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  1. AP people took wrong decision especially youth voted to Jagan AP gone in terms of developement if you want welfare come to AP and take one white ration card please inform to other state friends and help them to get white ration card and get pension amma vodi fee reimbursement raithu barosa
  2. Agree we have to change strategies other wise tdp will be history
  3. last ki ambati roja kuda neethulu cheptunnaru But already told by lord krishna that swamjis will help criminals and help other religions best eg chinnajeyer , swaroopanand helping jagan Criminals and anti social elements will be treated as heroes ex jagan,modi,shah,chevireddy etc good people will treated as waste fellows eg cbn,manmohan,jd but pity is even these criminals and their supporters will use hardwork of good people cbn works which are still continuing meeseva eseva raithu bazar cyberabad dwacra janma bhoomi pachhadanam parisubratha digital school pattiseema airports cc roads 4 lane roads deepam gas connections River linking biometrics for teachers handri neeva increasing private sector jobs skill development microsoft good parks in every town garbage collection and cleaning roads before 7 am good airports good power by transco and genco chandranna bheema list will go on
  4. some cbn haters argument on investments jagan will not allow companies as it will create more jobs which will increase vehicles and pollution will increase we are committed to clean and green environment as we told in manifesto we don’t construct Amaravati as it benefit to one community we don’t construct Polavaram as contractors will get money Water will not be released from pattiseema as power consumption is more
  5. I think some people in the name of tdp fans are playing and watching entertainment by provoking statements continuously their intention is slowly members have to leave this db
  6. If it is difficult to get ss for jaga ask him to resign that will be bold decision
  7. Bro there is difference between bold decision and not able to fight bold decision sr ntr abolished Patel patwari merged temples in endowment cbn took so many decisions in 1995-2004 for state development jagan one month back statement give me 23 mps I will get ss now I can’t get Jagan 6 months back if all mps resign we can get ss now Jagan resignation not required
  8. risk level will be low when u contest on emotions In my view KCR risk level is zero
  9. Please write track record in India the CM who won only with development agenda without welfare ,caste ,religion,and ,regional emotion?
  10. sad thing is present days we should not speak truth if u speak truth we call waste if we speak nonsense like modi kcr jagan then great
  11. ntr trust bhavan is the only party office who provide food to cadre even congress workers used to cone for food go and ask any party office
  12. After the results so called cbn haters criticised that cadre involved in corruption in the form of janmaboomi comitties and cbn did not control and expressed as the reason for defeat and same people again critising know facts tdp is the only part who is paying jnsurance to party workers and ntr school
  13. Where are TDP spokes person play Jagan previous videos on specia status like if we win 23 MP seats I will get special status and his videos on kaleswaram project daily keep one press meet and show his previous videos jagan started on CBN in 2014 from day one No honey moon nothing start immediate attack inka tdp ki poyedi emi ledu And tdp has to start even caste division like giving one post to bc leader Ramamohan naidu and every day Ramamohan Naidu has to keep press meet and ask people why only kamma and Reddy are CMS in AP why can’t BC and raise emotions caste plays well in Andhra in 2019 anti kamma in 2024 it should be anti kamma and anti reddy actually BC are waiting for right leader this is the time TDP has to change strategy land do ruthless politics in the name of caste ,religion etc