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  1. 3o clock ki anedi abaddam. Exact ga 5.05 ki current poyindi. I called my family 5.08. immediate ga poga, daarulu kanipiyyatla, cheekati. one reason I can think is, every Room has water kettles. That might have increased the load.
  2. Short circuit annaru. India lo ido pedda nuisance. High level fire department officer ni without pension suspension order istam ani rule pass cheyali future lo. By Gods grace I am safe. Oxygen mask vundi naaku. Anduke ekkuva fumes peelchakunda save ayya. Else I would have fainted too. And god know what would have happened. My family immediately rushed to the hospital before fire brigade, later they Came and arranged ladder. Ee lope kontha mandi dookesaru panic lo. Very pity. Pullalu, ladies kooda vunnaru papam. Ela chesaro ento. my family immediately rushed me to another hospital and provided me with oxygen supply. Now I am safe and sound. Need to evaluate how much smoke I inhaled and how much into lungs. Hopefully not much damage. This should never happen to anyone even in movies.
  3. By Gods grace, I escaped in time. I had oxygen mask. I used that and kept out of trouble for long. Really really a big day in my life. Totally gods grace.
  4. How pity to see these messages..... I just escaped from that building 2nd floor...... Emanalo kooda artham kavatla
  5. Soni sood....Daivam maanusha roopena
  6. Not even interested reading after first 2 lines...good luck babbling around
  7. Mee lekka prakaram meeru trs meeda T meeda egara koodadhu mari.....
  8. BJP and their agenda pakkana pedithe, Akanda Bharath anedi correct. Mana Ramayana, Mahabharatam lo kooda veeti gurinchi chaala neat ga vuntadi. Meeku ey raastram ela vundedho telusukovali ante Valmiki Ramayanam lo Sugreevudu story chadavandi.....almost world lo anni parts gurinchi cheptaaru..... Ee BJP debbaki Hindus kooda mana ancient puranas ni comedy chese dournagyam vachindi aakariki
  9. Kaadu .,,,.edi entha vastadi ani lekka lu telusukuni mingataaniki
  10. Paytm uncle propaganda.... enni threads inka? 😂
  11. And his wife was carrying at that time.
  12. Ade antunna.... attempt cheyatame thappu ...,aa panic lo murders.... simple blackmail anukunnadu....adi life alter chesindi. BTW he is Prajarajyam party activist appatlo.