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  1. sudhakar21

    Not easy being Naidu

    We have to share this in whatsapp
  2. sudhakar21

    After 2 days of frustration

    After seeing all these worrying about tdp and AP future decided not to follow any news media tv social media youtube for four months and even our data base bye and will return to data base after tdp winning in 2019 Thank you
  3. sudhakar21

    KCR Political Stratergy

    antha strategy unnavade aith 2009 lo ten seats geliche farm house nunchi bayatku raledu ysr unnappude pilli laga unnadu Mari 2014 lo enduku 63 seats vachhai ysr chanipoina taruvata veedu jagan kalisi state ni nasanam chesaru may be they are sucess but they are similar to hitler and having dictator ship qualities .some people may vote him in this region . it is similar to winning of mim every time without any development. even harish rao and ktr majority also like Mim getting majority andhra lo tdp vodipothe nastapoyedi andhra people if they want let them do that but one thing what cbn has to concentrate is poll mgmt
  4. sudhakar21

    Ila manam cheyagalama ?

    Already cbn 1999 lo kottadu but with bjp support kotla pjr lanti valle vidipoyaru every one will get one chance
  5. sudhakar21

    sollu aapandi TDP supporters and cadre

    CBN cm ga vunna sukham ledu kia motors techhad pension increased runa mafi kapu corpo chandranna bima brahmin corp and so many bc corp aadarana padakam pattisems hero motors land pooling amaravati sricity airport iiit in knl iit tirupathi solar park in knl dwacra runa mafi dsc done increased govt salaries and retirement age goods roads water to pulivendala anathapur faced hudhud so many events in vizag every day working for 18 hours but still he will not win
  6. I think people will not digest tdp+congress relation ship even if they give special status politics ar very complicated day by day we cant judge which strategy will work
  7. sudhakar21

    Addanki dayakar

    If people decide to vote they wont come to meeting even in 2009 very less crowd for ysr and also in 1999 for cbn
  8. sudhakar21

    KCR Lagadapati Nexus???

    he gave survey to cbn from last four yearsbetter dont believe this guy
  9. sudhakar21

    Think on CBN , Post mortem

    Nv krishna garu dont worry and please come back and give your opinions politics is like game in india where poverty is more and people expect individual benifits so even we cannot blame Cbn .cbn involve aina kakapoina vallu ap lo involve avvlani decide aiyyaru pawan jagan and kcr met with governor so many times from last one year after knowing this CBN took that step to involve in tg just playing game it may work or not sad thing is lagadati survey is also correct which is done august but why he changed is question mark?
  10. Please CBN start new free schemes for mass and give publicity
  11. CBN strategy should aim at mass voting my friend who his hardcore congress changed after receiving raithubandhu we are hardcor tdp but our relative who is hardcore tdp voted to ysr in 2009 after receiving fee reimbursement for his son and now also they vote ysr
  12. If any one want to emerge in telangana in future just follow kcr strategy Just some leader should start and scold andhra people aggressively create that some thing is happening to telangana even after state formation like jobs water money business right now no one is doing that from other party just leave andhra votes and go aggressively on andhra more than kcr harish rao then they will go in defence as they are in ruling but right no one is doing but kcr is doing on side and ktr is diluting in hyderabad Just leave settlers vote and do what kcr has done like raj dhakrey
  13. Every one missing one point which I observed and shared with tdp person in 2014 30 to 40 percent of telangana people hate kcr trs and even telangana and settlers also bcoz so many thought it will affect business land rate and daily work that is the reason tdp got 15 assembly and second place in 30 assembly seats in 2014 and trs got only 63 in peak sentiment after formation they did not face any thing due trs and also business is not affected for neutral people they slowly created some works are going in hyderabad which is not true and they started poll mgmt from 2015 itself As a tdp person i vote tdp but when i spoke to neutrals in so many areas in my appartment enduko vallatho trs vasthundi Vallaki veddam ani annaru it is like voting to obama by indian in usa and kejriwall in delhi by telugu people and in educated therer is no opininon in congress CBN has fighting spirit but this time he should have not involved even mim is getting less majority
  14. sudhakar21

    DB Down ayyelopu oka maata anukundhaam

    From my analysis what i observed is in 2014 30 to 40 percent telangana people dont want trs kcr and even telangana bocz they thought that it will affect business land rates and andhra people will leave and even settlers also are in same thinking in 2014 that is the reason tdp got 15 seats and second place in 30 assembly n 2014 now they feel there is no problem with trs.personally no one affected bcoz of trs
  15. sudhakar21

    Personal Opinions on Telangana Results

    yesterday in tv5 sabbam hari clearly told mk will form govt