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  1. Viluvalu avi neethi nirmooluna Viswasaneeyatha madama thippani ilanti padhalu vinali..thappadhu... good luck AP
  2. And jagan ki vallu bane help chesaru, he wont do anything stupid for no gain
  3. After seeing results Manam anukonedhe thappemo AP ppl dont care about KCR or atleast dont dislike him emo anipistundhi
  4. I see only one reason for both. Win: CBN (hardworking, dedication, intelligence) Loose: CBN (unable to control some mlas greed, poor judgments about party loyalists, pathetic on how we control the media spin in many situations and every xxx is barking about him and AP, I am sure this list goes on and on if we loose especially in our DB)
  5. Most probably fake videos and fake Twitter accounts We should validate even timesnow tweet before believing blindly BJP guys are the real thugsofindia
  6. Today morning message from my previous manager who is from Tamil Nadu "Kudos to Naidu garu. He is the man. Opened the fiber grid at Vizag. This is trend setting." "after river linking this is the best proj. He has the vision"
  7. party ni bathikinchadame annagariki iche pedda bahumathi.. adi CBN successful ga chestunnadu... Vigrahalu ...road ki buildings ki perlu kaadu brother