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  1. Eee patym kukkalu dabbulu andhaka pasthulu vuntunnaremo
  2. Idhe voopu tho anni departments ni naakicheyi jagga..
  3. it will be a very big topic to discuss.. many (98%) of people are in very comfort zone and they will never ever step out for fighting for the rights.. they will assume someone else to fight on behalf of them .. i knew numerous people who does that.. literally assholes.. (men and women)
  4. https://lofgren.house.gov/media/press-releases/chair-lofgren-statement-fairness-high-skilled-immigrants-act
  5. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/12/20/republican-democrats-reach-compromise-over-covid-19-stimulus-package.html
  6. - The bill Lee passed is an amended version of what the House passed. So it has to go back to the House. - McConnell & Pelosi have to setup a special conference committee with members from both House & Senate to come to an agreement. - After the conference committee resolves any differences between both House & Senate versions of the bill, EACH chamber must vote again. - The final bill is then sent to the President to sign to make it law. He can veto it if he wants. 3 ways to stop bill if they want to: 1. Get the House to poison the bill with so many amendments that Senate doesn't agree to. 2. Senators object. 3. Trump vetos. All this has to done before December 18 or it is gone
  7. Trs less than 50 vasthe chaalu .. ysrcp ki kooda shivering start ayyidhi