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  1. Local WhatsApp group lu vuntayi ga TDP vi vaatilo tippali
  2. raghu6

    Jaffa Files Case against CBN

    Idi state government paridi loki raadu so file against Central government Nuvvu police la ki statement enduku ivvaledu
  3. raghu6

    YouTube nd FB

    Argument enduku cheyyatam jai tdp ani vesina chaalu but ikkada spend chese time mostly TDP ki use but huge negativity in social media Adi immediate ga control cheyyali bcoz and mainly kotha pichollu poti chesthunapudu mana week are lo strong ga defend cheyyali ( YT and FB )
  4. raghu6

    YouTube nd FB

    Nenu decent ga comment chestha so didn’t face any situation and negative comment cheyyali anukonte We have to use some tricks like don’t disclose your identity while passing negative comment and if needed Pk meeda counter comment ichi last lo ji jagan anandi then it’s fun to watch
  5. raghu6

    YouTube nd FB

    It’s not wasting time or educate someone this is kind of mind game or lowering thier confidence in my view
  6. raghu6

    YouTube nd FB

    Try not restrict yourself to only NFDB Spend sometime in YouTube and give your comments too as it has huge impact on non Tdp and neutrals ikkada time spend chesina time lo oka 10 % mins akkada kooda contribute cheyyandi. Ikkada mana gurinchi entha goppaga cheppukonna it will not reach to common people like YouTube comments and all
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeR5a_4JwwA
  8. Media plays a very critical role in shaping the narrative of the people. In Telangana state this is happening in a one sided manner. Only reporting the TRS achievements and KCR ‘s trumpeting. However the ground reality is slightly different. Telangana is not just about charisma or personality of a single leader! Telangana needs development, the bangaru telangana promise and the sentiment of telangana that made people vote for KCR. Major issues are Unemployment, Power, Irrigation and housing I dont think the ground reality is anywhere near the promises. Also a lot of people seem to take this as a presidential election overlooking the fact that several first time TRS MLAs are facing a lot of flak in their respective constituencies. Hence in a nut shell- looks not that easy and everyone is assuming! However a lot depends on how things shape up further. August 2017 - Dalits under attack - Congress party mobilizes public support against it and KCR comes out of hibernation and uses his FILTHIEST language to berate the congress leaders. He spews venom at them. Why? Because looks like he realized that slowly but steadily people are realizing that after all TRS is not sitting pretty. Added to this the fact that KCR poached almost 20 MLAs from the opposition and hoped that an increase in the number of seats from 119 to 156 , as envisaged in the AP reorganization act will come true. Modi put up with him till the presidential election and coolly told him to meet him after 9 years, on the subject. Now KCR says that he never really wanted increase and said “ Jairam Ramesh of the congress party is to blame for no increase” why because Jairam ramesh drafted the bill. Great. Then what was he doing when the bill was made into an Act? Was KCR simply so powerless that he couldnt change it? Look at the GOs, so many GOs issued are stuck off by courts. Singereni colleries hereditary employment is an example. Look at Hyderabad infrastructure- he used to call Kiran Kumar reddy sealed cover CM, atleast the sealed cover CM ensured better roads . As on 4th Aug, can someone say the Hyd roads are better- so much for making hyderabad world class. A new CM’s residence with 1000 crs- and when criticized says- its owned by telangana people, what nonsense- will govt allow telangana ppl to come and stay? Govt said jobs for everyone- where are the jobs? dalit CM, where is he? Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bhageeratha- well the less said the better. For all those who say there is no opposition leader who can stand up against KCR. True but in democracy the ultimate judges are the public. Remember in 198 NT Rama Rao lost the election - there was no opposition leader - i m sure no one remembered who it was ! Later the congress party won and Channa Reddy became CM. Edit 1: Today as I edit my response, there seems to be a clear commotion and disturbance in the ruling party. Revant reddy joined the congress party and along with him brought in several senior leaders- ex MLAs and ex ministers into the congress fold. TDP always had a strong cadre in Telangana and it will help the congress party in Karimnagar, Adilabad and Nizamabad for sure now. After the singareni elections, where TRS won 9 out of 11 divisions, whereas in fact in 2012 TGBKS( backed by TRS) won 11 out of 11, a press conference was held and there was almost 2 hours spent on berating opposition and targeting Prof Kodandaram personally. Shows that there is a sense of disquiet and growing restlessness. But all said and done, KCR’s personal connect witH masses is intact and he is the tallest leader in the state. Now how this can be used to the advantage of the ruling party will decide the outcome in 2019. Edit 2: Editing this after the elections are announced in Telangana - As on today it a very tight contest between TRS and Cong+TDP+TJS+CPI - This alliance looks formidable on paper because TDP can still influence pockets of Seemandhra voters. TRS should be happy with 40–45 seats.
  9. raghu6


    Seats kanna alliance important if we contest alone okka seat kooda gelavamu and our objective is to target TRS and BJP congress valla target to restrict TDP to 10 seats so that we wouldn’t be having command on CM seat ( Projecting RR)
  10. raghu6

    Live updates: TV5 - Flash team survey

    GHMC ki KCR ki votes vesina Vallu TDP meeda hopes leka but if alliance is doing good then definitely will turn out towards
  11. raghu6

    Live updates: TV5 - Flash team survey

    Ground reality city lo TRS meeda positive vundi Villages lo chaala negative vundi ee survey TRS favour ga ichinattu vundi veedu choopinchina antha favour ayithe ledu and TRS Vallu cheppindi chaala kastam ani
  12. Ammayi meeda Prema tho daani mogudni champadu mogudu meeda Prema tho ippudu nannani champestha antundi Ammayi back to pavilion after few months la vundi
  13. raghu6

    Chintalapudi Lift Irrigation Project

    Documents submit cheyyandi with in 1 week lo ani deadline Pedithe kontha mandi Kastapadi Eluru vellaru documents submit cheyyataniki then marala taruvatha rammannaru Velithe ippudu kaadu marala eppudo cheptham ani antunnaru oka process ledu anukonta nd cheppindi cheyyakapoina ok and late ayina ok but ila rammani then pommani chepthe .... poeple think that it will not happen soon
  14. raghu6

    Chintalapudi Lift Irrigation Project

    3 months ayyindi but latest ga marala teesukonnaru but this wil be great help to farming