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  1. kinjarapu ram mohan naidu is youth icon as of today
  2. Castes and land purchased percentages circulate cheyyandi .. ippatiki fake propaganda ni nammuthunnaru Jaffa party vallu and many neutrals
  3. share it to everyone.. some ignorant people are thinking jaffa is doing better.. its just a publicity stunt of 1M tests..
  4. Claps .. lighting lamps etc
  5. Nenu multiple Whatsapp groups lo post chesa .. kondaru adhe eduputho vunnaru
  6. In 1996, Krishna Ella had put forth an idea to the then Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu to set up a biotech knowledge park devoid of polluting industries. Soon, he received approval and land from the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation to create the knowledge park — Genome Valley.