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  1. That is because Jagan told that he will not be stopping them. but circumstances had changed now.
  2. What a joke....... It is not about CBN house. It is about defaming Amaravathi and in this process they will use every opportunity which includes CBN house too. CBN vacating the house doesn't stop the ongoing defamation.
  3. It matters unless we are so blind of social injustice as to how some of our own people are treated by us. Such incidents only create more gap between our various groups of people rather than uniting us. If this is done properly at least some of the people within a group believed that the injustice done to the victim by some miscreants was not supported by all the different groups. Now, this chance is lost.
  4. It is a shame for Indians not just as to what happened to the victim and how the victim's body is treated.
  5. single man swamy can turn the tables. He is never a man you can rely on. He can even go to the Court on Modi too.....:)
  6. SC chief going to be a Cong guy......malla ila moda lettara pushpalu... kanivvandi....
  7. thanq jayam dude.....ee option heppati nunchi undi

  8. inka construct avvaledu kada bypass?
  9. Edavalsindhi centre meeda kadha. Tingarodu veedinunchi inhalants expect cheyalemu let.
  10. Happy Birthday Chandas!!

  11. Inka Vajpayee goppathanam tho bathikeyyalanukunte etla. Ippudu meeru kotha rajakeeyalathu aduthunnaru kadha? We want to understand what Modi had promised on Lokayukta before elections and what he had delivered till date.
  12. evaro vakarini follow avvali gaa. evarini avutharo thondaraga decide chesukonidi. nimishaniki okarini marchukuntu mi (i mean oka nimishaniki okarini follow avuthu) matuku meeku special path kuda create chesukovochu le.
  13. ante mothaniki CBN ni follow avuthunnam antunnaru. poni adaina sarigga avvandi.
  14. Vajpayee time lo loans ivvaleda banks leka Vajpayee is no more BJP na? Thala papam thala pidikili. Mi party kuda indulo bagasthule kada. Burada inko party ki athikisthe saripoddi anukunte ela?