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  1. KCR gaadu 2014 mundu 10 years chesina strategy ne veellu chesthundi..
  2. +1 Iron balls vunnode open gaa comment cheyya galadu... Opposition political leaders raise cheyya leni powerful names ni, easy gaa quote chesthunnadu..
  3. Same feeling annay... Just a few bucks kosam, oka state and konni generations future ni spoil chesaaru.. Idi corruption, rape , extortion kante big crime ani naa feeling...
  4. By tomorrow night 250+.. Hope NS will be full soon..
  5. 250 can be reached easily in 2 days i guess... 2.5lakh cusecs ante too much number le..
  6. 250 TMC avudda Nagarjuna Sagar lo? Aithe nov end ki full ayye chance vuntundi emo..
  7. Me too.. This is one topic that i loves in this DB.. Parallel gaa you can view water levels info at http://core.ap.gov.in/CMDashBoard/UserInterface/Irrigation/IrrigationCommonReport.aspx
  8. Sometimes these things matters a lot.. I have seen cases where people struggling to find a vehicle to carry dead Modies.. Last minute lo chalaa pathetic anipisthaay alaanti situations.. I personally liked this move..
  9. Convention center exact location ekkada?..
  10. Good opportunity.. Pettubadi pettadaaniki konchem time teeskuni definite gaa pedathaa, chance vasthe.. Eee lopu emanna, TDP abhimanulaki scope vundaa meeting ki..
  11. Maa laanti bulli veerabhimanulaki kalise chance emainaa isthadaa CBN...
  12. In addition, BR Shetty handles many respectable positions in Abu Dhabi.. He is the in charge for the new Hindu temple construction in Abu Dhabi. Temple construction is going in 4 acres. Imagine a Hindu Temple in middle east in 4 acres.. He holds special power to handle Expat issues here in Abu Dhabi...
  13. B.R Shetty. Heard a lot after coming to Abu Dhabi.. Many Indians are proud of him here.. He is very powerful and very influential.. That's not an easy thing for any one to reach that position in Middle East..