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  1. NTRYoungTiger

    Tarak @ Rangasthalam

    tarak ante mass hysteria.. fanism lo inko level
  2. NTRYoungTiger

    rammohan speech started

    my second most favorite leader in TDP after CBN
  3. NTRYoungTiger

    Dhee 10 Latest Promo

    Enni hours show idhi ? It’s a two week show or single episode?
  4. NTRYoungTiger

    NTR Amaravati International Airport

    mumbai lo halt lekinda direct ga vijayawada to dubai vasthe baguntadhi... hope it get materialized in one year.
  5. NTRYoungTiger

    benz circle flyover & vijayawada -bandar highway

    ee road extension benz circle varaku vachhidaa ??
  6. NTRYoungTiger

    benz circle flyover & vijayawada -bandar highway

    Road extension starts from benz circle ? Eppudu start ayyedhi ?
  7. NTRYoungTiger

    Amaravati Real Estate

    25 lachhala??
  8. NTRYoungTiger

    Amaravati Real Estate

    Malli land rates increase ayyaya ? On bunder road near NTR circle daggara cent value entha vundochhu ?
  9. NTRYoungTiger


    Kashmir ni kontha part pak lo kaliparu ga .. Btw .. Nice article
  10. NTRYoungTiger

    BRS ventures to invest 12600cr in AP

    Inka big movie audio functions ee convention center lo jaruguthaayi in future ..
  11. NTRYoungTiger

    Greater Vijayawada

    Any idea about the exact 32 village names ??
  12. NTRYoungTiger

    Machilipatnam Port(Bandar Port)

    Edhokati start avvali .. Lekunte next time MP seat gallanthe .. Konakalla chaala saarlu promise chesaadu ee port gurinchi .. Port vasthe bunder Road extension kooda jarigidhhi .. And it's will emerge as one of the top most important ports of Bay of Bengal