2024 last chance for AP people hero is waiting for you at the age of 70 just give 5 years he will set every thing right in 2029 u can select Vijay Sai reddy as CM as our hero has seen our people mindset he will set every thing in 5 years
  14. It is just acting from 2017 bjp Jan Sena and ycp are one