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  1. https://sdgindiaindex.socialcops.com/YuJbcq9d44/state-ut-ranking/basic#3/23.00/81.26 you can find state by state rankings in each and every category here.
  2. Andhra Pradesh stands fourth in achieving sustainable development target Sidharth Yadav VIJAYAWADA , FEBRUARY 21, 2019 01:01 IST UPDATED: FEBRUARY 21, 2019 07:59 IST Urban effect in Andhra Pradesh is spread across districts, says expert Andhra Pradesh stands fourth behind Himachal Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu in achieving national targets set for 13 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. According to the NITI Aayog’s SDG Index India - Baseline Report, 2018, released in December, the State, along with Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra has secure a composite score of 64 as against the national average of 57, with a perfect score signifying achievement of the targets. The report tracks the progress of the States and the Union Territories across 62 indicators, identified for the goals, and ranks them based on the average of normalised scores achieved by them in reaching the targets set for each indicator. The report notes that the State has just 9.2% of its population below the poverty line as against the national average of 21.92% and has achieved the target. With every three of four households having at least one member under health insurance or a health scheme, the State tops the country in health coverage, buttressing its efforts in ending poverty. As for eliminating hunger, it has fared abysmally in its public distribution system (PDS) coverage for poor households. With a maternal mortality ratio (MMR) of 74, it is behind Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu in achieving the target. In having quality education, it is third with 98.1% of its school teachers professionally qualified as against the national average of 81.15%. Gender equality However, 45.2% of women have said they have faced domestic violence, the third highest after Manipur and Telangana, slowing its march towards gender equality. In achieving decent work and economic growth, it is second to Goa as it has reached the target for the annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate per capita and all its households have bank accounts. But with very poor road connectivity in rural areas under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna and with the Bharat Net yet to reach the hinterland, the State is one of the worst performers in industry, innovation and infrastructure. The State, at 12.04%, has the largest chunk of urban households living in slums. And though almost all the wards have door-to-door waste collection facility, only 7% of waste is processed placing it last but third in fostering sustainable cities and communities. Yet the State has the second strongest institutions after Himachal Pradesh. There are an estimated 31.4 courts per 10 lakh persons, which has achieved the target for the number of reported corruption crimes as well. The State is ahead of Telangana in reaching eight of the 13 goals. “This is because Telangana has faced skewed urbanisation centred on Hyderabad. Whereas in Andhra Pradesh, urban effect is scattered across districts,” says U.S. Mishra, professor at the Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram. Urban slums More urban slums have mushroomed, which, according to Mr. Mishra could be linked to increased infrastructure activity post-bifurcation that led to mobility among people who set up temporary settlements. The report lauds the State for being among the seven having a budgetary component targeting the SDGs. “Many indicators, including those linked to nutrition, are outcome based and could show improvement through policy interventions,” says Mr. Mishra. As for overcoming the last-mile challenges faced by the performing States, Mr. Mishra says: “When States perform well, there is a fear of adversity getting pocketed. Meaning, a particular group is disadvantaged. Therefore more effort is needed and inclusive and equitable development could propel a State towards the goals.”
  3. Regarding maintenance ---- The annual operations and maintenance (O&M) cost, according to the DPR, will be Rs 13,923 crore. This includes interest, electricity costs, annual maintenance charges, depreciation of the equipment etc. Again, in the real world, these maintenance costs are always much higher than indicated in the DPR. affects of kaleshwaram, panta volume 10 times perigiddi anta at the same way rates kooda peruguthayi anta 10 times. --- https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/opinion/a-white-elephant-in-the-making/article24584314.ece https://scroll.in/article/904154/2800-jump-in-farm-returns-telangana-governments-claims-about-irrigation-project-are-laughable https://www.deccanchronicle.com/nation/current-affairs/100718/kaleshwaram-project-will-it-sink-the-telanganas-economy.html https://image.ibb.co/mAx7Zp/Kaleshwaram_Engineering_Mistake.jpg
  4. opionion conduct chesaru who will be the country pm ani ap lo, jagan ki cbn kanna votes ekkuva vachayi, at the same time cm ki kooda jagan ke ekkuva vachayi. andukani navvu vahhindi..
  5. earlier adi kokonada anta kakinada ni garikapati varu chepparu. english vallaki palakatam chetha kaka kakinada annaru anta.
  6. one minute navva leka sachha video chusi. vella results tagaleyya.
  7. uma gelichina 3-5k lope untundi. incase cbn focus pedithe tappithe.
  8. plus rayalaseema lo except kc canal and tungabadhra canal srbc right canal tappithe in all other places lo rice and sugar cultivaton ni ban chesi padeyali. atleast oka 10k-20k acres govt land unnachota strictly dedicated to forest grown cheyali. plus rajasthan water policies ni adopt chesukovali. ivi anni kavali ante funds undali. plus more efforts undali from govt wise. plus a districts kooda chala peddavi okko district eg &wg district antha untayi antha land ki water supply ante mamulu vishyam kadu.
  9. mana vallu GO kooda icharu, this water is strictly for drinking and industry purposes and not intended for irrigation ani. this got submitted to KWDT. naku telisi problem avvakapovachhu if KBDT considers this arguement. plus GWDT lo specific ga mention chesaru this water goes to KA, MH, AP no where this got mentioned telangana. more over we are diverting 70 tmc in penna phase 1, indulo tg share ki vachina 5-6 tmc vasthayi. TG vallu entha ginchukonna a 45 tmc meedane kwdt verdict ivvagaladu. if and buts and hypothesis to KWDT verdict ivvadu.
  10. anna garu meeku gurthu ledu anukunta, mana vadu pm ni kooda kalisadu halt cheyamani. intha daridrapu gottu vedava ni ekkada chudaledu. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/y-s-jagan-mohan-reddy-meets-pm-narendra-modi-demands-stalling-of-andhra-pradesh-governments-project/articleshow/46748993.cms
  11. @ravindras @rk09 @rk09 https://irrigationap.cgg.gov.in/wrd/static/approjects/hnss_1.html https://irrigationap.cgg.gov.in/wrd/static/approjects/hnss_2.html http://irrigationap.cgg.gov.in/wrd/projects ------- please find more data on HNSS project in the above links. The total Power requirement in Phase-I is 458.83 MW. phase 2 - 228.76 + include Peddamandyam Lift (Adavipalli Lift) with together - around 260-270 -- idi original plan lo ledu, gravity dwara velluthayi waters anukunnaru through tunnel, tunnel kastam ani lift petti etthiposthunnaru. roughly 700 mw needed to pump the water. e calculations anni 90-120 days period lo pump chesthamu ani. but this is not true, easy ga manam 180-210 days pump chesthunnamu. so around 1500 mw power eduthunnamu. antha pump chesina maximum manam 50 tmc kanna draw cheyalemu endukante cancal ki concrete ledu. plus add macchumarri power too. hnss valla labam undachhu kani nastalu kooda anthe range lo unnayi. 1) manam srisailam right power station dwara 700-800mw power miss avuthunnamu by diverting water, flood vasthe tappa manam generate cheyalemu. 2) penna phase 1 dwara sagar right canal ki pump cheshtunnamu, for that we need 700 mw. 3) TG vallu peena phase 1 ni tribunal mundala pettaru, in case vadu serious ga tesukonte manam krishna water share kolpatham perminently which is big damage, but idi mostly jaragakapovachhu. inka cheppukovali ante once chinthalapudi, utharandhra suja srvanthi, gnss phase 2, penna phase1 complete aithe, hnss phase 2 full ga complete aithe even polavaram power add aina kooda we will fall from surplus to to deficit. govt lekkalu bale comedy ga untayi 1 mw costs 5.6 with subsidy anta per irrigation, susbsidy ichina ivvakapoyina govt ne pay cheyali. it costs 7-8 rs with out subsidy, e lift irrigations anni motors, pipulu marchukovatam maintenance booka boledu untayi. for kaleswaram detailed analysis from tjac, tjac site ni close chesinattu unnaruonline lo ekkada kanapadatam ledu. link unte istanu. there they said how burden the lift irrigation for a state ani clear ga unnayi entha cost avuthayi enti ani.
  12. Bollu

