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  1. Mogudiki urantha pellale aithe evaru emi cheyyaleruga!!
  2. Intha %vote difference tho evaraina gelichara in any state with tough opposition.
  3. Avunu. Nenu 2 months back same post vesanu.
  4. Exactly, I have the same opinion brother.
  5. Tamilnadu lo most of MLA seats won by aiadmk. But all mps won by dmk.
  6. No sir, we are not supporting blindly. Even BJP is ok without your leader. Last time memu kuda shirt lu chimpukunnam Mithrom kosam.
  7. Chivariki pappu tho compare chesukune position ki vachara. Sorry, this is my first comment in DB. Posted many times as Jai Balayya Jai Jai Balayya only.
  8. Pullalacheruvu lo lecturers leru brother. I am from that village.