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  1. Ah BJP vollani veedini kalipi oka room lo petti dabididibidi cheyalantara?
  2. Exactly nenu kuda adhe pedadamu anukunna.
  3. complicated politics i guess..... i thought Chalameshwar was against BJP.
  4. Delhi politics ki baaga alavatu aithe ilaage untundhi le.
  5. andaru independents ni veella katha lo vesukunnaru chudandi 52% ani. idhaithe excellent.
  6. Guntur lo kuda YCP rally chesinatlundhi kadha on 3 capitals. YCP cadre too saying that their programs to counter act Amaravathi went well.
  7. Thanks for sharing it. i think the number presented should not be taken literally. some adverse events could be common like pain at the injection site (though it would be more for those talking drugs), redness at injection site also happens with placebo. Let us also not forget that placebo has the same base of formulation without the drug. Any illness during trial period (like fever, cough etc during the trail period though may not be related to vaccine) are accounted though it is the case with those having drug too.
  8. adhendhi already 2013 lone rich kids kadha Punjabis
  9. it is a shame that the data is being used to trying to malign them who are protesting . but if the law is good it is those who are protesting that should be ashamed of. if Govt believes that the law is good, they should have come up with approximation data showing how it can benefit farmers in the long run like for example case studies etc. instead Govt and its suppoters are chosing old data to malign the protest campaign. it suits them anyways
  10. What do you want to convey with this post? If they earn more aren't they farmers ? who knows you can put it in another way too like as they earn more they are more wary of changes in the law affecting them. either way the central govt should be able to convince them in proper way. In 2013, AP means inclusive of both TG and AP. But, why was TG not included in the image posted ? Don't try to divert every one from discussing hte real problems what farmers are facing. BJP has been in power since many years. What have they done till date to improve these conditions ? Don't say that bill is the only way to improve the conditions. BJP are no different to Congress.
  11. prathipaksham lo unnappudu BJP ichinavi anni oho tega success ayinattu.....
  12. mana modi garu kuda adhe type ga. mana brathukulaki bhale vallu dorikaru le.