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  1. Bittu_77

    Chittoor Politics

    Get a good candidate for tirupati, can win this seat. Party has positivity , just need a good candidate
  2. Bittu_77

    Chittoor Politics

    Madanapalli I sari chances unnayi. All leaders are coming to agreement. Tamballapalli - I think tough this time. Irrespective of party Ch Narasimha reddy has some good vote bank. He supported TDP last time. He will not this time. But good thing is YSRCP don’t have a strong candidate. If PRAVEEN comes to TDP then easy seat. GD Nellore - I know Harikrishna very well. His brother is my close friend from school days. They themselves are saying , no chance of winning.
  3. Bittu_77

    Chittoor Politics

    Tirupati, problem is chadalawada moving to Janasena. So may be huge split in votes. Sugunamma not really a strong candidate.
  4. Bittu_77

    Chittoor Politics

    There are few constituencies where, people blindly vote for YSRCP . Heavily SC, ST and reddy communities. Whatever you do ( even if you give pensions, home, jobs, water) they will still vote to YSRCP. You can’t blame any one.
  5. Bittu_77

    Chittoor Politics

    Mari too much anipistundi.. Kuppam, palamaneru.. majority enta Anede pending. Chandragiri, Chittoor, Madanapalli, piler have good chances. pungunur, putalapattu, GD Nellore, tirupati gone case.
  6. Bittu_77

    Where you are planning to watch ASVR ?

    Oct 10th 7:30 PM EST Suwanee, GA
  7. Bittu_77

    cbn at un

    Nice introduction to CBN..
  8. Bittu_77


    this link is not opening..
  9. Bittu_77

    Chittoor Politics

    Gangadhara Nellore Incharge Harikrishna (Kutuhalamma son) kada already ? chandragiri - i sari kuda gelavakapote kashtam..
  10. Bittu_77

    Chittoor - Nayudupeta Six lane highway

    Which villages bro ?
  11. Bittu_77

    Khammam Elections - MLA Contestants

    3rd place.. 30,000 daka vachchinattuyayi.. vanama ki oka 35,000 vachchayi anukunta.. isari iddaru kaliste vanama gelustadu emo
  12. Bittu_77

    Khammam Elections - MLA Contestants

    Hmm may be.. Actually Koneru Nageswararao garu , maa atta gari pedananna.. so they used to tell about vanama being their relative.. nageswararao gari daughter love marriage anukunta vanama family lo
  13. Bittu_77

    Khammam Elections - MLA Contestants

    adenti, vanama koneru vallaki relative kada ?
  14. Bittu_77

    Khammam Elections - MLA Contestants

    Any chance for Koneru chinni from TDP here?