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  1. Tulasi Reddy from congress also good CBN should take Tulasi reddy
  2. BJP trs ysrcp have good understanding Fools are people
  3. People will vote for leader Now CBN is not able to attract youtube youth 18-35 age group. CBN has to create wave to tdp above 45 age group no problem If wave is created no strategies are required no cadre is required no channel is required Just like 1994,1999,2015
  4. In telangana people did not vote to BJP by seeing bandi Sanjay or aravind. And even people don't have any Hope's on BJP People want to give warning to kcr As bjp is in power in centre they voted Most of the people who voted to don't know who are leaders in bjp
  5. Kcr speeches are very attractive but what happened in dubbaka and ghmc
  6. Then why they did not win in Delhi state elections