    Krishna River Management Board

  13. solar power, hydel power, wind power to manam easy ga mange cheyachhu 1-2 rske vastadi ani cwc ki reports icharu. asalu cwc ki burra ledu anukunta ela permission ichindo antha pedda giant project katta taniki. mana handri neeva 600 km length undi just 30-40 tmc etti postharu maintanace karchu 5k crores per year. but kaleswaram length kooda 500 km undi and 180 tmc pumping chestharu, so roughly 30k crores avuthayi maintanace. surplus power unna ap ke intha karchu aithe kaleswaram ki entha avvali karchu plus manaki inka polavaram rabothundi? e project ke harish ki, kcr ki gurralu ekkinchi sambaralu chesaru..MH vallu mana project ki oppukonnaru ani tappudu lekkalu cheppi. cut down chesthe MH vallu G lo baga dincharu. vallu just 3-5 villages isthe 20k crs save ayyevi TG govt ki with gravity, vallemo mingeyi annaru. manaki kooda a odissa vallato same ituvanti godave jarigi 56 years nundi vamsadhara stage 2 pani kakunda aparu, ap just need 106 acres from odissa govt. case is in still pending monnane ap govt ki konchem favour ga vachidni court therpu. Telangana shelved Pranahita-Chevella project to accommodate Maharashtra’s conditions and came up with a revised Kaleshwaram Project. Maharashtra had objected to Tummadi Hatti barrage at 152m FRL as part of Pranahita-Chevella forcing the Telangana government to re-engineer and redesign irrigation projects in the state, according to Sridhar Rao Deshpande, officer on special duty to Telangana’s irrigation minister. After detailed negotiations between the two state governments, Telangana would sign an agreement to construct Tummidihatti project at 148m FRL on Pranahitha, a tributary of Godavari. The two neighbouring states will also jointly take up Chanaka–Korata project at 213 FRL on Penganga river with 105 TMC (thousand million cubic feet) capacity. About 102 TMC of water would be utilized by Telangana, while Maharashtra would utilize 5 TMC.
  14. t-jac enginner nethi noru kottukoni mari ceppadu, idi not feasible ani, ettipothula kadu tippipothula ani. ila kooda istara grants? finance commission ituvantivi recommend cheyachha? chesthe geste niti aayog kada cheyalisindi. e lekkana states motham heavy project katti states ni bare cheyamante how is that possible. plus kcr ne anandu kada our budget will go to 3 lac crores in 5 years, raithulu ki 20k-30k crore petti maintain cheyalema ani. rich state ke ilanti benifits isthe andhra lanti deficit state ki handri neeva ke 5k crore maintance undi plus godavari penna phase ki kooda adigithe poddi since we are an agricultural state.
  15. Bollu

    TDP list

    nimmala kistappa poti chesthadantana?