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  1. It is not a cooked-up story by CONG. It happened for real. It reached him 25 minutes late they say due to network and bad weather. Ufff. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/news-of-pulwama-attack-reached-pm-late-sources-deny-congress-charge-1997363?pfrom=home-topscroll
  2. Jai Telangana. Jai Jai Telangana. Jai Raithu Bandhu.
  3. ravikia

    Modi gvl dubbing shhh

    Kadupulo vunna kullantha kakki poyinattunnadu ga. National level babu gari front efforts debbaki baaaga antukunnattundhi Modi ki lol
  4. ravikia

    Vykuntapuram Barrage

    This is what I was presuming. Hope we get more clarity by the time of laying foundation stone
  5. ravikia

    Vykuntapuram Barrage

    I have pdf doc with alignment survey numbers as well. But it is 3MB and when I try to open and shrink in word, losing the clarity. However the same plan is available at: https://crda.ap.gov.in/APCRDAdocs/Downloads/MasterPlans/IRR Plan - English.pdf The crda doc clearly shows that the IRR proposed bridge is around Vykuntapuram only. That's the reason for my confusion.
  6. ravikia

    Vykuntapuram Barrage

    Ha ade doubt. I think there is not much clarity. Barrage katti, malli bridge endhuku kadatharu separate ga ani ?
  7. ravikia

    Vykuntapuram Barrage

    I understand that. Is Vykuntapuram barrage part of Inner ring Road ? Pavithra sangamam bridge is Iconic and it goes through Capital. But Inner ring is aligned outside of capital pooling area.
  8. ravikia

    Vykuntapuram Barrage

    Just need clarification; Is this barrage the bridge proposed as part Proposed Amaravati Inner Ring Road. Getting confused, since the alignment Proposed bridge for Inner ring road is also given between Vykuntapuram-Damuluru
  9. ravikia

    manchu manoj tweet on kia launch

    Manoj is trying to enter into politics, since he failed in Movies. May be he will contest from YSRCP some where. Don't know.
  10. ravikia

    manchu manoj tweet on kia launch

    hahahah lolest batch Manchu. Ekkada Ram okkadike credit vellipodhemo ani entha bhayamo. Ram tweet pette varaku em deekindro mana heroes.
  11. ravikia

    New car buying

    September/October ki antunnaru ga market loki
  12. ravikia

    Quality Education in ANDHRA PRADESH

    Ippudu desanni Udharisthunnadu ga.
  13. ravikia

    Quality Education in ANDHRA PRADESH

    Dora Rich state only at 66% ?🤩
  14. Politics lo oka clarity ki raavalsina paristhithi vachindhi. Janam odinchali ani decide aithene evadaina Odedhi. Adi lenantha varaku vaadu enni edava panulu chesina odipodu. Leni feeling ni jenam lo theppinchi, valla opinion ni evadu marchaledu. Janam vaallanthata vaallu maarali anthe.