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  1. lockdown time lo kuda comedy timing thaggaledhu dude
  2. Nehru time world growth rate ki comparable or low growth few years anna, if its wrong comment show data and say its wrong, whatsapp university ani diversions enthuku Chandraayan program started in NDA time, launched in UPA time. ISRO getting more funding in NDA than UPA, idhi media lo unna news ye not whatsapp university
  3. It will be fine don't worry. lot of Positive stories in Railways. Remarkable improvement in infrastructure, response rate and new future trains
  4. Ap will get it share of state resources It’s upto jaggad what he will do. PM schemes were well utilized by cbn but jaggad I doubt. Reorg resources slow ga akkada ikkada vadulthaaru for polavaram and stuff
  5. Amit dude undabatte express level lo solve avuthunnai contentious issues. UCC undhi asale ee year he is needed.
  6. Leftist network is too deep BBC, wapo, nyt all places infested by them. Only one mode cry on india, if it's Modi a bit more.
  7. Manmohan ni aa lol, edhi babu show me a few videos where people said he should be harmed or killed or shot? Modi/shah, Hindutva, Brahmins medha violent posters and speeches tho comparing aaa
  8. Super fast express laga issues solving So far so good economy okkate negative as of now but year end ki malli track lo ki ravali ani korukuntam
  9. AAP Government Gives Nod To Prosecute Kanhaiya Kumar In JNU Sedition Case
  10. Yes the commissioner retired yesterday. Shrivastav dude is new boss.
  11. Socialists fight against capitalists always seems attractive
  12. So before that Muslim leaders, protesters and protest sympathizers, and even protester kids dwara Modi and Shah ni booths dobbinchatam matuku potential flash point ki contribute chesi undadhu le 😌
  13. Emiti sort chesedhi, supreme Court batch ne 4 days thippinchi matter thelchakunda pamparu lol