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  1. Ninety non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Telangana and 168 in AP found to be violating foreign funding laws have been banned by the government this year. Among those whose registration under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010, has been cancelled include churches and educational institutions operating in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Seva Bharati, Hyderabad Archdiocese Educational Society and Satya Harishchandra Foundation (SHF) are among the violators’ list. The FCRA registration was cancelled mainly due to their failure to submit annual income and expenditure statement on foreign funding. The Union ministry of home affairs has made filing of annual returns mandatory for foreign contribution under FCRA. K Rajeshwar of SHF told TOI that they did not submit annual returns for two consecutive years. “Our foundation has not received a single rupee towards foreign donation after we enrolled ourselves under FCRA. We were supposed to file the annual returns, but we forgot to do so,” he agreed. SHF helps in cremating unidentified Modies in the city. In its order, MHA said: “It has been observed that the mandatory annual returns for 2017-18 have not been uploaded on FCRA portal by some of the NGOs even after the extended date of March 31, 2019. Non-filing of annual returns is a violation of Section 18 of the Act. A final notice was issued on June 22 to the defaulters, giving them an opportunity to file within 15 days. However, they have failed to submit the returns.” Under section 14 of FCRA, the Centre cancelled the registration of United Grace Ministries, St Paul’s Educational Academy, Shammah Ministries International, Rudrama Devi Mahila Mandali, Dhyana Ashram, Amma Nanna Ananda Ashramam, All India Christian Federation and Banjara Tribal Initiative. In AP, Rural Education and Development Society, Rayapati Charitable Association, YS Vijaxxxxx Charitable Trust, Philadelphia Zion Ministries and Aruna Mahila Mandali are among those whose registration has been cancelled. Secretary of Forum for Good Governance M Padmanabha Reddy said that FCRA should be amended to ensure that no religious organisation gets foreign funding. “NGOs should work to get funding from within India,” he told TOI.
  2. Necessities and investment in future growth ni luxury lo esava poni nee logic chusukunna nuvve contradicting why are you asking how much rbi reserve govt spending instead of asking how much it got?
  3. Light theesuko Gagoi CJI ainappudu okka magaadu, modi ki copper ye etc. superboles vadaru ippudu ila satisfy avvali mari 😁
  4. Enti compare ee threads lo pundits were expecting Rupee to hit 80+ and gas to hit 100+ end of 2018 😂. Stable ga unna kuda inka gas price gurinchi matladuthunnaru chudu 🤗
  5. How are these indicators? Why not capital expenditure which is all time high? Why not amount disbursed through schemes? why not inflation? why not RBI reserves which are all time high? Instead we should consider UPA’s NPA gift lol
  6. Aa google chesi vethikina point tharavatha line kuda post cheyalsindhi ga “However, a correspondent writing in The Hindu Business Line revealed that when he visited the project in July 2014, only 15 out of the 42 piers were "coming up", while the work on the rest had "barely" begun.” 2nd point ki eppudu vellaru kabatte....🤗 Bridge was started in 2002. Cong govt at Centre and Assam for 10 yrs.
  7. Avuna 2011-13 it was 6.7, 5.5 and 6.5. mari 8 ekkada amma 🤗
  8. India’s longest rail and road bridge, 4.94 km Bogibeel Bridge was inaugurated by the Prime Minister in 2018. It took a Modi Government at the Centre to give railway accessibility to the region. The Government ensured that 900 km tracks of broad gauge are laid in the region. 88-km Dhansiri-Kohima railway track that connected Kohima to the national railway network along with Rajdhani Express, Tripura Sundari Express, provided the long-awaited railway access to the region. The "Transformation by Transportation" policy of Narendra Modi included projects for more than 3,800 km of national highways and investment of Rs. 60,000 crore under the Special Accelerated Road Development and Rs. 30,000 crore under the Bharatmala project. There has been concerted push to connect the terrain through air in the past five years. An aviation manpower training institute, development of Rupsi airport, expansion of the air facility at Dimapur are some of the projects undertaken by the Modi Government to ensure the region gets adequate gateways to the rest of India. In 2016, Mary Kom, one of India’s finest sportsperson became a member of the Rajya Sabha. This was a matter of pride, not just for Manipur, but also for the entire region. Commitment of the central leadership to nurture sports talent is reflected in the first National Sports University at Manipur. In one of the pathbreaking policy announcements, the Government re-classified bamboo from tree to grass.Bamboo is critical to the economy of North Eastand this policy will provide a fillip to the regional economy since transportation of trees attracts certain restriction. An integrated large-scale Eri farming was launched in Arunachal Pradeshunder the North East Region Textile Promotion Scheme (NERTPS). Financial assistance to 4000 beneficiaries under the NERTPS has been announced along with skill training to Eri silk farmers and weavers.
  9. Aa sarle world is ending la undhi ee crying. Increased central funds disbursed through Central schemes and AP like all states benefited to an extent. Reorg demands implementation slow, for this I agree and say promises not met. When it came to Spl projects north and east got bigger pie. For other parts out of mid season election compulsions some were announced. Statue of unity is state project. Manaki VJA metro and cap metro ke viability sarigga undha ledha ani thinking inka bullet ante ela. It will take time.
  10. Enthuku vaalaniyyatla? I was consistent AP vishayam lo Modi and Shah mistake ekkuva ani. but cbn central leadership like vajpayee time lo deal cheddam anukotam mistake from his side antunna bcoz pilla BJP batch were not anti cbn at that time, at that strategy worked, this time they are from day 1 anti cbn and some were imports from cong with ycp leaning and cbn didn’t pacify them by offering something. Pai vallu chepthe vellu moosukuntaru le ani overconfidence. pk BJP aa lol ok. Pkishore debba ki PK was neutralized and u didn’t see through the game. Prathidi BJP game anukobatte ila ayyindhi. somu gvl Main ragam enti central schemes lo no modi photo ani, deeni ki Mosha dudes moosuko ani enthuku antaru? telugu vadiga putti antuu sentiments vadhule babayya when mistakes are there from our side too. It’s a big mess. All I can agree is BJP didn’t keep it promises to AP. Modi and shah were influenced, pkishore effort and local BJP leaders effort entha anedhi don’t know.
  11. Natural allies malli kalavali ani korukundham😁
  12. Already told na, other than increase in overall central scheme funds, for other projects priority given to North and East backward areas development, so that they contribute more to the central pool in long run.
  13. Meeru pettandi for each 5 yrs term Nehru and Indira chesinavi memu pedatham