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  1. sudhakar21

    Kphb confirmed

    In 2014 settlers voted one side to tdp and even telangana people in ranga reddy voted fir tdp now ?
  2. sudhakar21

    Current situation in Telangana

    kodi kathhi drama also to split settlers vote
  3. sudhakar21


    Any one have idea about story of movie
  4. sudhakar21

    TV5-Lagadapati-RG Flash team survey

    What is the present status according to survey
  5. Aleady he is working very hard without rest and every one finds fault in cbn KCR doesnt work not even 10 days in year but he is best CM and every one tells he will sweep the elections even modi also People has to change
  6. sudhakar21

    Telangana lo edo jaruguthundi........

    If settlers vote for mahakutami like they voted for TDP and BJP in 2014 then it is tough for TRS if they vote for TRS like in GHMC ?
  7. sudhakar21

    Telangana lo edo jaruguthundi........

    mahakutami winning seats depends on settlers vote For which party settlers are going vote? in ghmc they voted for trs
  8. sudhakar21

    Live updates: CBN crucial Delhi tour

    so many here told CBN is afraid of modi In india every one is afraid of modi now Cbn is only one person in india who is raising voice against modi chala mandi kcr magadu annaru kanu kcr matallo magadu but cbn chetallo magadu he will react when required he may suceed or not but he is hero when entire nation is afraid of modi
  9. sudhakar21

    All set for IT raids

    Why can’t CBN keep some cases on BJP with state police
  10. sudhakar21


    many settlers voted for trs in ghmc now they will change and vote for congress or tdp
  11. sudhakar21


    It is good for cbn if Kcr continuous bcoz settlers vote will turn to cbn actually settlers in Hyderabad wants to vote for trs for their development but now it will change
  12. sudhakar21

    Anaganaganaga - Aravinda Sametha First Single

    Request to fans don’t talk negative about movie before release like song not good ,heroine not good etc