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  1. Time for another U turn in 2024 and go with BJP/JSP again plz
  2. Let’s not fool ourselves, we lack youth attracting face in our party, it was satisfied by PK coming to our fold in 2014 and help us win. Lekapothe appude hole padedhi. Prasanth Kishore first target was to move PK away from TDP and he has done it successfully, vadem pichodu kadhu. CBN didn’t pay attention, ofcourse when u are in power u are confident. 2024 lo kuda we don’t have youth attracting face in our party, so pk is required lekapothe Triangle contest lo nashtapoyedhi maname. If Tuglak Jagan continues what he has done in past year for next 4 years there is outside chance for us going alone and winning.
  3. If TDP doesn't take-up the cause thinking about secularism, then AP is doomed too
  4. Kerala is gone case, Comrades become Atheists, Atheists have sympathy for peacefuls and Xtians. Later they get converted, Eg., north east states, Bengal and Kerala😁
  5. Don’t read too much @NandamurianEe SSK dude aina videos esi mammalni question chese vadu aina leftist we know his agenda why should I answer ani argue chesevadini. Ivala thane realize ayyadu so happies 😉
  6. Aa rajdeep sardesai tho interview video lo oka bit laagi, failures in last 6+ months okati telugu audience ki okati english audience ki TDP SM batch vadilithe circulate cheyochu, include matham conversions too. Govindaa ani oka video vadilaru telugu audience ki that was good
  7. Full flow lo unnaru ga.. ullo unna families kante road medha valle ekkuva unnatu unnaru. Ee 5 yrs lo oka 10% chesestharemo 😁
  8. Ee Rathee lanti batch antha cost aa ani cry chesthunte edho reply lo ani untaru le, ROI without TEV added is not a right measure to look at success of project. For first year, its achievement is it showed propagandists its place.
  9. Already lot of stalls there, please visit😀