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  1. Yedurappa kuda anta..naaku doubt they don't want to go to Ram temple pooja ani...
  2. Mumbai police deleted file of Sushant Manager Disha. Mumbai Police said, "Galti se delete ho gai".
  3. Aithe Ram temple opening ki poda...antha Dhaivecha
  4. Mana vaalluJagan okadne target aNtaru veellu chese damage mamooldhi kaadhu..yes Jagann is traget and Jaffa chesevi are more visible but retort to this fellows is must..chaapa kinda neeru laaga spread chestaru
  5. They didn't expect that people will stretch this too far..nepotism, depression theories start chesaru to side track..Samuel anta another room mate is also missing since June 14 th .. probably he is also murdered anduke more than one ambulance came
  6. Ayna vinala. https://mobile.twitter.com/MrPr0fessor/status/1289211689687162882
  7. vk_hyd


    Vaallu ammudupotaniki ready ga unnaru and vaalla mentality telisi kabatti laagaru..congress,bjp thappu yemundi..#megaDaga brothers buddhi anthe
  8. Next in line modi ki babulu..Amit,yogi more worst
  9. Malli aa letter is scanned by CamScanner which is Chinese App and banned by Modi??????
  10. This is how Bhakts are