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  1. Ysrcp artificial ga wave create cheddamani planning and TDP should have counter plan to encounter . AP ppl min sense vunte TDP pakka win as they only have option - CBN for next 10 years
  2. Chepthe vinaru ga only e DB lo positivity vunte saripothundi anukone pichi brama lo vunnamu Negative publicity baaga vundi social media lo and we are in defensive mode everywhere .
  3. He didn’t discover it but he is putting lot of effort to encourage us to eat these kind of food .
  4. raghu6

    National media surveys about AP - Take Away

    Ee surveys only on AP chesthe I doubt on those surveys ... mundu kooda konni vachayi ga ivi wrong ane anukondam but we will need to work hard
  5. raghu6

    National media surveys about AP - Take Away

    Inni Surveys lo negative ga vundi ante koncham reality ki vasthe better emo forget abt one survey all survey means something not right
  6. Jagan vasthe ...He will develop 2nd capital bigger than Amaravathi by neglecting the current one Change chesthada ani doubt vundedi but TV9 interview choosaka 1000% confirm that he is dead against to Capital so his intentions need to be viral at least in Krishna/Guntur to get maximum seats
  7. Very good benefit and stroke to Jagan prathi MLA aspirant ila chesthe job done
  8. raghu6

    Bireddy on Jagan

  9. raghu6

    Hindupur Public Talk

    Very much true
  10. Ayanosthunnadu ani overaction background lo begging na Ysrcp batch 🤪
  11. raghu6

    TDP germany

    Excellent 👏
  12. raghu6

    nijamena edi

    Enni acres vunte anni 8k na 😛
  13. raghu6

    PK interview

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzHnJSFRWIM&app=desktop you can look at me 😛
  14. raghu6

    B team

    Ilantivatini whatsapp groups lo oka organised ga till villages lo reach ayyetattu vellali @Saichandra bro
  15. raghu6

    yamini - tdp situation

    NBK ni nagababu anna danike silent ga vunnamu inka yamini sadineni na 🤪 kudirithe ame ki support ga social media lo counter Ivvandi ikkada DB lo time waste