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  1. Bjp is playing game with AP pawan and jagan are actors our AP tribals don’t recognize this due to caste
  2. Very sad Ap became entertainment for india
  3. Bro people love jagan and kcr so what ever they speak people will like them but people hate CBN they will search for mistake in CBN KCR told no one can save RTC in one press meet and same KCR told no problem for RTC if same thing CBN has done that is enough to loose elections
  4. jagan told he will get special status but now where is special status
  5. Bro now people are not voting based on issues. they are voting based on love and hatred othet wise modi ,jagan,kcr will not win people hate Cbn for doing cyber towers raithu bazar e seve mee seva good irrigation projects Solved electricity problems and clear stand on any issues and fighting for people during opposition like babli uttarakand floods and ready to face media any time on any issur but kcr,jagan,modi no clear stand on any issue dont face media eg kcr during intermediate issue kondagattu bus accident he told no one can save RTC but again RTC is ok and jagan no clear stand on any issue and will not face media during troubles for present generation TDP and CBN will not fit so better leave Ap
  6. feeling sad TDP gone in Telangana and also In AP but I don’t want to find fault in CBN decision bcoz he thinks in long term for state
  7. After division people initially thought they need hyderabad like city in AP but once capital region announced people in other regions started thinking what is the benefit for them if land rates increased in Guntur and vijayawada some people met CBN from rayalaseema and asked to declare two capitals but CBN refused CBN decision is good state for state but bad for TDP party present people in AP want emotional satisfaction instead of real developed jagan succeeded by dividing three capitals but in long term nothing will happen but people in Andhra don’t want any capital as they are thinking it will benefit only surrounding areas so Finally Vizag is capital vishakpatanm ,uttarandra will vote to jagan and also east and west rayalaseema in terms of caste will vote to jagan TDP will be confined to guntur and krishna end for TDP both in Telangana and AP dont keep any hopes on TDP except Guntur and Krishna every one in AP appreciating this decision
  8. very sad AP became entertainment people has to change mindset but it will not happen as caste dominates
  9. Plan C is Andhra will become bihar and final loosers are our telugu people but our telugu tribals don’t realise this after 100 years A case study on AP in school textbooks how state lost its development due to social media ,caste religion,
  10. Bro India lo andaru ilanti politics chesthe then no difference between taliban and india atleast Nehru,Rajiv Ghandhi,PV,Manmohan,Vajpayee,CBN lanti vallla atleast ematram Anna development chusthunnamu
  11. Religion division doesn’t work in AP