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  1. I dont think lagadapati surveys are wrong...he just made fool of everyone and made money through betting i guess.. He sold the surveys before but not now, definitely not going to trust this guy anymore...
  2. palleturu

    kodangal seat kosam

    Evm tampering ledu em ledu... telangana people have rejected andhra people meddling, thats the truth... accept it and stay away...
  3. palleturu

    Cheap fellows

    Lite tesko bro...konthamandi untaru... its their day, leave it...
  4. palleturu


    inka chelaregandi.... mee time, kanivvandi....
  5. palleturu

    NV and RS brothers

    no one predicted this,... it happened. Lets not disappoint, only way from here is up.... be positive
  6. palleturu

    Jr NTR

    Gelupaina otamaina kadanarangam lo hero undali.. untadu in future ani aasisthunna
  7. Less than last time anukunta gaa
  8. palleturu

    56.17 by 3PM

    70 cross avvudda... abn lo polling takkuva undi antunnaru comparatively
  9. palleturu

    Suppose.. for suppose

    He will win with 50k
  10. palleturu

    Suppose.. for suppose

    Dont read too much into this video.. nothing there
  11. palleturu

    Suppose.. for suppose

    KTR ki ucha yekkuva oopu takkuva....
  12. palleturu

    Mahakutami Seats ~ Poll %

    AP migrants kantey telangana vallalo negative unnattu undi
  13. palleturu

    Mahakutami Seats ~ Poll %

  14. palleturu

    Nellore Swarnala lake Beautification

    Visited this place recently... necklace road lagha hangout place ayyindi...