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  1. Asala contributed amount thelusukunnav anamata good
  2. I know pidis don’t understand but I have fun trying😁
  3. RJI fraud chesindhi ante, Modi ela vachado, alage vachi untadu 😂
  4. Why did CBN do MOU with Adani after he was out of NDA? ante edho reel estunnavu straight answer leka
  5. Clearly I said it has an IPO and there is a structure to it, and it is a public sector company, I though u will understand, kani ila bayatapadinappudu thelusudhi nee brain ki ekkaledhu ani, so nee language lo explain cheyali ante lekka lekunda 7k loss chupinchataniki idhemanna mee congress charity org anukunnava? ippudu ardhamaindha Ika public sector company profit ni konchem reserves lo, to build trust, and konchem shareholders ki like govt and public depending on percent isthadi which will later trickle down to public only, but through other route. ippudu banana valichinattu cheppina ekkakapothe
  6. Clearly said where u got caught, needheggira rhetoric thappa nothing left, cant even point to post lol inthaki naa question not answered
  7. Yes we will also accept it was bankrupt due to subsidies
  8. Expected inflation lo paying for subsidized For NS paying less than UPA2 times
  9. Thanks for accepting urs is conspiracy theory like those
  10. Ya I can comprehend, Adani mou deggira dorikipoyav, Later covering ki Adani kakunda vere vallu antav, vere vallu enthuku ante nenu annadhi Adani antav. Sarle kani. Inthaki Adani mata Modi vintada as per Naresh dude or as per you Modi gives warning to Adani aa