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  1. Bittu_77

    KA leads

    looks like another state gone for Cong..
  2. Bittu_77

    KA leads

    Seems initial trends are nice.. Cong showing power
  3. Bittu_77

    KA leads

    yeap.. even NDTV showing.. 16 Cong and 5 BJP
  4. Bittu_77

    KA leads

    how come? still not 8:00 AM . They dont even open Postal before 8:00
  5. Bittu_77

    Super scheme from CBN

    asalu i ideas ela vastayi babu gariki? Super asala..
  6. Bittu_77

    KA elections dB members prediction

    biryani + hot ante vedi chestundi Anna Garu.... biryani + neer ayite better emo..
  7. Bittu_77

    KA elections dB members prediction

    uff.. NDTV is already talking about the BJP cabinet minister candidates.. a overconfidence chuste already EVMs anni manage ayipoyinattunayi
  8. Bittu_77

    KA elections dB members prediction

    My Prediction Cong - 104 BJP - 84 JDS - 28 Others - 4
  9. Bittu_77

    Chittoor - Nayudupeta Six lane highway

    No Idea. we filed a case and got a Stay order. Still no response from any officials.
  10. Bittu_77

    Chittoor Politics

    Indusekhar is also good