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  1. Centre lo UPA vasthe and ikkada Jagan rakapothe, that will be the natural course that will take place.
  2. initially pooja time lo ledu le madhyalo couple of pics ki dooradu, full video post cheyochu ga clarity untadhi andhariki
  3. Adhe fake election promise antunnam secondary ani ignore cheyataniki memu emanna comrades aa we will call the bluff🤗
  4. Rahul official liar certified by France president, recently supreme court, most recently Oxford. Congroach Jihadi gang enni days ee liar ni mostharo endho
  5. Aa cong lutyens gang ki pressmeet kuda, he showed them their place and communicated directly to the masses
  6. 15L in every account was an analogy, more than BJP CON's spread it after elections, there was no major discussion about this in 2014. Comedy part enti ante Rahul says I was thinking about 15L and came up with NYAY, akkada bayatapadi poyindhi fakeness😂
  7. Nyay debatable fake form distribution by con's🙊