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  1. all religious gatherings should be strictly punished.
  2. Akkadi prabhutva prathinidhulu ante mana Govt tharapuna akkada kondarini adhikarikam ga niyamincharu le.
  3. These days none can be hidden due to internet and satellites. Let us stop spreading these rumors.
  4. UK lo rakumarudu kuda around 70 emo kadha.
  5. Their family should also be considered as culprits here. The biggest problem is Govt hadn't educated public about this. What can we do if our CM says paracetamol is a medicine for it. Whoever had flewn to India should have clearly told about the law and the criminal charges they will face if they are seen outside. Govt should have explained that their family members will also be considered as a perpetrators in this criime if the foreign return person is allowed to go outside. In fact the entire family should have observed quarantine. Lack of proper direction is a big drawback. Learnings from other countries are not properly implemented. I heard from one Doctor that his colleagues believe there could be many carriers out in public and the situation may turn worst in the coming days. in a town of 1 lakh we may not even have 10 ventilators in our country. Let us pray that we win over corona virus.
  6. The situation is different. It is important that interstate and interdistrict borders are immediately closed.
  7. motham veediki enni id lu unnayo ardham avvatam ledu. okka id ni pakkaki po ante andariki cheppinatle kadha..... chastunnam yi bleaching powder batch tho.....
  8. mass lunch program with other castes is a wonderful idea and it should include reddys too. need of the society now. Society should focus on science and look forward for brighter future.
  9. completely agree. Kamma sangham vallaki pettandi bro. They may help.
  10. evarini chusi bayapadalo ardham avvadu okko sari........