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  1. Nice joke. Thank you for entertaining us with nice jokes daily.
  2. I dont want to respond to you. But just saying in general, Since that was the first time we were seeing Modi as a PM candidate, we assumed he will do good to country. After seeing how he ruined the county in every aspect in last 5-6 years, i will NEVER support Modi. I may support BJP if some other leader emerges. Its open and clear any tom dick and harry could have been million times better than this bloody modi.
  3. google lo unnadi anta nijam ayite world upside down ayi undedi ippatike... mari chandranna kakapote, avineeti jarigindi ani chandranna pina enduku case pettaro.. ?
  4. Pickup ante downward trend pace pick up e ga.. i agree...
  5. Except for Psudo patrotisam and psudo hindutva, just name one (JUST ONE) good thing happened in 6 years modi rule. Lets purely talk numbers and facts.
  6. before corona also , crude was way less than 50-60 $ . even that time also the gas prices never went down. and please read your response again, and see how lame excuse this is...
  7. Ikkada Question congress kadu bro. $110 barral vs 0-20 $ barrel ki same price ante worst to the core... when the crude oil price was going down, the prices were never reduced. but as soon as the crude prices started going back again, gas prices are going at a much faster rate than the crude.
  8. There are people still supporting Modi and BJP.. ? 😮 Country is literally doomed. and still praising Modi.. Oh my Mohanbabu..
  9. Any info on what happening with this ? I was in India last 2 months, most of my villagers got compensation. Only 8 families didn’t get any info. Now worried that we may need to pay J-tax .. to get our compensation
  10. For few they mentioned the amounts. Like for mango trees, or for borewells etc. for the land it’s still not finalized
  11. I guess because of case , officials are not responding I guess. So I am asking my villagers to take the case back and just talk to officials to close the matter..
  12. No works happening in my village, but half KM before varaku full swing lo going on. 6 -7 months back survey done . Last month my dad went to MRO office, but they didn’t respond