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  1. Why can't BJP decide?
  2. Kcr

    ittane annaru gaa division time lo asalu jaragadani.
  3. Happy Diwali

    Happy Diwali to all our DB members including their family!!!
  4. sympathy kuda save cheyaledanna mata.
  5. Singareni trs

  6. Asia's biggest Seed Park in Kurnool

    i am not good in the subject but in my opinion that may be a good idea. in that way seed mafia can be controlled.
  7. Bhogapuram Airport

    It will definitely for sure be on the profit. This is going to help the development of Vizag and its surrounding districts.
  8. Electronics hub in Renigunta,Tirupati

    desperately waiting.
  9. China's oldest carmaker Chang'an eyes AP,TN

    nothing to laugh bro. not an easy task to mimick. that is indirectly their strength emo kadha.
  10. Schedule 9 and 10 Institutions

    ekkadi news idhi?
  11. Telangana lo nijalu.

    he is well aware of the music it creates. This may create a storm. He is thinking that this will be his big step to win next elections. Looks like he unfortunately lost confidence on his other schemes.
  12. polavaram

    This will only spoil the entire project.
  13. AP fibre Grid project

    Anni set top boxes manufacture chesi undaali kadha. paiga security of boxes, other constraints including importation. This is not an easy task.