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  1. Some one has to file a complaint kadha... Also, as RS membership it doesn't included a competition, I doubt if someone complains.
  2. Hope the ruling party takes constructive criticism positively. They even doesn't agree on how wrongly demonetization was implemented.
  3. Annam Satish is the worst candidate. He was given based on caste analysis after an agreement among all aspired candidates.
  4. LOL! Government ki monthly adayam lennattu rasadu ga...
  5. KCR avasaramaithe kaallu pattukuntadu le. Mukku nelaku rayudu undane undhi ga.....
  6. What to say on this post which says that railway line is better than metro? Mumbai is different. Such lines exist since it started developing.
  7. CBN might have expected they can do a proper job at least for 6 months.
  8. Twitter comments ki samadhanam ledaa? We want YS Sharmila as our CM! She only can handle everyone!
  9. The analogy though may look like that it is important for every political party to work for people no matter CPI/CPM or TDP. While the difference is that CPI/CPM are always against the capitalists whicch is shown in their demonstrations too no matter even if others are important.
  10. True. I only wish TDPians should understand this and don't give an opportunity to haters.
  11. Good going Lokesh! You rock! It is important to continue what you do! It is not possible always to be on scene. Twitter touches more these days.
  12. Ikkada kontha mandhi TDP fans ani cheppukuntu YCP fans, YCP ki votes vesarani prajalani tiduthu postlu veyatam. Marala ave posts ni pettukoni velli FB lo veyatam baaga trend nadusthundhi yi rojulalu. My request to TDP fans is to open eyes. Realize that it is important to respect people decision and be always on their side no matter is their decision.