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  1. Proper leaders leru. Kadapa town lo aithe antha waste fellows.Kandula vallu undi unte bane undedhi. Vallu party maararu
  2. Tdp once had leaders like Siva reddy, Veera reddy,Palakondarayudu who could match muscle power of opposite leders. siva reddy tarvatha jammalamadugu gradual ga weak ayyam veera reddy tarvatha badvel lo hold poindhi Palakondarayudu active ga unnanthavaraku tdp bane undedhi.He was the only mla from tdp in 2004 in the district Rajampet lo balijas tdp ki one side chesevallu opposite to reddies so Rajampet gelichevallam.Ippudu balijas one side leru. Kodur ki katta narayana naidu peedha dikku ga undevadu. Reserved seat aina anni aayane chusukunevadu.Tdp never lost till 2004 and never won after 2004.Delimitation also is one of the reason for tdp downfall here
  3. Chandragiri constituency lo tirupati Rural mandal lo chevireddy votes ni cheelche leader vacche varaku manaku no chance
  4. Ruling lo unnappudu emi cheyakunda ippudu emi cheyagalam
  5. TDP retained majority of its vote bank but new age voters ni attract cheyaledhu.Dani valla baga affect ayyindhi