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  1. operation sasikala

    Ee operation valla ninna movie ki kuda vellaleka poyaa. ..
  2. 'Decide on alliance,' © NDTV Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has warned partner Shiv Sena that its "dual stand" will not wash and that its chief Uddhav Thackeray must decide if he wants to continue the alliance with the BJP. "The Sena opposes all our decisions. They can give their suggestions, but cannot simultaneously play the roles of a ruling party and an opposition at the same time," Mr Fadnavis said at a function, even as the Sena's Sanjay Raut delivered another set of jibes at the BJP, asserting that the "Modi wave has faded". The Chief Minister said, "As a party, Uddhav-ji has to decide. People do not like the picture they are portraying. Balasaheb (Sena founder and Uddhav Thackeray's father Bal Thackeray) never saw every decision with negativity, neither does Uddhav-ji. But some of his leaders think they are bigger than the party chief and make statements."
  3. Regarding polavaram

    Google lo Wiki lo ekkada kottinaa Credits motham YSR ke istunnaru...anyone can you please throw some light..
  4. UP farmer loan waiver..

    Can somebody give info whether it is done completely..or only some part
  5. Irrigation works @ AndhraPradesh

    Vamsadhaara thread lo please give some info
  6. polavaram

    What is this CAG report...?
  7. Tirupati International Airport

    Same time security peragaaali threats kudaa vundachu
  8. Award lu dabbulaku dorakochu kani Talent puttukatho vastundi raa