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  1. Aaa view cutter screenshot manade ...😉
  2. Naakendhuko idi YCP batch hadavidi anipisthundhi or secret ga kalisundaali. Only time will reveal.
  3. When did this happen ?. Pulihora news la vundhi. Vere ekkadaa raledhu. CBN is in Vijaywada na, doing reviews on Krishna District ?
  4. Ex-MP Sarve Satynarayana. Ittamtti batch ni pettukuni CONG ela gelisidhi raa ayya...😂😋😋😋
  5. Emaina spandinchaayi antaara antha pisikaakaa ??
  6. Huzur nagar election ettagaina gelavtaaniki akkadikelli vaallaki edo biscuit vesi vasthadu. If I am not wrong, their common enemy is Congress in TG. So if Congress wins in Huzurnagar, it may give boost to Congress cadre. But if TRS can manage to win that seat from Uttam, then it can weaken congress more. So etta aina ee seat gelavaali mukkodu. So velli ippudu edo plan vesi vasthaadu, adi matter.
  7. hahhhah. 4 vidathala, 5 vidathala. Okkasaare cheyaleda ani egiraaru. Ippudu asaluke ethi poyindhi gaaaa lol
  8. Temple ki dheetuga inko temple ento ???. Hinduvs ki ilaanti comments OK nemo le. Nenekkada Church ki Dheetuga inko Church, mosque ki dheetuga inkoti kadathaamani anadam vinala ekkada.
  9. They have so many asthraas fro andh #bhakths. These duo take India back to 1947. Only remaining after their term is the building that were built during their tenure. Jenaaniki veellu peduthunna bokka inkaa ardham kakapothe, it is better to conclude India deserves them.
  10. Kadupu tarukkipothundhi ee video chusi, aa Chetha na dash gallu anna maatalu gurthochi, We terribly failed to project the development happened in Amaravati and failed to counter the graphics arguments
  11. Aa madhya annaru istham ani, nenanithe ekkada chudala ichinatlu. Ap fibregrid through istham annaru. Aa site lo kooda levu links emi.
  12. One can follow live of different works going on in CRDA using following link http://www.opticvyu.com/openaccess/?access_code=apcrda Some of the views are really good 👌
  13. We fly from London twice an year. From past 3 years we have been flying only to and from Vijaywada. Vijaywada-Delhi-London. Sooper connectivity. Chakkaga intlo T taagi flight ekkochu, so much convenient and good service 👍
  14. Thanks bro. I had a thorough look on the same day and got the understanding. By reading through this DPR tender it is clear they are planning 4 bridges on Krishna within the range of 17kms. 1. N6 road(Tallaya palem) connecting Surayapalem( Part of Vijaywada proposed bypass-Dropped from Gammon india and still part of package 1&2 of the gundugolanu exention project) - Proposed in this DPR as well, but road connecting on other side of varadhi at existing Tadigadapa 100feet road. 2. N10 (Udhandarayuni palem) connecting Pavithra sangamam (Ibrahim patnam). Project work started by L&T. 3. The proposal bridge in this DPR connecting N13(Rayapudi) with mulapadu. 4. Another bridge part of Inner ring road (mostly road bridge on Vykuntapuram barrage) connecting Vykuntapuram with kethanakonda. Not part of this DPR tender. So 4 bridges within the range of 17-20 kms. And this is except Outer ring road. Not sure if these many required ?. They could drop the one proposed at N13(rayapudi), since the inner ring bridge is just 4-5kms away from this N13. I hope they start Inner ring works as well, since the alignment and everything is done.