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  1. give multiple option check boxes too .. add EVM manipulation too
  2. mumbai lo halt lekinda direct ga vijayawada to dubai vasthe baguntadhi... hope it get materialized in one year.
  3. Malli land rates increase ayyaya ? On bunder road near NTR circle daggara cent value entha vundochhu ?
  4. Kashmir ni kontha part pak lo kaliparu ga .. Btw .. Nice article
  5. Inka big movie audio functions ee convention center lo jaruguthaayi in future ..
  6. Any idea about the exact 32 village names ??
  7. Gannavaram to kankipadu corridor lo emi developments vastaayi ?? Any idea ??
  8. Bunder port eppatiki materialize ayyidho
  9. Inka bunder road is going to be even more expensive
  10. 1994 lo TDP elections campaign lo Anna gaari speech chosaanu.. Meelo entha evaru choosaru ?
  11. Chinnapudu numerous times we played cricket on this ground
  12. Nice to see this videos .. Inka videos vunte veyyandi
  13. Great effort ... I am following this forum since last 4 years, i guess this is the best composed post ...