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  1. Sidha meeda huge fines vesaru...all tdp leaders granite mining ni attacked and imposed heavy fines...sez lo top exporter sidha dude ...amen
  2. But this is good ..memu theesukomu theesukomu annadu..adesukovali ippudu..but manam cheyam
  3. No wrong..cbn failed to assure ..and cadre cases pettina edhava sollu thappa no use..online lo matladali anna bhayapettela chesthunna no use..jagan killing from all sides..cbn style of functioning is not helping in opposition..he is good for state not for party
  4. Gold swamy...ilanti aina meeda edupu last year...eesari etta gelustgado soostham ani....nag babu gadi chamchas
  5. Drug abuse might have caused hear attack...
  6. this is very much spreaded across.bhayam ledu ledu antune bhayapaduthunnaru janalu....asala kaneesam adni point out cheyataniki kooda ishtapadatla....cbn is not asuring people.....adi pedda debba ....but party vallaki ardham aie savadu...or they are too away from it....local cadre ni kottesaru...ippudu online targetting
  7. No need to spare bjp...but do not get carried away...bjp became worst than congress...social media handle chesthey congress correct ga...momentum gain cheyachu..
  8. It’s important to understand what is their business..I heard a nice quote on one movie exhibition company....people think we do movie business..but our business is popcorn ani..atu itu ga..mcd business real estate not food..ala untai.. cinema productions prime business movies aa..nope ..converting black to white anattu..
  9. Rajakeeyam, govindhu ids marchi manchi comedies sestha unnaru
  10. Tdp batch mare laa leru..Jagan is not attacking his vote bank and benefiting them in all possible ways..ila pattalaki kooda so far Nenu vinna 2 cases manolle baaga benefit ayyaru..uyuru deggara oka village polalu konevadu Ledu..3 acres ki 2 crores immediate payment icharu..no mediators no laluchi..market rate kanna chala ekkuva and motham white..allu aa 2c Ekkada invest cheddama ani thiruguthunnaru.. state level lo edanna games lo win aina vallaki 2 lks daka ivvali ani cbn pettadu but evadiki ivvala..manollake jagan gadu monna settled Pensions peekindi kooda main ga tdp batch vi..so Aadi vote bank and neutral no bokka capital choosam..chivaraki vja gnt batch kooda not supported farmers ..monna gas incident immediate ga neutralize sesadu by anouncing 1c ..still jagan leading ap politics...period current bill di biggest blunder from jagan so far as it is affecting everyone..rest evi wholesale ga effect chesevi kaavu..eppati laga manaki poindi emi undi ani janalu silent avutharu
  11. nenu chinna example cheputha....utube channel start cheddam ane edo gula tho started...andulo first lone konthamandi jagan ki against ga news aithey memu undam annaru....konthamandi start ayyaka...govt ki against ga news vesthey issues avuthunnai...personal ga problem avuthundi...vaddule antunanru...konathamandi upload memu cheyam issues avuthai antunnaru....overall ga...educated uth lo kooda jagan ante oka bhayam vachesindi....ekkado dhooramga unde maname jagan gadiki antha bhayapaduthundi...inka local ga unna cadre ....aadiki bhayapadi party maratam, silent avatam pedda thappuga choodalemu....he was successful in creating terror among people....and it helps him...u may be still wondering how he won in 2024....if it continues....tdp is not giving any moral boost to the cadre...and cbn and lokesh can not tackle him.....only gorantla, diwakar reddy, rammohan naidu lanti vallu aithey ne emanna chances untai...malal vachi edhava sodi modalettakandi.....cadre morale mathram poorthiga down....only positive twitter konchem active ayyaru...thanks to anigalla.....
  12. Lockdown is not curfew..they should avoid mass gatherings and make sure certain things run as required..eg chemical industries..if they are not maintained regularly...such events happen
  13. Jagan and modi do mot have minimum understanding to run government modi imposed lockdown at wrong time...mana vallaki cheppina ardham kaadu...aa time lo no need to impose sudden lockdown..he should have given time for people to go to theirvplaces..as it was mostly from foreign returns then...and now people are pissed of staying in home for several weeks and all sectors are killed...people are not caring anymore about virus when it is its peak stage...and government already started talking about easing lockdown....horrible anattu...pakka desalu chesai memu chesam...and many say modi has no wrong intentions..doing to the best of his knowledge..it just shows modi best is not suited for this complex country..we need better candidate as pm...any day rahul is bettervthan modi...just don’t go with online bjp illiterates..
  14. ramarajyam, kiran, govindu ee admin enni ids vadathadu...manaki ee savadobbudu endi
  15. Nee bonda ra...Nee bonda asala Aina background enti alladisthunnadu...how he evolved ani ts uddesam
  16. india already failed with lockdown...no other country has seen raise in cases after 4 weeks..except india...alla paada...2 hours shop open sesi andarni polo mani pommantam....migrant labor and un planned lockdown...no where happened....people are more responsible than givt in india
  17. this is not new....already china used it....but its expensive and can not handle
  18. uk valladi copy naa....vaccine ante 2 years...appati daka adukku thintara
  19. if antibody...then good...atleast it also tells who were infected irrespective of the current infection .....pcr only gives the current infection status....antibody tests should be conducted to assess the infection spread retrospectively and lift the lockdown....if more than 30% infected....with no adverse affects...we are safe and can plan exit strategy....
  20. peoples mind Set is shocking sometimes..tirumala lo oka Godavari batch tho discussion chesthunna..aame anna canteen petti adavallaki Paruvu lekunda chesadu cbn ani thittindi..adendi amma antey..mogudlu entha thagina intiki vachi thinevallu pellaltho thitlu thini aina..ippudu thagi canteen lo thini vachi podukuntunnaru andi..Inka amen anukunna