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  1. Ainni Comrade ani anthuke anta...avesam ekkuva...and...😁
  2. Chintakayalu ralakapovachu as AFA didn’t think the amount is huge, Indian firm is already under investigation under Augusta for 10x the amount mentioned here, so idhi kuda tag chesthe poyidhi side na investigation ki. Only difference Dassault paid here as per mediapart while in Augusta he paid to Indian officials.
  3. Ya 26/11 RSS ki saajish book release events etc matuku kanapadavu Pidi mata ki Jai
  4. Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh resigned today citing "moral grounds" hours after the Bombay High Court ordered the CBI to carry out a preliminary probe into former Mumbai police chief Param Bir Singh's allegations against him. "I don't want to continue as Home Minister as an investigation is on," said the resignation letter of Mr Deshmukh, who belongs to Sharad Pawar's Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). Mr Deshmukh had rejected calls for his resignation for weeks, saying he had done nothing wrong. His party had also ruled out his exit and after several meetings, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray's Shiv Sena had also fallen in line despite a strain within the alliance.
  5. Wheelchair performance ki 100 will remain a dream
  6. Adagandi..memu seppedhi septham...no problem. But Italian mafiaso ki matuku 🦶 sesedhi ledhu
  7. Prathi thread lo same tape lol, alternative ante bebebee...mee Raul bewarse ga unnadu ga rammanochu ga Kerala lo Swimming... Tamilnadu lo Biryani chese badhulu, konchem national media ki vrelledhi newsuuu Asala oka state ga kuda consider cheyani Italian mafiaso ki mee free paadha pooja 🦶subscription ento lol