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  1. Untill results are out .. remove the word β€œloosing” from your minds .. it’s so irritating.. first time I’m seeing all TDP forces coming together after lost in 2019 general elections ..
  2. He gained lot of fame in non-ysrcp party .. I wish he continue to win and remain in politics ysrcp ki ranku mogudu .. I never see anyone annoyed to this level as RRR did .. he is next level I hardly miss any of his videos .. I love this guy
  3. Day by day he is turning to be a most popular and favorite politician to many of us
  4. 2008 Warangal by-elections motivation kavali ..
  5. Even it’s sounds weird.. but it’s looks like one of the major reason .. worst
  6. Excellent.. we need more and more of these ..
  7. Vijayawada east is best example.. anyone remember this ?