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  1. CBN biggest mistake is trusting KCR and willing to go with him in telangana, KCR ni nammithe matash eey...
  2. Ammadu poyadu or irukku poyadu... only two options
  3. untey padeyochu gaa party ni,.... sodhi, BJP tactics ivanni janalu already chusesaruu
  4. OTP of India - Modi

    he was a disaster... implementing policies without intent and governance, way to get screwed
  5. KChr covert of bjp Idi confirmed

    Ee whole episode ni kcr kavitha cabinet ministry Kosam use cheskuni untadu...
  6. CBN ki isthamo ledo telidu kani, no option... mana karma entantey, all.of them are afraid or stuck with bjp
  7. Babu

    Correct ee gaa
  8. Ridiculous, we have to oppose caste based reservations
  9. Kontha mandi TDP nunchi out anta

    Ippudu advani is polarizing MPs against Modi yentha nijamo, idi antha nijam ... Polarize aina janalaki telsu dabbulaki ammudu poyaru ani
  10. Arnab Elevation

    Mmm... deniki kuda excite avuthara
  11. Sirio gaa LOL

    PK gaa, mundu mee anna ni question cheyi, tarvata andarini question chesthav
  12. Is it possible ??

    KA lo permission easy ga vastadi if it's against BJP... This rally shouldn't be just for special status, this rally should be against BJP... question where is the money from demonetization?? Question why GST became so complex??