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  1. Hahahah highlight "itta 5 years iche vaatitho valla beeruvaale kadhu, rooms kooda chalavu" hahahh
  2. Orey mamuluga illaki current iyyandira ante, farmers ki day time 9hrs ani ededo lekkalu chepthadenti jaffa gaadu.
  3. Ade mari meedhe vundhi comedy ga. Basic information lekunda matladatam. He is living on his own here. His family was living in Hyderabad. They wanted to build new house and adhi kooal kotti kothadi start chesaru eeyana ikkadikochaka. Aina evadu illu eppudu kattukovaalo kooda meere cheppestharu. Adele papam illu kooda kattukoledu ga CBN meeru cheppedhi adhi. Okkodiki okko priority. Okkodu kanapadina chotalla palace lu kattukuntu pothadu. As as CM he has a house and he didn't concentrate much on building his own house. I know that Brahmani bought around 2000sq yards in Core capital residential area. May be he has different plans. May be he wanted to build in Amaravati only, not in Mangalagiri.
  4. Evadikundhi own building ?. Jagan eppudu kattadu own building, last 1 year nundi anthena ?. CBN CM ayyundi inka own buildings kattukuntu koorchuntaada ?. May be who knows CBN bought land for himself in Amaravati to build his own house ?. Jagan gaadu kattukunnadu ani andharu kattukovaala ?. Vaadu 5 years raakunda akkada em peekaadu ?.
  5. You forgot one food. i,e Only Vegetarian and that too "Gujju Thali"
  6. Water lo munigi lechaka cross theesesaada medalo ?
  7. Intha negative mind set ento janaaniki. Kaneesam avagaahana kooda ledhu anukunta. CBN started searching for rented houses when he finally decided to move here with Family. But he couldn't get a bigger and nicer one. All the buildings (Including this guest house, Gokaraju Guest house, Manthena satyanarayana Shudh colon care, Ganapathi Sachidananda aashram and other buildings) were all listed as illegal and mana Uma garu seriously gave warnings that they will destroy all of them, since they are illegal. But later point CBN started residing in this guest house and they made it a permanent rental house for him. It is till Lingamaneni valladhe and babu paying rent. And next to this house, he built a temporary/permanent kind of building to meet people and address grievances as CM. And There is site allocated in Amaravati plan for CM (any CM, not just CBN) residence along with Raj bhavan. These building are part of Government complex area of Amaravati and will be built. Now you can ask why CBN didn't build own house like Jagan. Jagan was not CM, but CBN was. Did KCR built his own house ? Is Pragathi Bhavan KCR own house or is it a CM residence ? Akkadoka palace ikkadoka palace kattukotaaniki CBN daggara official ga Jaggadui laaga dochukunna sommu ledhu ga. And for some pushpams here and some jaffas; CBN requested current government to give permission to use that temporary building built beside his house as his office. He is not asking nothing more than that.
  8. Once this is implemented, there is no need of no confidence or anything else. It will be only BJP or his allies( 1 or 2) in the country through EVM manipulation.
  9. Easy to hack and manipulate EVMs in one go. Madhya madhya lo elections aithe hacking kastam ga vuntandhi papam. Oke saari aithe oke saari program chesesthe ika godava vundadhu
  10. Orey jaffas ademaina babu sonthilla vella kottadaaniki, koolchataaniki. Adhe illu ra. Ikkada kakapothe inko chota vuntadu babu velli. Rent meere kattali appudaina. Mundhu velli aa Swaroopananda Aashramam koolchandi, deeni pakkane vundhi adhi.
  11. Aa buggana gaadu maree brainless fellow la vunnadu ga. 5 years lo 8Lakhs crores budget pravesa pettaru and kharchu pettaru. Andhulo Central ivvalsina 16000crores vallane emi jaragaledhu 5 years lo ani chepthunnaru. 8 Lakhs crores budget vunnallaki oka 16K crores lekapothe emayyidhi anta. Hopeless fellow.
  12. Hey they voted massively, but not for Jagan or not for TDP. But for Pawan. Hopeless caste fanatics. All Pawan caste votes one sided polled to JSP and all that bokka came for TDP. Annam thiontaaro, gaddi thintaaro teleedhu intha kula pichi pettukuni chetha na k***lu. Kaneesam neellu ichina kruthagnathatho vesina minimum 50 daggara aage vaallam.
  13. TDP vallu and CBN velthu velthu power lines teesuku vellipothe, Jagan vachi current ela isthadu. Asalu aalochincharu enti meeru same Jaffa llaagaa 🤣