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  1. We neeed more good candidates...buchiah good ..people from all parties treat him as elder brother and he maintains that pattabhi too good sambasivarao ani bjp ki untadu aina kooda baaga deal chestharu
  2. they killed lalu party....next nitish in line....preasanth kishore sannasi emi doing..
  3. Intha sense less ga argue chesthav endi swamy..evert big pillow donates to get excused from tax..adi theesi dobiithe evadu isthadu
  4. Yes Twitter motham motha moguthundi ..tdp is also part of that..nice strategy by bjp and ysrcp
  5. flaw what i noticed in this video is....agree to most of the content...but ysrcp is paying back to bjp for their commitment in 2019 elections ane point marchipoindi...looking at ministers press meet and bjp pressmeets...it is clear both are helping each other...to divert people from AP issues...if they want to use this agenda for elections...they leave everzthig behind
  6. Best decision ever by cbn..but give him powers as well..hope we don’t lose him like revanth
  7. Ppl are not keen to put efforts..need immediate result..tdp and its cadre became lazy..
  8. Manollu posts choosthunnavga they even don’t know how to play politics..janalu are corrupted..u should bribe them with ur agenda..anthegani ysrcp ki work aindi manaki work avadu..it’s not whether people are keen or not..every small issue to be politicized and show ysrcp failure
  9. meeru intha insensible ga ela posts estharu swamy....poinasari important aindi ippudu enduku avadu...tdp is not taking it up as required...bjp ki antha vantha padathunanru..so everyone is slient on sp status....