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  1. palleturu

    Fuel Challenge Update

    Rupee may go to 75, who knows ...
  2. palleturu

    areyy MODI

    They cant tax everything the same way... GST is hurting a lot of small businesses whose margins are being eaten by GST...
  3. palleturu

    Rupee is losing because.....

    Aa subbu uncle ki tweets and salahalu isthundi Kiran uncle... 😛
  4. palleturu


    Exactly... ila rumors lepi confirm ga pampinche la unnaru
  5. palleturu

    Lagadapati rg flash team survey

    Nellore...expecting 4...3 last time
  6. palleturu

    Lagadapati rg flash team survey

    How did janasena gained from 4 to 8 ...curious
  7. palleturu

    Lagadapati rg flash team survey

    Ikkada yendi intha theda ga undi.... ikkada opposite expect chesaa
  8. palleturu

    Lagadapati rg flash team survey

    Disappointed with 110, was expecting more....
  9. palleturu

    Nellore Swarnala lake Beautification

    Visited this place recently... necklace road lagha hangout place ayyindi...
  10. palleturu


    4 lane road.... nadikudi vasthey train route kuda untundi...
  11. palleturu

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Direct ga vachesthai.... no spl use of Machumarri
  12. palleturu

    Amaravati ki Hyperloop?

    Thinking in the right direction... stupids think about only today, leaders think about future...
  13. palleturu

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    yekkada chusi cheptunnaru..... Udayagiri lo padinda leda ...yela chudatam
  14. palleturu

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Nellore lo no rains?
  15. palleturu

    Harivillu semi ind housing by NFDB members

    PM me as well with all the info...thanks