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  1. completely changed momentum....media is also forced to support amaravathi farmers....lets see how he tackle this jagan gelisthey capital marusthadu ani elections mundhu seppa....atleast he would try ani..kindle sesina batch ekkada jagans agenda is to remove all traces of cbn....high level marketing strategy to project the new brand in the market....exactly following well established marketing strategies....panchayathi paridhi lo unna anni buildings and water tanks ki paina veyatam silly thing ga choodatam mana pichithanam....in a way this is promoting ysrcp party ...ntr vighraham remove cheyatam....telugu desam dhummalu koolchatam anni vaadi long term plan.....telugu desam anamalu lekunda cheddam ani....but capital shift anedi motham cheda dobbindi papapm.... capital ki against cbn matladatam better ani hevaro annaru db lo....ittantollu antha tdp ki dasa nirdhesam chestham ani peel avatam mathram 😝 jagan is more crooked in dealing with situations...still he is setting the agenda for CBN
  2. Mana valla aghi thelivi thetalu xxxxx nakinchai..whether true or not just spread all fake news like ysrcp and bjp..confuse people on every government activity....feed people withh all arguments based on our theories..slowly it goes and make ppl believe it eventually..same message from different sources..follow ysrcp tactics and kill them..neethi, nijayathi, manchi chedu silly logic’s apandi
  3. Okasari telangana election result mundhu thread lepithey credibility thelusuddi 😂😂 this thread content I agree..some how everyone criticizing ysrcp badly but none could dare to come on streets..apart from kirasthani batch all are f...... ysrcp tdp is not able to take that advantage ..let’s see I have an appointment with MP..will try to convey..but no use le
  4. ManjeerA vja vaadu ilage pettadu dining loki open ...worst le...thinta untantey bathroom open cheyatam🙏
  5. Cheppaga evari preference valladi..I am against to that..and maa pathadi same..evaru question cheyala..let’s see nee laa adigithey will think for future
  6. Hall lo ki bathroom too awkward..it’s always third bedroom .. maa intlo hall lo ki opening Dani antha daridram ledu..Inka dining anteu😷 so far it was never a complaint..evari preference vallaki le
  7. Deeni mummy hall and dining bathroom aa..Inka nuvvu old format lo unnav uncle..workers ki Keller lo untadi..Inka 3 bathrooms saripola
  8. Happy to anounce our second venture....again semi independent concept with no shared corridors and all east facing flats... Current status: DOne with 5 slabhs handover: NEXT YEAR including cupboards, ceiling etc.....ready to occupy best investment destination....everygreen vijayawada...not amaravathi😁 visit website for more details http://harivilludevelopers.org/
  9. Ekkadunnaru ..? call etharenti..?

  10. edo magazines lo chaduvutham eda untai..economic times lo kooda undi choodu 2 digits nunchi single digit padipoindi growth...
  11. pharma antey akkada only vaccines..us and europe vaccines productions close chesai due to low marjins...china ekkuva and konchem india nunchi importing and selling on their brand...compare same with china...manam china meeda depend aie edo exports thopu anattu ee sollu articles