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  1. How come only 70 percent our AP tribals love him so much it should be minimum 90 percent
  2. Every one in AP search for reasons to hate CBN they don’t want CBN and all these telugu people still depend on cyber towers and Gachibowli and do jobs and business,realestate andhra died on may 23 they don’t find fault in jagan who has 31 CBI cases who is highly corrupted no fight with central during opposition not even one positive in Jagan andhra people comes under special tribe who hate development please declare them as special tribe like sentilinese in andaman I can write 1000 mistakes on modi but as people want Modi they don’t search for mistake as our tribals don’t want CBN they search for reason to hate even tribal are better
  3. But people want silly reason to hate Cbn and people don’t want any reason to love jagan
  4. In future if any leader emerges powerful than modi and have full majority then he can divide every state into 10 union territories if he thinks that his party his loosing in particular and no one should question in india as everybody are supporting
  5. Antha scene ledule jagan ki vadu oka bayasthudu modi chusthe vanikipothadu
  6. Forget about Andhra at least 30 years first time in history people gave mandate that they don’t want development andhra is entertainment for TVs ,YouTube,political parties and for hyderabad settlers please declare them as special tribes and protect them bcoz they hate development they won’t fight for capital,water ,Polavaram
  7. Banglore and hyderabad will become another Chennai in future
  8. BJP lo vunte evadu isthadu chance vadiki venkayya ke dinky ledu
  9. Is same applicable even in our daily life? like doing illegal activities for earning money and do u want persons like Manmohan cbn encourage religious war in ap and India like in Gujarat
  10. Present generation of AP will search 1000 mistakes in Gandhi and 1000 positives in bin laden and AP people are experts in this
  11. Bihar people far better they voted for Nitish Kumar good leader our AP people elected a person who is selling state
  12. First time in history Andhra people gave mandate to sell their state bcoz even before elections they know KCR will enter in to AP through jagan But our people don’t care just observe other state people Karnataka and Tamil Nadu Maharashtra how much they fight for water issue like Kaveri But our people didn’t vote for CBN who is protecting AP water with various projects and some AP people didn’t Vote to CBN in 2019 bcoz they want hyderabad to develop as they don’t have any properties in AP
  13. Ap people doesn’t require flights,companies ,irrigation projects they want free smart phone for seeing youtube to search for people who hate CBN and free tv channels to see debates on Ap and CBN white ration cards,welfare,fake videos,fake messages,saakshi tv Finally AP will loose every thing and every person will remain with white ration card
  14. Andhra pradesh died on may 23 forget about Ap for some years no use Tamil nadu ,Maharashtra,karnataka people have much knowledge on water and irrigation and even in rural they treat as god if they recieve water this term CBN is eligible for 160 seats just for irrigation But our taliban people want cast,religion,welfare and want some silly reason to hate CBN and our people search for tv and youtube to see negative on CBN and some educated want modi and amith shah strategists if possible move to other places it may take min 15 years to change
  15. Don’t encourage this we are in democracy and don’t consider this as a great thing I request you not to link these type nonsense to tdp