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  1. many in the country feeling same..
  2. Popularity kosam.. with that kind of image they can charge more for ads, movies and shows.. We reached to a point where everyone running behind money by ignoring basic ethics..
  3. Time vachinapudu comedy angle bayataku vasthuntundi.. కూసింత comedy కళా పోషన vundi le brother.. 😀
  4. That is reserved for Nimmakayala Chinarajappa 😉.. Lokesh ki ward member seat and commissions in street roads projects under MGNREGA and computers supply to local kids anta.. Lokesh happy with this portfolio and celebrating with Ram Mohan Naidu and Paritala sriram anta
  5. Inka Lokesh ki edolaa ward member isthe chaalu.. Financial gaa konchem settle avuthaadu.. Otherwise kastam future lo..
  6. Devansh's grand father.. Cinemas lo chinna chinna hero characters chesthaade, aayana.. Future lo YSRCP home minister..
  7. CBN ki ZPTC or MPTC confirm anta...
  8. Next educational year AP lo intermediate ki full demand... Get ready..
  9. Same feeling... Monna TG lo congress ki vote vesaa.. Never thought i will vote Congress...
  10. Aaa TG polics and TRS batch ki eee basic knowledge vundo ledo?..
  11. PM is not above law.. Modi aithe endi.. Modi aithe endi...
  12. Good point.. Otherwise next counting lo mix chesthe bokkee...