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  1. Unfortunately capital land ichhina farmers are biggest losers ..
  2. Unfortunately development is not going to be primary agenda in elections for next few decades. development doesn’t have place in deciding winner in elections
  3. No such rule will come .. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/us-says-it-has-no-plans-to-cap-h-1b-work-visa-programme-2056750
  4. she played very important role in 2014 West godavari TDP win
  5. Inka sampoornam.. people deserve this రాజధానిలో పడిపోతున్న ప్లాట్ల ధరలు
  6. Okkasaari rajya Sabha lo kooda majority vasthe inka enni amendments/ new rules vastayo .. god save India
  7. krishna lo Vijayawada central lo 25 votes majority (JS impact [with CPI]) Pedana - TDP lost by 7839 votes, here JS got (25,733 VOTES with 17.64% VOTES) Machilipatnam also smilar to pedana. Overall ga cheppedenti ante.. JS ki considerable votes vachaayi krishna district lo .. and from guntur to chittor they have got very minimal votes... ee Jenasena impact Prakasam lo ledhu
  8. Paruvu kosam inka discussion anavasaram .. we lost to extent in 2014 and completely in 2019
  9. In 5 years AP will stoops below 15th rank in India
  10. TDP vachhi vunte 20+ minimum vundedhi
  11. Vodipayamu ane baadha kante .. EVM manipulation valla CBN tapoukovalsi vachhinandhu inka ekkuva baadha ga vundhi
  12. yes .. pilli subhash bose kooda