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  1. sivaji

  2. kondangal tdp cadre

    PK tho alliance ippudu vunte isthama Ivvama
  3. kondangal tdp cadre

    Pk ki emi ledu anukone Manam support teesukoleda same alane
  4. kondangal tdp cadre

    May be
  5. kondangal tdp cadre

    Vuntundemo ani feeling may be indirect support It's good for both may be not in AP
  6. kondangal tdp cadre

    KCR enni tittado marchipoyara repu mana party alliance avvavachu TRS tho Revanth KCR la Andhra vallani tidithene KCR la CM avvachu anukkntunnademo its wrong
  7. kondangal tdp cadre

    Frankly speaking manaki kastam Only KCR vs congress Ala vuntene work out avuddi TRS ki strong opposition avvalante TRS vs congress vs BJP vs TDP ante inka eppudu KCR ne CM So current step from congress is very right and atleast they can give some fight now Manam manchiga KCR support chesthe Manam support chesthunnam ani cheppukovachu
  8. kondangal tdp cadre

    I agree but leader ni TDP party ni tittaledu Anukonta ga
  9. kondangal tdp cadre

    Bro RR ni tidithe baada anala show some maturity anna I know chandasasanudu uncle so just for fun ani Vesa don't take it to heart Naaku RR tittina emi problem ledu just saying to give respect bcoz he has been with us
  10. kondangal tdp cadre

    Even YSR party has admirers then what is the difference ? Wat maturity we have as TDP fan Show some difference antunna ... repu CBN party maarithe meeru tidatharemo nenu titanu Bcoz they travelled with us for so long as leaders
  11. kondangal tdp cadre

    Lokesh ni manchiga TTDP ni lead chesi power Loki teesukoni rammanochu ga uncle AP lo Ela situation manaki favour gaane vundi ga Munigipoye naava ni vadilesi vellipoyi andarni andulone vundandi velthe tidatam antarenti uncle Nenu inka jump
  12. kondangal tdp cadre

    Manam politics lo lemu ga Manaki politicians ki difference emi vuntadi and politicians keep on moving to different parties But manaki only one party Simple logic
  13. kondangal tdp cadre

    Paritala Ravi ni champinchadu anukone JC ne TDP lone vunnadu tittadam emundi cheppu Repu Kodali nani TDP Loki vasthe Enti situation Politics lo avi common he took some opportunity to move anthe Tittakunda vunte dignity vundedi but party maare appudu tittakapothe current politics
  14. kondangal tdp cadre

    Nenu goppodu anala ekkada he has some good qualities and aggressive which is required to fight and create some platform for opposition now in TG Leader ayye material ne just wait and see Frankly speaking Telengana lo TDP ni Andhra party la choosthunnaru so better to concentrate only in AP Else lokesh to take care Telengana and babu to take care AP
  15. kondangal tdp cadre

    TRS ni manam ippudu tiduthunnama ? Repu TDP + TRS alliance ayithe TDP ni tidatama and KCR ni poguduthara Revanth KCR tho fight chesthunnadu Errabelli la TRS lo kalavatam ledu. Pakka party lo vunde vallu andaru vedavalu and mana party lo vundevallu andaru manchollu anukonte .... YSR party fans kooda anthe anukontaru so there is no difference So respect ppl who have been with us for so long And let them go