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  1. Aswarao peta kuda i think
  2. Tirupathi venkannaa.. praja kutami ni Asirvadinchu.. All the best folks..
  3. Bittu_77

    What if KCR loses ?

    GA article is definitely a surprise...
  4. Bittu_77

    Kcr - Quiz - Poll

    Dora 7th night nundi no stop drinking lo undi untidy..
  5. Bittu_77

    Final Count

    TRS - 44-46, MIM - 6-7, BJP - 5-6 Cong - 47-49, TDP - 7-8, TJS - 0-1 CPI - 0 IND - 6-7 Overall TRS+ — 55-59 (TRS+MIM+BJP) Cong+ — 54-58
  6. Bittu_77

    TG overall poll %

    Yea, In Musheerabad, Mutha Gopal (TRS) stopped campaigning weeke before itself and they indirectly supported BJP.. MIM, BJP and TRS had this backdoor agreement in all places..
  7. Bittu_77

    TG overall poll %

    My Guess is still Extremely close contest.. Both Cong + and TRS+ (TRS+MIM+BJP) around 55.. and remaining Independents
  8. Bittu_77

    TG overall poll %

    its official from EC.. rajath kumar held press conf yesterday night
  9. Bittu_77

    TG overall poll %

    Greater lo none touched 50 % it seems
  10. Bittu_77

    TG overall poll %

    69.1 % as per eenadu..
  11. Bittu_77

    Live updates: Lagadapati Exit poll

    So Kootami count starts from 55..
  12. Bittu_77

    KTR Lagadapati whatsapp

    In WhatsApp, under the name you will get “tap to see contact info” or “last seen at...” i think in any phone mode it will be same I guess. KTR screenshot definitely looks fack
  13. Bittu_77

    Lagadapati Rajagopal LIVE

    City ppl, please vote.. City lo 65% touch avvali, and other diets lo 72-75% touch avvali.. then comfortable ga win..
  14. Bittu_77

    74.23 -Ache Din mitro

    Dec 7th elections avagane , malli petrol and diesel prices increase, and rupee dhamal. again April lo before election prices will reduce and rupee will strengthen