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  1. Is Neerav Modi a cheater?

    I guess part of the message got repeated twice. This is worth reading!
  2. kathi on Pk correct ga cheppadu

    Better we focus on the issue rather than on dignity. As i said in my last post, TDP itself was founded by a film star who himself had done a film role while being a CM. I remember an old story about Eshwar Chand Vidhyasagar, which was part of syllabus during my studies. It simply concluded dignity lies in respecting a person by looking at him like a person but not based on his clothing. In my opinion, the concept should apply here too.
  3. kathi on Pk correct ga cheppadu

    It is Siva Prasad's background which is making him do all these activities. TDP was founded by film star who himself had done different roles. I can't understand how such comments can be made.
  4. Stop Discussions with Center

    we lose nothing in 1 month. moreover, if we had a deadline given, we can continue keeping pressure accordingly.
  5. Venkayya Thaatha

    Atleast Venkaiah gariki face save chesukune avakasam vachindhemo ala jaragatam valla (adhe vice president avvatam valla). Ledante ayyanni kuda blame chesevaru.
  6. Railway Zone OK??

    need to have connectivity from all fronts. roads, railways, airways and seaways.
  7. Social media nirasana

    This is too much. Haven't expected such post from a member who had more than 600 posts in his name
  8. ah part mathram extract chesi dani paina date and full video link end lo unde tatlu petti extract chesi tippithe adhiri pothundhi. if some one can do it, please make sure that it is posted here too.
  9. Perfectly said

    Let us accept the hard core fact that the current government is not a coalition one. Even though it might have been stamped so, it doesn't need the coalition support to survive. This should answer most of our DB members unhappiness.
  10. Comrades 2019

    West Bengal too may be another last frontier. I guess it is not easy for BJP to occupy the shoes of left parties.
  11. This may be true. Moreover, if an unemployed youth establishes a pakoda shop, then it is definitely because of Modi and BJP vikas this had materialized.
  12. sakshi gadu kasi teerchukuntunadu ga

    sakshi drusti lo adhi oke debbaki rendu pittalu emo.
  13. Modi old tweets

    Guys, couldn't stop sharing this with you. My colleagues (after I started sharing the flip-flops) believe that our whatsapp group should not have political posts though they now agree that all politicians are same 😢. I am feeling unhappy that I couldn't educate them well about our PM. But, let us keep this thread alive!!