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  1. mi sandra babu ki oka utharam raase sariki oho ika polo mantu anni chotla ettaru ga. as a CM of AP, Jagan will definetely get a lot of letters.
  2. Why i blame Jandyala is that before everything happened in Council, he himself told that Botsa requested in a closed door telephonic call with Chairman and Jandyala for a respectful solution. Jandyala even requested Murthy to openly say sorry in that TV debate before the debate can be continued (his final support is evident from that situation itself). Jandyala told to the TV that he had given some solution (as far as i remember) but hasn't disclosed it to the TV. Being a legal representative of TDP in this situation, i am still unclear how ethical for him to give a respectful solution.
  3. I think this guy is playing tricks. He seems to be misleading everyone in TDP group. This current situation appears to be because of his advice to YCP.
  4. nice to see that Modi giving good time to Andhra CM.
  5. Kejriwal himself alleged of the possible tampering before the election results. https://www.firstpost.com/politics/delhiassemblyelectionkejriwal-slamming-ec-over-delay-aap-raising-evm-tampering-fears-aimed-at-saving-face-in-case-party-falls-short-8026341.html
  6. 3 billion twistlaaga meeku kanapaduthunda. nakaithe nachinatlu vadukondi ani bank cheppinatlu rasare adhi baaga twist laga undhi le.
  7. vyathirekinchara? dumma kottara? vyathirekincham ani cheppi dumma kottara? dumma kottarani mana brokar vyathirekincharu ani cheppada?
  8. CBN kuda promise chesaru ga.. ah voche MLC seats ki andaru maku ante maku antaremo.
  9. Garikapati is not holding any TDP party position though he may be a supporter of TDP. Correct me if I am wrong.
  10. Typically labour union always want to get very good benefits which may not be feasible always.
  11. opportunity ichadu. but she couldn't able to get positive vibe in Chirala because of which Karanam had to brought in.
  12. Avanni gurthuku raavu le. Eppatikappudu marchipotamu. Our agenda is always talk about how good we can be. This is actually good. But will it work? If we would have been like that then the bill could have been approved on first day only.
  13. Entire public know that there is no ethics in bringing the bill related to the capital change. We are discussing on the ethics on day one briefing on how the opposition maintained its stance on Sasanamandali. Kanivandi.