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  1. ah gabbu ki aravaka emi chestaru le papam... vasana alantidhi...
  2. danikante gammuna kurchuni unte better.
  3. i think one mandal totally YCP voting. But still it doesn't make sense to be like this.
  4. we are neither intellectuals nor psychos. We can only type behind the laptops. Terrorising community(ies) or sectors (or) villages are not just limited to Congress. Booth rigging, booth capturing are part of politics involving every party. What is your thoughts? Who are the people who doesn't follow Hinduism ? Are they Indians or not ? If Indians how should they be treated? If your worry is population in a family, don't you think the Govt had no chance in doing this or working towards this since 2014 ? If so, why wasn't this done? Who is fooling whom ?
  5. She might have paid the money and came out of the toll gate. What did she do? Broke the glasses at Toll Gate? Don't we do the same thing if we believe we are correct ? Asking that person again for not requesting money for Toll ? Did she threatened the toll gate person ? However, someone used the video for the advantage of maligning TDP and Pulla Rao. I don't understand why we are so worried about getting our reputation tarnished when the case here is misusing the video for their own personal gains. I guess they may be right about how most people think in such scenarios.
  6. MLA cars lo MLA undalani ekkada rasundhi. MLA cars MLA avasaranike tiruguthayi kadha? Moreover, she is also in politics and representing Pulla Rao in some matters or others. MLA may send his vehicle to pick some one or some other purposes. Does it mean he is using it for his own purposes? Of course, he can also use it for his own purposes as their personal cars are also favoured. Law lo exact ga emi undhi?
  7. Lol!!! now you are worried that Congress is terrorising Muslims to vote for Congress. Since when your party cared for Muslims? Let us not forget that your stunts for Muslims are only to appease hardcore Hindus rather than trying for good to their community. Don't miss the truth that Muslims are Indians too. The mere fact that they don't follow Hinduism doesn't mean that you get a right to bully them in your way. If your party really cares about any community or about anything they should have shown that in the last 5 years rather than fooling everyone. Neither MIM nor BJP are representative of communities which they say to be representing.
  8. What heroism in spreading lies and trying to divide the community.....
  9. idhi evaro kavalani leak chesaru le. thanu aina padathi gaane matladaru ga?
  10. vache dabbulllo eeka lantidhi toll vallaki but surprisingly they too are not bent.
  11. Or may be that shows their ignorance about South.
  12. I am not aware of this though I know there are some words in Telugu linked to Sandkrit. I hope I should be able to still ask for source though it may show my ignorance.