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  1. edho India ki weapons isthunnarani akkasu tho China ani untundhi le. Russia light teesukuntundhi. China hasn't yet edited the map with it na.
  2. In fact, there are a lot many prominent kamma leaders who are against CBN and supported NTR garu. Makineni peddarathiaha, Devineni Nehru, Paritala Ravi etc are some of them i remember. There used to be various groups already in TDP, LP vargham, DVR and CBN vargham. It never used to be caste based. Can't talk much about political ignorance. Unfortunately, it is only reflecting his narrwo mindness. This guy is totally wicked and cunning doesn't have any good views and thoughts and doesn't want to do a good discussion. Can't help him.
  3. This is a post of a man who has a thread suggesting a seperate political website to others.
  4. i heard that this decision was taken as images of Rajnath Singh's call with army on zoom were leaked. The leak could also have been some insider while the Govt want to conveniently blame Zoom. What is surprising is that Defence Minister doesn't have a video conference facility with stake holders and has to rely on new applications like zoom.
  5. why don't you tell us as to whom should we support if you are a legit man who is not cunning?
  6. evariki cheptunnavu admin ka? ayana BJP fans.
  7. What kind of joke is this survey? How can one compare the version of opposition parties to ruling party in the matter of national security? I guess conveniently some supporters missed the point that China hasn't got a befitting reply. Let us not forget that online voters doesn't represent this country population and that too when all the parties have their own way of swinging these votes.
  8. what is wrong in that? One should be able to even state so. Do you expect that he quotes 22 Kharabs 87 Arabs 34 Crores....... Kharab and Arab usage are not popular though they are of Indian numbering system.
  9. mana map lo mana control lo lenivi areas kuda unnayi kadha. Mari vatini emi cheddamu?
  10. FDI motham cap teesi vesaru kadha after BJP coming into power chala sectors lo. This could have paved the path. The point is either congress or BJP both play this game as usual. These same parties in opposition cry that FDI should be controlled and when ruling removes all the controls. Only hoping that the FDI play is helping country some way or the other else i am not sure why Indian Govt slowly increases the limits in the first place after every successive Govt.
  11. single man swamy can turn the tables. He is never a man you can rely on. He can even go to the Court on Modi too.....:)
  12. SC chief going to be a Cong guy......malla ila moda lettara pushpalu... kanivvandi....