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  1. repu eppudayina TDP meetings ki janam rakapothey idee logic vupayogistharaa??
  2. How??if so ask him to write a letter to cancel the election
  3. Ee point lo baga weak avthunnaru ...electioneering strong ga vundatledu
  4. veedi acting assalu chudalekapothunnam... vakeel saab cinema chudadam kanna atta amaravathi ki velli janala kastalu chudachu kada...
  5. some could be paid videos... this is the power of social media ...
  6. better leave AP and live in some other state peacefully... if BJP increases its majority...especially in AP
  7. looks there is possibility in Gudur but sullurpet i dont think ...
  8. bye election evaru emi cheyyaleru.. that too fighting with such a strong party..
  9. Mass pulse ni catch chese leaders ni janallo active ga vunchalekapothunnaru anedi nijam.. TDP ki baag attract ayina vote banks baaga dooram ayyaru TG loo...this might happen in AP also if not properly handled.. corporate company laga party ni nadipithey political ga workout avvadu .. this is fact..
  10. i will accept...right or wrong first keep calm until the real truth comes out...prathi party lo supporters wrong chesina strong ga project chestharu janalu SM lo valla party vallu.. mana vallu assalu first starting lone opposing mode lono or defending mode lono vuntaaru... CBN style of working gurincho etc., evayina discussions chese panayithe they can have differences in opinion adi veru .... but prathi vishayam lonu first opinion is to oppose annattu vundakudadu atleast keep quite until something comes out...
  11. meelaga aalochinchey vallu vunnanni rojulu TDP will never come into power brother.. avathala party vallu valla leaders tappu chesina support chesi maree strong gaa potharu SM lo... mana bad luck entante mana party vallu support cheyyakapoyina parledu oppose cheyyadaaniki munduntaaru...
  12. appude mudu namalu pettesukunnadu...