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  1. Chinni is relative from my wife's side... He worked hard for vanama's victory..
  2. Bittu_77

    Avanthi Srinivas meeting with Jagan today!

    Dasari jai Ramesh ki 25 cr bokka..tappa no use.. confirmed TDP seat..
  3. Bittu_77

    Avanthi Srinivas meeting with Jagan today!

    YCP don’t even have candidates for more then half MP seats. So who ever comes , they will take. In TDP most of MP seats we have 1+ contestants ready . So obviously one who don’t get ticket will go and join YCP. So all these light...
  4. Bittu_77


    Well said, +ve campaign is sufficient. And bit of sentiment around Polavaram and Amaravati. This will do wonders. Who ever benefited thru CBN will not vote to opposition that easily ( expect few hard core castists) . And There are some constituencies which we will never win ( heavy reddy and mala dominant) . So forget those.. especially women are someone who are / will be loyal to the ones who gave benefits. Mark my words, if women voting improves, we will do wonders. forget few MLAs and MPs leaving, we also got 21 MLAs and an MP. All these doesn’t matter.
  5. Bittu_77

    Avanthi Srinivas meeting with Jagan today!

    Most of the MPs and MLAs leaving TDP, they already know they will not get ticket or will not get the desired constituency. So don’t worry too much. As long as the +be vote is there these jumping will not harm.
  6. Bittu_77

    List of leaders with cbn today

    adi implement cheste, Schedule 9 and 10 institutes needs to be divided, due to which TG need to give 32,000 Cr assets to AP. thats the reason TRS dont want the reorg act to be implemented..
  7. Bittu_77

    Jammalamadugu tdp candidate

    finally ...
  8. Bittu_77

    Where is PK

    టికెట్ కౌంటర్ తెరిచి గల్లా పెట్టె దగ్గర ఈగలు తోలుకుంటున్నాడు అని గుస గుస..
  9. Bittu_77

    Modi TAX Rebate ... Tupuk

    అలా అన్నీ సేవింగ్స్ చేసుకున్న తరువాత ఒక రోజు సడన్ గా వచ్చి, ఈ డబ్బులన్నీ నా ఇష్టం వచ్చినట్టు వాడుకుంటా అని ఒక రూల్ తెస్తాడు.. దెబ్బతో జనాల అందరి దూలా తీరిపోద్ది..
  10. Bittu_77

    FEB1- Budget Day

    10 pettina.. Still Modi out...😎
  11. Bittu_77

    Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme

    5 k Per ecre chalu emo.. 10 k baaga ekkuva. If really implemented before elections, then YCP candidates better sleep at home. 😎
  12. Bittu_77

    dwcra cheques

    9300 Cr for "Pasupu kumkuma " alone... CBN stroke after stroke to Opposition..😁
  13. Bittu_77

    Pensions age

    Out of all these people, even if 60 % convert into votes, we will get 130 +..