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  1. Most hilarious political stunt

    త్రివిక్రం దర్శకత్వం లో అజ్ఞాతవాసి ప్లాన్ బి చతికిల పడినా మోడీ దర్శకత్వం లో ఏ పి ప్లాన్ బి తో ప్రయోగం చేస్తున్న జనసేనాని.. నెక్స్ట్ ఏంటి ?
  2. CBN pressmeet

    Nothing will happen.. CBN will just drag this further.. starting from 1983, I never criticized TDP or CBN. But for the first time I am worried/unhappy with CBN. If he continues in NDA also, AP will NOT get anything.. BJP has decided not to support AP.. there is no use of still being optimistic .. CBN , please take the decision NOW
  3. Pk dead line

    U mean 16000 wife’s/ girlfriends ? 😂
  4. Prakruthi vyavasayam

    Trump gadu ikkada nundi tarimeste, india vachchi i pani chesukovachchu.. Self satisfaction ayina vastundi..
  5. Amaravati IT sector

  6. Chittoor - Nayudupeta Six lane highway

    its finalized now.. houses are safe in most of the villages. to avoid heritage factory, road is going in farms. akkada chala varaku polalu anni beedu padi unnayi. So everyone is happy..
  7. Chittoor - Nayudupeta Six lane highway

    If it is extension of the existing road , then all those trees will be gone. And lot of villages. It seems other option is to go far from villages and existing road, help that happens
  8. Chittoor - Nayudupeta Six lane highway

    village lo talk, 2 different surveys chearu ata, one going away from village, other completly on villages. Problem there is railway line just beside road. So is has to go on the other side only.. either we loose house or we loose 5 ecrs..
  9. Chittoor - Nayudupeta Six lane highway

    Hmm.. 6 Lanes Approved a ? few months back 4 lanes only annaru.. If it is 6 lanes, lot of villages will be gone.. our house in my village gone.. built 2 years back only..