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  1. nivas_hyd

    KCR Vs Rachana Reddy (Lawyer)

    As majority is not listening/understanding her speeches, her efforts going in vain sometimes.. Believing KCR itself is bad.. Electing him itself is bad.. So bad is bound to happen in TG..😀
  2. nivas_hyd

    KCR Vs Rachana Reddy (Lawyer)

    Problem with Leaders like KCR and MODI is, They destroys system(vyavastha).. They don't respect systems.. Look at how Modi destroying system by placing (Incapable)Gujju officials in many systems.. We know how Govts playing with RTI departments now.. Almost doubled gaaa.. Dora intha gaa numbers change chesaadu ani teliyadu.... Veedini support chesthunna MODI ni anaali...
  3. nivas_hyd

    KCR Vs Rachana Reddy (Lawyer)

    No Accountability of works.. Contractors, politicians and other big shots are literally enjoying public money.. Buying media and crushing opponents with money power.. All big shots will be happy and speaks very +ve about govt and will fund party at right time.. Common man is the real fool.. Same YSR gaadi strategy..
  4. nivas_hyd

    KCR Vs Rachana Reddy (Lawyer)

    Inko 5 years vunte, easy gaa 3-4 lakh crore loans chesthaadu.. Okkokkadiki blood bath TG lo.. Ade kadaa.. Public lo negative and hatred emotion peaks lo fill chesaadu.. Vaadu maatram enjoying.. But most of the public still didn't come out of that emotion..
  5. nivas_hyd

    KCR Vs Rachana Reddy (Lawyer)

    In last 4 years only 30-40% of TG realized what is KCR, his ideology and capabilities.. So i feel KCR should come into power again.. Let him Rape TG financially and let him kill the future of generations.. Then only remaining also will understand.. I might sound sadistic.. But my point is, Everyone has to pay for the mistakes they do.. Karma Theory.. TG public also have to pay for believing his hatred and poisonous ideology..
  6. nivas_hyd

    KCR Vs Rachana Reddy (Lawyer)

    This lady has guts.. She speaks logical.. But majority of TG public not in a mood to understand..
  7. nivas_hyd

    Pulichintala Project Fill Ayyindha?

    Drinking water brother.. Just drinking water for month in emergency only, ani naa intension...
  8. nivas_hyd

    Pulichintala Project Fill Ayyindha?

    Idi manchi back up supporting project.. Emergency lo bagaa use avuthundi.. Yearly easy gaa 8-10 TMC varaku serve chesthundi.. Crops ki emergency lo very useful.. Summer lo sudden gaa water crisis vunte, ee project lo oka 0.5 TMC vunnaa kaani save aipothundi Krishna-Guntur area..
  9. Money vunna vaallu donation ivvadam veru.. Ordinary people donation ivvadam veru.. Auto Driver has got Great soul.. Truly great honor to see such people..
  10. nivas_hyd

    Aadhaar Number

    Ivvala Social Media lo highlight ide... 😀 This shows how some govts and it's official are far behind in adopting and understanding the technology world..
  11. nivas_hyd

    No Railway zone.. Central confirms

    Maree intha worst aa ayyaru endi.. Assets division cheyyamani SC cheppinaa, "No need to do" antaaru endi... Maree intha digajaarudu(Cheap) politics endi..
  12. nivas_hyd

    Ysr-jagan viluvalu

    well written...
  13. nivas_hyd


    Good info....
  14. nivas_hyd

    AP fibre Grid project

    Nice article..