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  1. TDP meedha against ayna daggara nunchi yedho balavanthamga chesthunadu kaani he lost gas idantha forced tweets..pen drive mahima
  2. NTR Peru trending lo unnapudu alla yedho okati penta leputharu burrada batch
  3. Correct to some extent but ala chesthe sirio avuthaadu vere vala kosam chesthe Leader avuthaadu...
  4. Most of the questions were asked by Ranganayakamma Garu and they filed case on her ippudu high court ki kuda notices pampistara CID
  5. Biggest Bluffmaster ever..every one believed including me..but came out of it and many are still stuck...
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/KovuriPoorna/status/1264130935131385856
  7. Ippudu Ila Ani tharvatha Tdp meeda burrada kuda nijame Ani nammaliga..lite we dramas
  8. It's like they r injected with some virus
  9. Not just here I have seen many in FB n in general who never talked about India,Hinduism ,our culture suddenly started talking about this from last 2-3 years..for every question against BJP they bring all these things without answering real problems n sadly all r good educated n in good position ...
  10. Mass leader ruling akkada..yemanna dhimak karaab aynda..gatla question chestundru
  11. Iam declaring 50 lakh crores package to all. Db friends konchem Twitter to trend cheyara video bytes petti..
  12. Converted or Swaroopa? Eedu malli communist bhavajalam tho cinemalu teesthadu