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  1. Telugu people will vote for leader 1999 and 2014 people want CBN they voted
  2. 1999 elections is pure CBN stamina no doubt in that And don't one election with another election Even NTR lost in 1989 and won in 1994 Even NTR has alliance with CPI and CPM That means Ntr won bcoz of cpi cpm 2004 yrs as alliance with trs, How can you compare 1998 with 1999 elections Each elections are different 1999 and 2014 winning is due to CBN and 2009 and 2019 defeat is also due to CBN
  3. Prathi daniki bayapadi e stage lo vunnam
  4. CBN time TDP time entha bad kakapothe last Ki Somuveeraju,GVL interviews nu Kuda consider cheyyalasivasthundi
  5. It is not problem who is doing in politics every one will have game plan in 2020 it will be cruel leader has to explain and attract the people and create wave towards party Even in Delhi entire BJP targeted Kejriwal but he won bcoz people believed him even in 1983 even in Indira Gandhi wave NTR won even during Telangana movement ysr won in Telangana in 2009 CBN won in 1999 For present generation people CBN cannot create that wave in 2014 CBN created wave to some extent and won by saying he is the only alternative there is vacuum in both states so many issues in both state but leaders in opposition are not using and converting them in votes even Modi faced lot of troubles from centre when he is CM but he won by facing all these there are no ethics in politics how you play game and win but we need CBN,Vajpayee,Manmohan ,PV,NTR for country development
  6. BJP using susanth case for diverting issues in India
  7. We have to create wave that is possible only with leader if people considers issues Modi,kcr ,Jagan will not win issue are only 30 percent remaining leader has to create wave towards party 2019 Modi achievements are zero but won with huge majority now CBN cannot create that huge wave that is the reason even after ysr death TDP could not win elections with huge majority 18-35 age groups very less votes to tdp
  8. Pratheedi savardeesi sagadeesi mentality tho ne very poor family nunchi vachhi mla ,minister,3 times CM ayyadu now both states depending on savardeesi sagadeesi Kattina Cyberabad chuttu tiruguthunatru for present generation he could not attract and lost elections he is legend now he can’t win elections real CBN 1999 those days completed
  9. Without any support any can win in politics leader has to attract people
  10. L if people believes in leader these will not effect even one percent like NTR fought with Indira Gandhi and won even CBN won 1999 and NTR won in 1995 the problem is people got bored with CBN or CBN could not attract people like in 1999 it is difficult now for CBN to create wave like 1999
  11. No sentiment nothing I am also from kurnool people got bored with CBN he did not attract people in 2019 his peak time is 1995-2004 some how he won in 2014 during 1995-2004 even Kotla lost mp seat in i Kurnool due to CBN craze even in Telangana sentiment YSR won in 2009 bcoz he could attract Then why kcr got only 10 seats in 2009 during telnagna sentiment people will vote for leader in Telugu states ntr cbn ysr kcr jagan we have to wait for another leader who attracts irrespective of caste region etc
  12. no wrong with bjp or ycp political parties will play games it is the leader who has to explain and attract them CBN failed to attract in 2019 and no expectations in future CBN peak time completed in i. 1995-2004 though I admire CBN but for present generation he cannot attract as political leader CBN failed to attract
  13. Then why CBN lost in Guntur and Vijayawada and even in amaravathi
  14. CBN politically failed by selecting Amaravati as capital .In present people are greedy Now people are very selfish and every one want their land prices increase amaravathi selection is end for tdp party politically CBN failed he could not connect other regions emotionally to amaravathi just wait for new leader from tdp