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  1. Malli BJP batch Katnataka lo corruption ni point out chesthunnaraa..
  2. Biscuits conversations.. KCR oka biscuit Raja.. Jaitley and Modi are Biscuit Maharaajas..
  3. True.. This kind of content makes people realize what kind of leader Modi is and What kind of party BJP is?
  4. Idi koodaa highlight avvali social media lo.. We need national level sensible leaders who can treats all states equally...
  5. Tax boycott cheyandi

    Idi spread cheyyandi.. Center and many will realize how much AP is contributing to the country..
  6. PURAN

  7. National media chaalaa late gaa react ainatlundi.. 2 years back raavalasina news..
  8. Sad to hear.. Paapam CBN.. Ekkada mana pushpam supporters?.
  9. pattiseema

    Good info....
  10. Konni scenes lo vaalla hardwork clear gaa kanipisthundi.. 4:08 daggara 4:56 daggara aa song and their efforts. after that vaalla struggles. 8:35 10:40 daggara వాళ్ళ కష్టాలు 13:00
  11. Pakka state picha lite batchey

    Such great leaders at ground level are pillars and assets to TDP..
  12. Ilaa we need to keep questioning... good going
  13. AP fibre Grid project

    Nice article..