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  1. Ee scheme implement chesthe before elections clean sweep, one sided elections.
  2. RKumar

    Devineni avinash

    ayithe no mla seat.
  3. RKumar

    All about Modi Lies

    Modi nijam chebithe news, abaddalu cheppatam daily routine. Mothham BJP leadership ki 1st year lone telisindi.
  4. 1st phase seema+Nellore along with telangana, 2nd phase rest of andhra.
  5. RKumar

    No Tax on Autos, Tractors

    Jagan Autos & Tractors free ga istha antademo.
  6. In present situation unity is not there so EBC corporation kante separate corporations ee better but need to benefit actual needed OCs. It's one way of doing some justice to many OCs who are not getting any benefits due to no reservations.
  7. Gujju BJP Dopidi.
  8. Nothing wrong if it helps poor Reddys. Same applicable for other OCs.
  9. #Just5MonthstoGo Exit doors already open for Modi-Shah.
  10. RKumar

    PK tho voddu

    Welcome PK.
  11. RKumar


    #GoodByeModi-Shah #Just5MonthsMore
  12. RKumar


    Uncle mee BJP ki Orissa lo konni MP seats vasthaayi ane hopes vundevi akkada kooda peddaga improve avvaremo anipisthundi.