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  1. nivas_hyd

    Agri gold issue

    Private business issue ki govt help cheyyadam endi?.. comedy gaa vuntundi.. Bad idea emo..
  2. nivas_hyd

    Ibrahimpatnam lo land pooling

    Aipothe very good.. I will be the most happiest.. Many projects konchem facing funding problem kadaa.. So felt like that..
  3. nivas_hyd

    Ibrahimpatnam lo land pooling

    I think all these are biscuits before elections.. Nellore lo airport, ee bridge, etc.. These will take lot of time i guess..
  4. nivas_hyd

    Ibrahimpatnam lo land pooling

    +1 Akkada em lands vunnay?
  5. Trap lo padda Bala Krishna fans!!! Veediki enduku react avuthunnaro naaku ardham kaavadam ledu... At least logical attack cheyyandi.. Okappudu PK fans ni nagababu thittina videos, Roja PK ni thittina videos share cheskunte better.. Blind attack never works..
  6. Particularly small scale businesses lo terrible.. Many small/medium scale business people comes our home to discuss process and tax compliance discussion ki.. Most of them are crying.. Sad to see the bad environment for business people..
  7. Public lo taxes meeda frustration oka range lo vundi le... Earn chesthe taxes, spend chesthe taxes, save chesi invest chesthe taxes, House konte 18% tax, Business lu run cheyyali ante corruption and taxes... IT department literally screwing many people in other ways.. Peaks of frustration lo vunnaru public..
  8. nivas_hyd

    Cbn trip restricted

    Undoubtedly.. Politics and administration ni separate gaa choose vaadu true statesman and political leader.. Only CBN comes under that category.. Modi, KCR, Jagan etc belongs to opposite category..
  9. nivas_hyd

    Cbn trip restricted

    Modi's cheap acts continues.. Development meeda politics PM level lo chesindi veede anukuntaaa...
  10. nivas_hyd

    CBN In Chennai

    +1 Aa Modi or Shah or Jaitley la lo evadini kalisinaa same feeling..
  11. nivas_hyd

    Hasmuk Adhia

    Uffff... Eee MODI gaadi gujju madness ki inka limitations levaaa...
  12. Too good gaa.. Worth appreciating then..
  13. Too good gaa.. Same Hyd GMR airport style lo vundi...