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    Bezawada_Lion reacted to AnnaGaru in SAGAR right&Gundlakamm :18 lakh acres golden days very soon   
    CBN మహానుభవుడు స్వామి .....ఎంతో మైండ్ పెట్టి ఈ రెండు projects డిజైన్ చేసారు ... 18 lakhs acres ki బంగారు భవిష్యత్తు రాబోతుంది ..... అయన తపన లో నుంచి వస్తున్నా అద్భుతాలు ఇవి 
    నాకు ఎందుకో గడ్కరీ&ఫ్రీఫ్యూడ్ బ్యాచ్ ఈ ప్లాన్ చూసే రివేరింతేర్లింక్ అని మిస్ల్డ్ చేసారు 
    CBN &Chief Engineer Venkateswarao garu Today confirmed plans we were discussing in this DB.
    CBN ki Gadkari gadi valla emi kadu ani ardam ayyindi baga anduke he announced Today...So CBN decided to go ahead with "another DREAM PROJECT from CBN thought process"
    BY 2019 season NSP right canal 14+ lakh acres will get GODAVARI water just like Krishna delta with pattiseema
    NSP RIGHT GUNTUR&PRAKASAM farmers lands bangaram avutai ani chala sarly cheppa....This time I am making this statement proudly "Golden Days are just 1-1.5 year away folks".....land addam padapote 1 season lo chestadu CBN but I know jaffa minds so....
    Those are best lands to do commercial crops and output around 15,000 crores crops

    14+ lakh NSP RIGHT plan:- CBN decided to go-ahead with this on emergency basis just like PAttiseema&polavaram rigth canal
    - 45 KM canal&pipe combination from Capital area backwaters
    - Drop water near Nakerekallu
    - 50 TMC is the plan without reservoir

    2) GUNDLAKAMMA plan:-  Kommuru canal(goes to PARCHURU area) is already coming very close to Gundalakamma.....CBN seeing that got a "NEW plan" to extend that to GUNDLAKAMMA reservoir
    -GREEN line is existing canal
    - RED LINE is NEW canal that drops water to GUNDLAKAMMA(just 20 meters lift)

    45 KM canal ల్యాండ్ కి అడ్డం పడతారు బ్యాచ్ ....So we need to educate what wonder this project is going to do to GUNTUR&PRAKASAM farmers
    video has complete details(from @5th minute and then CBN complete details) and those who knows Irrigation can connect above plans from CBN words 


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    Bezawada_Lion got a reaction from minion in Buddha Statue on Sita Nagaram Hill   
    no...it will be above.... 
    Durgamma shrine is just a few feet above ground level.....not on top of indrakeeladri