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  1. Extra publicity laa feel avuthaaru bhayya.. Samprokshana ante ento chooddam ani inkaa vacche chances ekkuva.. So better to avoid unnecessary issues..
  2. nivas_hyd

    Chintamaneni prabhakar

    Great.. Worth appreciating..
  3. Reliance’s Jio Institute gets government’s Institution of Eminence status but it’s yet to be set up This puts it at par with two Indian Institutes of Technology, among the six institutions to be selected under the scheme that grants autonomy from regulation. Under this institute will get 1000 Crore over period of 5 years to make it World Class institution . Interestingly you can't locate this even in google.. https://scroll.in/article/885897/reliances-jio-university-gets-governments-institute-of-eminence-status-but-its-yet-to-be-set-up https://theprint.in/governance/jio-institute-declared-top-notch-by-modi-govt-but-you-cant-find-it-in-google-search/80783/
  4. nivas_hyd

    Modi gaadi next target UGC..

    University grants commission.. Purpose elaagoo own state benefits kosam and other states ni control cheyyadam.. Planning commission place lo NITI ayog ni petti andarini edavalni chesinatlu..
  5. nivas_hyd

    Endhi inni goals eeroju

    Haan.. Srija gurinchi ee..
  6. nivas_hyd

    Renu desai questions PawanKalyan's female fans

    Vaarni... Open up aipothundi gaa .. PK gaadi fans, PK ni spoil and kill chese varaku nidra poyelaa leru gaa..
  7. https://www.businesstoday.in/videos/news-reel/video-why-lics-decision-to-buy-majority-stake-in-idbi-bank-is-a-mistake/279945.html Life Insurance Corporation's talks to acquire the ailing IDBI Bank amounts to throwing good money after bad. The nation's largest insurer has decided to acquire a majority stake in the hugely loss-making IDBI Bank, possibly under government pressure. Watch this video where BusinessToday.in Editor Rajeev Dubey explains why LIC's decision to buy majority stake in IDBI Bank is not a wise choice.
  8. IRDA relaxed 15% norm on LIC to buy stake in IDBI bank...
  9. nivas_hyd


    Won't it melt while bringing?.. Even if they provide some facilities to maintain temperatures then what would be the cost?. Bringing water from nearest Snow mountains would be better i believe..
  10. nivas_hyd

    Rupee is losing because.....

  11. Well said bro.. Love and forgiveness are also pillars for a religion to grow and get respect.. Once we kept many people away from society and temples.. There exactly other religions took advantage.. That's how we lost many people into Hinduism.. Still our guys didn't learn..