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  1. nivas_hyd

    BC Janardhan Reddy Challange to Sakshi

    If 50% of TDP MLAs shows this aggressiveness then no one can stop TDP in future too..
  2. nivas_hyd

    Yamini Sarma

    Thana voice kaadu gaa.. Her voice is different..
  3. nivas_hyd


    Radha gave very matured interview a week or 10 days back on 'Why he is joining TDP?. and why he quit YSRCP?'.. Caste gurinchi koodaa, bagaa cheppadu..
  4. nivas_hyd

    EVM lani

    Good work.. But dangerous sign.. Country ilaanti situation ki velladam anedi very dangerous..
  5. nivas_hyd

    Poonam leaked ...

    First of all, Is this genuine ? Is it her voice?
  6. nivas_hyd

    Dear Jagan

    అన్నాయ్, ప్రతిపక్షం లో ఉంటేనే మేము రోజుకో సారి ఓటు ఉందొ లేదో చూసుకోవాల్సిన స్థాయికి తెచ్చేశావు. పొరపాటున అధికారం అప్పగిస్తే మా ఆస్తులు, మా పేరు పైనే ఉన్నాయో లేదో నెలకోసారి చూసుకునే స్థాయికి తీసికెళ్ళిపోతావేమో.. #SayNoToJagan Please like and share..
  7. nivas_hyd

    118 -- Too good

    Good suspense thriller... Superb BGM.. Fab screenplay.. kalayanram best performance and looks.. 4/5... Don't miss it..
  8. nivas_hyd

    When has starting a war become heroic act

    Simple and logical questions... Aaa blind bhakts ki reach avvalsina questions...
  9. nivas_hyd

    When has starting a war become heroic act

    What exactly is meaning of "finish off Pakistan"?
  10. nivas_hyd

    When has starting a war become heroic act

    Wonderful and thought provoking thread..
  11. nivas_hyd

    DeMo 2.0

    Ilaaanti cases so many.. Telisina vaalla di small electric items repair shop.. monthly earning 15K.. Account lo 5K-10K transactions vunnayi ani, notice lu pampaaru.. Bank lo money transactions choosthe chaalu IT is jumps in to harass.. Indirectly encouraging Money transactions.. Anduke no one depositing money in Bank.. Their target is not to encourage digital transactions.. Their actual target is Money Money Money..
  12. nivas_hyd

    Jagan latest gaa..

    Just for fun..
  13. Generally power lo vunna party will win more compared to state elections.. Looks like People really don't like TRS and elections are managed..
  14. Still Lagada is best in predicting compared to any survey in India.. 100% correct gaa cheppadaaniki Lagada is not God.. What ever the questions he raised making sense and even public has same doubts....