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  1. Chittoor & Nellore lo maximum industries vasthunnayi don't know if these districts people support TDP.
  2. Kia in Anantapur !

    By the way before elections Secretariat, Assembly laanti building emanna complete avuthaaya?
  3. Kia in Anantapur !

    Ok then no issues. Aa temporary peru vaadakunda vunte better.
  4. Modi ante Telengana CM KCR ki kooda baaga istam but only in backdoor. Front TG people ki Modi ni oppose chesthannattu coloring.
  5. Modi ante Pawan Kalyan ki istam. Modi ante Jagan & Vijay Sai Reddy ki istam. Modi ante CBN ki istam till few months back. Modi ki power vundi kaabatti bhayapadi andaru ishta paduthunnaru. Spineless AP Politicians.
  6. Kia in Anantapur !

    4 years taruvaatha temporary high court deniki? why hurry? Can't they go ahead with permanent high court even if takes more than 1 year. Raj bhavan, high court ilaantivi late ayina what will be issue.
  7. BJP Game plan

    Political games evaranna cheppi chesthaara just guessing anthe based on situations.
  8. Request to TDP followers

    Development chesthe ivanni light, people will vote back TDP. If all regions believes they have good development in 5 years they will give another chance to CBN & TDP. CBN CM ga cheyyadaaniki last chance 2019-24. Unless too much anti build up in last 1 year CBN will be voted back, lot of negative there on 30-40% TDP MLAs due to corruption locally.
  9. PK leaves YSRCP ?

    Just for Media sake backend North PK will work for YSRCP+BJP combination if possible with Hyderabad PK.
  10. Aa desperation BJP choopinche lopala Congress ee chesi choopindi. BJP ayithe SS type lo 2 elections (10 years) naanchedemo.
  11. http://zeenews.india.com/mumbai/mns-workers-target-gujarati-owned-shops-after-raj-thackerays-modi-mukt-bharat-call-2091338.html
  12. No confidence Motion

    YSRCP given Confidence motion (or) No Confidence motion? if YSRCP have no confidence on BJP & Modi why their leaders frequently meeting Modi & Shah, why they are attending BJP/NDA parties? Modi kaalla daggara Jagan & Vijay Sai Reddy.
  13. Why NCM?? What is the Use

    Same Question raised by TDP leaders few weeks back to YSRCP why NCM when BJP have absolute majority.
  14. Rahul plenary speech

    Chennai lo mosam chesaru. Kurnool lo mosam chesaru. Hyderabad lo mosam chesaru. Who from AP believe these congress idiots who are main reason for AP current situation.