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  1. Neeku ardham avuthunda..you can carry virus without symptoms for 10 to 15 days..but unless ur in risk group..can not be tested
  2. Evadu neeku sollu cheppindi..zlast 3 points booths..without symptoms u can not be tested and no use..oirike register chesukoni emi cheyali..okasari negative aithey life antha negative..malla raadu anukuntunnava
  3. They are not diff from these viruses...here all governments reacted very late...anduke intha dharunam...china meeda anni countries jan lo travel ban pettalsindi but petti savala,..and no one thought it would spread from europe...who failed
  4. Lockdown for sure ga may daka extend chestharu...but ilanti gimmicks will harm more than bringing together..anyways we made our points...relax..mee banking ollu work cheyali anukuntaga
  5. Situation vasthe ...etc more like ysrcp talking....you should have an understanding on how to deal with any situation...and this is not new for ur info...plague vachindi 1995 lo,,,inka worst and sars in 2012...and many examples unnai...but whole lockdown okkati kotha but not lock down as such
  6. USA baaga chesindi ani cheppina sannasi evadu..USA reacted too late but after that trump is doing well.he is make sure to get what is needed..testing kits, medicine, hospitals preparation etc..what we are doing germany almost 1 XX infected but deaths less than 2k and recovered much more than any country..asala Ela compare chesthav cbn would have made wonders..I can bet that..anni cheppi raavu..hud hud is good example of his commitment..and he also warned state govt well in advance..but avi manaki pattav.. candle eliginchukundham..sivaraku edi emergency need ani kooda categarize cheyalenu edavalani supporting..trump medicine kavali antey modi ki ph chesadu..adì action antey..lights rliginchabdi Bongu ivi kaavu
  7. still better than modi....inka meeku theliakpothey amen.....jai hindhuism ani pisukkondi
  8. modi undabatti.....pakistan ki tharimesthadule...congress meeda edupu enduku ...ee topic lo...rahul warned much earlier than anyone..at least he has some sense than modi anyway nenu out inka...
  9. baboi nee understanding endi swamy asala....maaku already 4 weeks ga lock down...every local doctor, clinic and medical shops open as usual...this is governament responsibity to make sure they remain open as in normal days...its the first and foremost of lockdown....shopes 3 to 4 hrs open cheyatam most stupid thing...appudu people antha okasari polo mani potharu...dani badhulu roju antha untey....crowd kooda thagguthundi.... mee lanti thinking unte manaki jagan and modi ne correct le.....endo realistic realistic ani..paina cheppinattu...cbn emi chesina dobbi thegulu janalaki...pakka vaadu emi chesina......mocethi daaka naakutharu endole
  10. babu neeku theliakpothey apey annitlo.....planned lockdown jaragadha...ikakda maaku jariginavi anni avi kaadu...endo..neeku modi bhajan cheyali ante chesuko.....edo konnitlo ante neeku experience undile anukunna like evms..annitlo inka ade paata
  11. Cbn chesi untey aa surapaneni boothulu thittevadu..appudu politics and time gurthu raavu..anyway vallaki neppi lenappudu manaki y..pvt vallu thesthunnru ane logic vadatharu even ysrcp..so janalu avunu kada anukuntaru
  12. u should take a break dude..asala Naa question ki Nee reply ki no link..if tdp fellows licking ysrcp are worst aithey..u are no different..we should stick this discussion to the topic..Modi gunduki mokali ki link Etta ka I am tdpian and I question tdp policies ..and stupid decisions but pakka party kin24 hrs jayamu jayamu jagan anna..anukunta tdp gurunchi matladaka
  13. Ysrcp house visit chesevallaki..kcr-jagan bhajana chese neeku theda ledule..ee sollu seppatam aapu..chivaraki kcr jeetham cut chesthey super ..oka normal employ entha suffer avuthado thelusa..govt should give 25% additional salary to support near and dear in this tough times..anthegani intiki ration isthunnadu ani sollu kaadu..thagubothu edhavaki thagubothulu chidathalu..Nee jayamu jayamu kcr is no diff from dhandupalyam.
  14. watch this..little boring but is comprehensive