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  1. I see your argument as citing ‘Tuesday’ as reason
  2. 56 inch chest patriotic Pm who couldn’t hold a single press meet in 5 yrs (except another drama yesterday where he didn’t take a single question) ... LMAO for such an incredible accomplisher
  3. Majority of the US Telugu population rely on Social Media and gossip sites or they will be in hysteric world reading Sakshi. Damn they look at those stupid sites even to watch a movie. Dont take "us" seriously. Chill. TDP is going to form government. Ysrcp followers dhi confidence kadhu..adhoka rakamina mental. No objective or rational thinking..they are driven by hatred towards a caste or TDP and their blind love towards a Thug
  4. It's not just that..it depends on candidates as well. For example, rjy and vizag lo candidates are forced onto ppl just few days before elections
  5. Above all, ninna GOT EPISODE lo Tyrion cheppinatlu, any good leader commands a bit of fear aswell CBN should do something about it..many are not even respecting his chair
  6. Jaffa gaadu aadi batch ni anni vidhaluga munchuthadu
  7. E free schemes meedha thega badhapade janam Hyderabad, Bangalore lo jobs chesevallu chala mandhi unnaru. They dont pay a penny to AP govt in Income Tax.
  8. It will be awesome, if this becomes reality. Guntur/Krishna ppl 🙏..vere e districts ki capital proximity lo unna one side ayyedhi fight
  9. for jaffa fans: nammaku ra adukku thinu gif from dhookudu
  10. Being great at generalization, being judgmental, having infinite prejudices are what qualifies a person as Indian My post is best example 😀
  11. I see only one reason for both. Win: CBN (hardworking, dedication, intelligence) Loose: CBN (unable to control some mlas greed, poor judgments about party loyalists, pathetic on how we control the media spin in many situations and every xxx is barking about him and AP, I am sure this list goes on and on if we loose especially in our DB)