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  1. జగ్గడు టిడిపి వాళ్ళవి నాశనము చేస్తున్నాడు. Next మన టైమ్ రకపోతుండ వాడి ఇంటినీ కూడా వదలకూడదు
  2. Something very alarming is happening in Karachi right now. Sindh govt has been overthrown by Rawalpindi Army HQ. Pak army open fired on Sindh police officers. The local police of Sindh has activated its special secret wing to act against Pak national army. Angry mobs have attacked Chinese embassy in Karachi. Malls set on fire. Even the Sindh regiments soldiers in Pak Army are vacating their positions from LoC. Its Sindh police against Pak Army this time. (As if Balochistan and PoK were not enough). Now US Carrier Battle Group is stationed right next to Karachi coast, so anything can happen in next 24 hours.
  3. bedaru jr enduku aligadu em jarigindi kusantha chepthava