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  1. Mari meeru AP lo chesindhi ento. Mee lanti batch ki Mamata ne correct. Thugs ki Thugs e answer cheppagalaru.
  2. Mundhu nuvvu India dobbinchukora ayya,kuyya.
  3. What does @Rajakeeyam bro say about this ?
  4. You Mean someone who runs this DB ? 🤪
  5. We fly from London twice an year. From past 3 years we have been flying only to and from Vijaywada. Vijaywada-Delhi-London. Sooper connectivity. Chakkaga intlo T taagi flight ekkochu, so much convenient and good service 👍
  6. Adi vaadi link chudandi ela vundho. Paaripoyina vallandari perlu Modi pere vundhi ante, Veedu Aaak is paak,paak is aak Aaak is karivepaak antunnadu lol Modi belongs to BC -> So if you scold Modi means you are scolding BC->You are scolding Modi means you are scolding all BCs in the country. Mental gaa baaga disturb avuthunnatlunnadu.
  7. Only two ani ekkada mention cheyaledhu ga bro ?
  8. Vaammo Idi nijama penamaluru segment lone ila vunte, inka migilina chotla. 1 or 2 booths OK, tootal segment EVMs e antha late ga velaayaa ???
  9. Rule of Thumb: E Yudham lo aina Sainikule ga bali kaavalsindhi. Be it Autocracy or Democracy.
  10. He just need to keep the EVM issues, like all the plans they tried to do in AP. He needs to alert and make all other regional parties to be more pro-active to increase poll % irrespective of making EVMs not work deliberately etc., It is the awareness for the leaders and cadre that makes lot of difference.
  11. The only way TDP continue winning this game is continue with BC+Minorities as strong base and always bring something to swing neutral votes during elections. Migilina batch lanu nammukodam and vaaallu maaratharu anukodam waste matter.
  12. Inka jarugutundhi antaara ?. Strong rooms ki vellipoyayemo ga EVMs anni ?
  13. Siggu leni EC. Elections ninna aithe ee roju evening ki % cheppadama. Daridhrulu.