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  1. I have written an answer in quora with some achievements. Many can be added. But due to time constraint i did just little. Many of them collected from Interent and NFDB. You can share if you want https://www.quora.com/How-is-Andhra-Pradesh-developing-after-bifurcation/answer/Srinivas-Pasumarthi-6 In last 4 years what AP achieved is, Pattiseema Project(First river interlinking in this country) to divert godavri water into krishna and gunture region agricultural lands. 25 small to medium various irrigation projects. All these helped record agriculture output and growth in AP. Amaravati capital creation with 33000 Acres land pooling(not acquisition). AP Raithu Runa Maafi Scheme. Farmers debt of 1.5 lacs is waived in 5 phases with 10% interest payment to banks. Program cost is 24000 Cr. Successfully achieved 24x7 electricity power supply. Adopting new IT technologies like Block chain by setting Fintech in Vizag. Make in Andhra Scheme for investments in AP like cadbury, kia, Honda, isuzu, Apollo industries etc. Foxconn Mobile Manufacturing Center in Tirupati. AP Fiber grid scheme. 50000 check dams restored( and constructed) and cement roads in villages under NREGA scheme and other schemes. Around 1 lac farm ponds(highest in the country) created since 2014. Adding more: 11. AP Panchayat Raj & IT got 12 Skoch Awards for the governance. 12. Industrialists faith on AP leadership and development fetched record whopping of 2000 crore for Amaravati Bonds. Note that till now all municipalities in India together fetched(1800 crore) less than what this one city fetched(2000 crore). 13. Every time 3 to 4 cities scoring good ranking in any category declared by Center. Even AP villages doing too good compared to any. 7 villages from AP are in top 10. 14. Franklin Templeton , Federal Bank in Vizag. Many Japanese small manufacturing units like Lixil, Toray and many other. Looking at KIA now many Korean companies planning to setup. 15. AP tops in “Ease of doing business” in the country. Also almost highest number of MOUs implemented. 16. AP tops in the country with highest mobile manufacturing units. 3 out of Out of every 10 cell phones manufactured in India are from AP. 17. Coming to irrigation: PURUSHOTHAMAPATNAM lift irrigation, VYKUNTAPURAM=> NSP right , highest check dams with MNREGA funds and many completed. HANDRI , VELIGONDA, CHINTALAPUDI LIFT, VAMSADHARA_NAGAVALI interlink will be completed in a few months. NERADI BARRAGE (AP govt won case after 50 years) . Remember in 2014 AP do not have capital city and proper infra(Even Govt offices). Now AP is going at great speed even though there is lack of proper support from Central govt. Do not believe some fake social media posts on AP. You can do your own research on every point i posted.
  2. nivas_hyd

    Revanth at Narsapur

    TG ki dorikina manchi leader..
  3. Speech la ki and Religion(Or caste or region) ki importance ichhi votes vesthe, uneducated+unethical leaders ide chesthaaru... Public koodaa realize avvali..
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    Good info....
  5. nivas_hyd

    AP fibre Grid project

    Nice article..
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    Nagarjuna Sagar

    By tomorrow night 250+.. Hope NS will be full soon..
  7. nivas_hyd

    Nagarjuna Sagar

    250 can be reached easily in 2 days i guess... 2.5lakh cusecs ante too much number le..
  8. nivas_hyd

    Nagarjuna Sagar

    250 TMC avudda Nagarjuna Sagar lo? Aithe nov end ki full ayye chance vuntundi emo..
  9. nivas_hyd

    Nagarjuna Sagar

    Me too.. This is one topic that i loves in this DB.. Parallel gaa you can view water levels info at http://core.ap.gov.in/CMDashBoard/UserInterface/Irrigation/IrrigationCommonReport.aspx
  10. Sometimes these things matters a lot.. I have seen cases where people struggling to find a vehicle to carry dead Modies.. Last minute lo chalaa pathetic anipisthaay alaanti situations.. I personally liked this move..
  11. nivas_hyd

    vijayawada convention center

    Convention center exact location ekkada?..
  12. nivas_hyd

    BRS ventures to invest 12600cr in AP

    Good opportunity.. Pettubadi pettadaaniki konchem time teeskuni definite gaa pedathaa, chance vasthe.. Eee lopu emanna, TDP abhimanulaki scope vundaa meeting ki..
  13. nivas_hyd

    BRS ventures to invest 12600cr in AP

    Maa laanti bulli veerabhimanulaki kalise chance emainaa isthadaa CBN...