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  1. sachivalayam kinda nizam nagalu ani kooda add cheyalsindi....
  2. Kcr fans and modi fans tho argue endira mee mohalu manda...okadu muslim or pak...inkokadu andhra thekunda disco cheyagalara 5 min... u
  3. I am really scared about India now..regretting for leaving people in India..Edo oka vidhamga foreign lageyali in long term
  4. Bjp is taking lead in telangana ...as agreed with kcr before assembly elections..bjp same strategy everywhere..malign potential parties esp old parties and strengthen using their cadre..erroju varirty ga West Bengal cadre antha communists for bjp..hmm
  5. I spoke to few ppl in jan 2019...localities and ysrcp supporters from pedda parimi..they say cbn did amazing job..but it takes time to plan and initiate works..cbn elections ayyaka app 1 year kemo finalised anukunta ga and then acquiring lands, preparing plans and court cases anni valla delayed my major complaint is..she should have made some black agreement with jagan for greater good..elagu we are not permanent vaadiki mundhu information ivalsindi and he should have taken concern from akilapaksham before
  6. Biggest strategy is to recruit his own people to have complete command on the system..already volunteers tho he became strong and this will be another system..he will become formidable
  7. Inka admin visa stand theesukuntaduga..oka pakka bjp inko pakka visa..Are hoon
  8. endukura...malla mee bjp cooked fb links untaiga....prathi daniki edo oka counter..with fake info sarele belated birthday wishes...eeroju db lo unnav
  9. Uff valuations temperary suffer avuthai and covid valla elagu sankka naaki poyaru chala fields lo...apps contrary anuko..but tiktok valla Indians ki entha loss kooda cheppu..it became source of income for many..esp digital marketing and affiliated marketing lo
  10. Govt should impose rules mundda modi ruling..cases less than 1k unappudu lock down petti..janalni ekkada ki akkada struck chesi rakshasha anandham pondadu..2 month lock down antey chiraku dobbindi..and asala cheyalsina tine lo ethesadu ..baita countries chesina danini blind ga fallow ayyadu..without any plan..and India is paying for his stupidity..Modi failed big time and same with Telugu state governments..Jagan is much better
  11. Ekkado chadavatam enduku..marriage antha ghananga chesthey...ramoji family and veelu bb is invested by daggupati ramanaidu, cbn etc backend lo..