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  1. yes family member poyina feeling, some people have great impact on our lives
  2. WB lo em chesthunnado kuda cheppey padi untadhi
  3. BJP can win on its own if all 3 contest separately, with nitish baggage we will still cross the line.
  4. Momta madam denying WB farmers PM kisan funds, instead she is asking to transfer to state for distribution 😂
  5. Ya give Momta and her MP some sense and ask them to request industries to donate to WB sdma or include activities under covid in Cm relief fund, so that big pellows can donate seeing Momta face instead of crying.
  6. CBN needs padding, solo ga win avvala so far, so this is a valid argument until he wins solo.
  7. Momta face chusthe evaru ivvaledha? state govt ki funds ki ivvakunda PmCares ki icharu ani crying 😆
  8. Pilla fans reaction enti, aa Meera appudu thega hadavidi chesaru
  9. I saw couple of Hindu groups with lakhs of members, jaggad ni full esukuntunnai with memes not sure if they favour BJP or TDP.
  10. Nee 100rs prediction tho em chesam adhe cheddam