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  1. Credit completely goes to past government... i dont know about vijayawada but nellore lo govt hospital matuku cbn time lo excellent ga develop ayyindi
  2. InKa no future for AP completely dark.. okappudu telugu jathi anedi okati vundedi ani pakka rastram vallu pusthakallo chaduvukovalsindey ledante adi kuda vundademo..
  3. twitter handle chala rojula ninchi active gane vundi still tdp images share chestunnadu...ee BJP vallu daarunam ga target chesesaaru TDP ni.. chudali ela pothundo..
  4. ayina ippudu elections emi levu kadaa.. appude thondara padatam enduku
  5. cry chesindi memu kaadu GVL narasimha rao gaaru.. pedda pusthakam raasi maree cry chesaaru..
  6. thats what i told in my previous post also .. irrespective of what SS is now whether they are going with BJP or not.. they will be gone case... though they form govt with BJP or without BJP.... Indirectly you are also accepting that democracy will be buried in 8 months... Atleast now they might enjoy that 8 months power i think..
  7. next election ki shivasena vundadu brother... idayithe confirm... not because of alliance with congress...
  8. country is in bad need of such a person again.. democracy is in danger
  9. valla time nadustundi so they can do whatever they want.. but once valla adrustam poyi vodipovatam modalu avvatam jarigindante repu future lo ee party kuda alliance ki support cheyyadu ...
  10. i am not denying this... but telugu medium vallani chusa many of them were good at subject... but removing telugu medium is not a solution i feel... ee roju bashani repu samskruthini vadilesthaaru...
  11. mother tongue lo chadivithey subject baaga vastundi andulo doubt ledu Germany, Japan, China, etc., countries lo english anedi sarigga raadu but still these countries are known for technology and science... manaki kuda talent vundi but subject ni valla laga(those countries i mentioned above) ardam chesukoleka pothunnam only reason i felt from childhood they study everything(physics, biology) in their mother tongue which makes them easy to understand anything finland is the country which has best schools in the world but akkada teaching finnish language lo vuntundi maximum... they will not spend maximum 6 to 8 hours a day in school but the IQ level of each student is amazing i heard.. they can easily crack any competitive exam in the world .. i am 100 percent sure about this... i can debate with anyone on this... End of the day people mindset in india entante chadivamaa job vachindaa.. job kosam english avasaram andukani english medium lo study cheyyiddam...ilaa tayarayyindi anthey... Repu telugu language baga popular ayyi dani minda nelaki 2 lakhs job vachela vuntey ventanee janaalu memu telugu medium lo chadivinchaali ani queue lu kaduthaaru...
  12. Looks like many people are dying in AP due to dengue...
  13. abba chaa kanipistheynee votes vesthaaraa..? srikakulam, vizag , ilanti areas lo cyclone vasthey no visit monna krishna jilla lo varadalu vasthey no visit ivi sample matrame ilaga list teesthey inka chalaa vunnayi ayina janam raja kaja annaru kadaaa.. anduke cheppedi useless critics chesi anavasaram ga state ni , telugu people ni nasanam cheyyaddu....
  14. ma friend vunnadu singanamala vaadu .. vaadiki kia daggara land vuntey cheppadu .. really kia valla vallaku chaanaa benefit ayyindani..
  15. Vodipoyee seat eegaa elaagu.. aallani veellani enduku nannu nilabettandi...vodithey no loss..gelsithey gain for both party and me... bye election aasalu pettukovaddu evvaru.. i am promising we might see a bitter result ... I lost confidence and hope completely.. people mindset poorthigaa maaripoyindi