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  1. NTRYoungTiger

    kumara invite cbn

    Better CBN to attend .. time to unite against bjp
  2. NTRYoungTiger

    Telugu voters in KA

    Satisfying news after waking up in morning Out of 46 Telugu voting polarizing factor constituency's (more than 50,000 Telugu voters) 32 won by Congress 9 won by JDS 5 won by BJP This results show how bad BJP gonna face in Andhra Pradesh in 2019 elections #KarnatakaVerdict
  3. NTRYoungTiger

    KA leads

    May the downfall of BJP starts with Karnataka results
  4. NTRYoungTiger

    Tarak speech

  5. NTRYoungTiger

    NTR Speech @ BAN Audio

    Best attraction for the event is none other than NTR
  6. NTRYoungTiger

    Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao gari manavadi naina nenu

    Nayakathvapu lakshanalu pushkalamga unna @tarak9999 ... - Suma 🤘🤘 #MassStalwartNTRatBANసభ
  7. NTRYoungTiger

    Rangastalam Songs

    DSP is like a sachin
  8. NTRYoungTiger

    Ragala Venkata Rahul

  9. NTRYoungTiger

    Vachadayyo Saami

    its kind of most critical movie for MB
  10. NTRYoungTiger

    Vachadayyo Saami

    mahesh fans Koratala ki baaga runpadivundaali
  11. NTRYoungTiger

    Vachadayyo Saami

  12. NTRYoungTiger

    Vachadayyo Saami

    last 5 years lo naaku Mobbesh movie definite ga hit anipinche movie idhe.. choddam ela vuntundho
  13. NTRYoungTiger

    Vachadayyo Saami

    i too thinking the same... high chances vunnayi movie hit avataaniki... koratala is big factor
  14. NTRYoungTiger

    Vachadayyo Saami