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  1. palleturu

    Third front politics in AP

    Bsp 2-3 seats kuda waste...
  2. palleturu

    Third front politics in AP

    Sontha caste 10% max...
  3. palleturu

    Third front politics in AP

    As of now, tdp 130... dont know bjp will bring caste fights and change equations by election time
  4. palleturu

    Third front politics in AP

    This time its better to go solo....
  5. palleturu


    https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/centre-plans-big-brother-tool-to-track-social-media-email-10-facts-1857663?pfrom=home-topscroll This needs to be protested...see point 3, cant even imagine this
  6. palleturu

    Paytm Data

    Just came out...follow cobrapost twitter, thondarlo circulate avutundi anukuntaa
  7. palleturu

    Paytm Data

    This one is epic
  8. palleturu

    ABP news mood of the nation

    Apart from southern states, Modi still enjoys significant favor vote...that will work for him.
  9. palleturu

    Live updates: Karnataka floor test

    Modi and shah... piskuntunnaremo... first time i guess debba tagilindi...
  10. Especially whatsapp.... used it for poll management, and spreading false news... If TDP doesnt awake to this, it wouldnt suprise me they lose 2019 and AP get f**ked up big time
  11. palleturu

    How to move forward from now

    Anti-govt ...pls note 2019, it will not be easy for BJP, will end up around 180 seats... told that BJP will form govt in karnataka...
  12. palleturu

    Live updates: Karnataka election results

    Gelchedi bjp ee... single majority and govt form chesedi BJP ani ardam avutundi
  13. palleturu

    tdp sure shot winning seats

    Jammalamadugu, venkatgiri, addanki