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  1. hahahah, so you didnt get my post then. I am questioning, Babu garu KVP naa, aayanaki teleedha konatam, paytm koolies ni tayaru cheeyatam. Ex jawahar once said in a interview, i am CBN aatma huti dalam.... ante eento idea undha meeku
  2. sum,mary of those 17 mins is 14:12 --- about AP, Jaffa, saying central GOVT will control. TG === BJP closer than TRS thinks it is. Odissa === a year before election, corruption charges , CBI,ED will show up and drama. no family member or successor to Patnaik. Bihar === last election for Nitish, no successor or family member. XX Advani aim is to get bjp in power but not nda, wasnt sure why the author is saying so or atleast made him think so .
  3. time , time time time time time.... i wanna see it in my freaking life timeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. yeah true, but looking at the bjp growth, seems like its not stoppable till the next 15 years for sure. even NTR was against congress but he emerged victorious out of it. i am waiting to see the same from BABU as well... hope patience answers sometimes i believe.
  5. nijam gane chesadee anukundaamu, evadikaina atleast adigee dammu, shirt gunji adige dammu undha?
  6. https://www.quora.com/How-did-Adi-Shankara-defeat-Buddhist-monks-in-India-Are-there-any-fundamental-advantages-to-Hinduism-which-he-could-use-to-win-the-argument read it , if you can. anyway Hinduism isn't a religion, its a way of life. it wont say to follow or not follow anything, it even classifies atheism as a way to god, period. please correct me, more than happy and willing to learn something new, every day
  7. https://medium.com/@pranoyentp/what-do-buddhists-think-about-adi-shankaracharya-400e90c92819
  8. wow these so called intellect and intelligent folk changed edited the post, the minute they say the reponse... any way another question to the so called intellect, know the spread of buddhism and how they were used to be referred in the so called guntur and krishna districts in those OLD days...
  9. Studip F's should get their facts get right, ===>>> i wanna say this but i wont. so to the so called intellects think that all Buddhists across the world are Hindus or what will their distorted view would be
  10. i think babu made a freaking mistake by breaking with bjp, looks like their future is too good for next 15 years
  11. This should be used as a strategy as they care about religion or sounds to bother atleast.
  12. aah L tanam chesee M*nda Kodukulu pedda vallu in age ani vadileyaali ani eeh vedam cheppalee. amma lakka la tho istart cheesina tappu leedhu