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  1. just wait for may 23 if cbn wins all these things will be settled
  2. Actually it is very serious issue but no one dare to question kcr ide issue andhralo jarigiunte all retired ias offices nunchi jagan gadu media even telenagan ministers andaru kalisi CBN meda padivaru
  3. Some govt officers are working for jagan CBN is facing very tough from all sides kcr jagan modi ec Even CS Subrahmanyam is doing too much
  4. If it is 88 or 175 cbn will form govt
  5. Congress deserves they gave bail to Jagan before elections
  6. What is this paper prediction on total andhra pradesh
  7. Any one have idea about total number of beneficiaries of house scheme in AP
  8. Why tdp candidates could not spend money being our government
  9. We have to face all these 40 days if cbn comes to power every thing will be set god has to save ap
  10. nandyal kurnool adoni kuda okappudu alage undevi now we have edge
  11. hard work symbol is CBN I think hard work never fails and dharma has to win definitely CBN wins
  12. endo state lo eppudu kapula gola vere caste lu lenattu
  13. it is not related to income tax any one can get if you link aadhar to bank and raithu patta book
  14. now all journalists are telling jana sena got some good percentage of votes in some districts who will be affected with this