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  1. Npower

    Ameer Babu

    Kadapa town -50 - correct...inkaa ekkuve raavachu Ameer babu vunte Produttur -10 - prastuta paristhitullo… more than 10 anukovachu… 15 to 20 Pulivendula -90 - intha raadu…. Satish Reddy effect baagaa vuntundi eee saari. around 30 to 40 anukovachu… thaggina aascharyam ledu. Kamalapuram -5 - TDP majority raavachu around 5 to 10 Badvel -5 - idokkate naaku artham kaani area. Jmd - Max 10+ - Ikkada 30+ manaku. Mydukuru - 10 No... ikkada 20+ ycp ki.
  2. Npower

    Ameer Babu

    Sorry, eee text is not correct, anduke edit chesaanu. Flow lo velli poyaanu. Actually Ameer babu Mayor gaa contest chesindi against Ravindranath reddy and not against Suresh babu. Kaanee Suresh babu ki vunna charitra maatram ide. Ayina Kadapa muslims peddagaa pattinchukoledu…. that time Balakrishna Yadav anukuntaa mayor abhyarthi. Babri masjid demolition appudu Kadapa town lo jarigina galaata lo Suresh Babu major hand & he lead thousands against muslims shops, businesses. Chivariki oka Mosque meedaki koodaa velli veerangam chesaadu Suresh Babu.
  3. Npower

    Ameer Babu

    Mayor gaa chesinappudu Kadapa lo majority muslims vundi koodaa…. Ravindranatha reddy ni gelipinchaaru. Yedo chesaadu ano, cheyyaledu ano kopam ledu janaalaki Ameer Babu meeda. Enduku paniki raadu eee candidate ane feeling thappa.
  4. Npower

    Ameer Babu

    Aaa badwel gurinchi peddagaa knowledge ledu kaanee… sitting MLA ni, YCP nunchi vachi YCP ki debba kottina vaadini enduku vaddanukuntunnaaro teliyatledu. Aaavala nunchi vachina vaallani teesukune tappudu yelaagoo ethics paatinchamu… adi ye party ayinaa… kaneesam vachinanduku vaallani kontha lo kontha ayinaa gouravinchaali kadaa. Vachinappudu kanduvaa kappi…. ippudu pattinchukoka pothe…. thagina SHAASTHI JARIGINDILE ani YCPians anukunetlu cheyyadam ento.
  5. Npower

    Ameer Babu

    Ahmadulla koduku Ashraf is far better. Kadapa lo richest kutumbam. Amjad basha ku kontha lo kontha bhayam vuntundi veellante. Ameer babu ki ticket confirm chesthe…. Ramzan, Bakrid, Christmas, Diwali annee kalipi oke saari chesukuntaadu… before elections itself.
  6. Npower

    Ameer Babu

    Kadapa assembly kosam empika chesaaru ani antunnaaru. ide nijam ayithe…. its better to drop contesting itself. Anavasaram gaa party fund waste, kaaryakarthala srama waste, manaku mental tension koodaa thappuddi. Evaru koorchuni salahaalu istunnaaro Babu gaariki…. vaalla paadaalu kadigi thala meeda challukovachu YCP vaallu.
  7. Adi mamoolu emotion kaadu le. Abbo…. daaniko history vundi.
  8. Mobile phone nundi long posts type cheyyaleka ventane reply ivvaleka poyaanu. Finally I am in front of PC. OK... KA & AP situation JP interview lo cheppagaa vinnaanu… and how NTR reacted like a statesman than...saying it KA also is part of India. Whatever, Among CMs like Ramakrishna Hegde, SR Bommai, MGR … you cannot find KCR like person... who constantly criticizes the other state responsible for everything. You cannot find KCR like person who says... only Hyderabadis knew all the things & Nizam only developed Hyderabad & no others can claim credit... including the Tankbund beautifier NTR. You cannot find a CM who wants the statues be demolished because they contain other state persons. List goes on my friend. No IQ is required to compare and judge... in fact your comparision is pathetic & you want someone to be saint while surrounded by Crocodiles.
  9. For him.. This is the time bro.. In fact... Perfect time. Ofcourse with best... But tell me where was such situation while NTR was alive with neighbouring States. We don't had a jealous brother as a neighbour. Tamil-nadu case is entirely different. Issues between states are common like even kauvery issue... But T is completely alien one.. Its like Hitler Germany now.
  10. Coming to being Statesman. Though no one can reach the great NTR's stature.. CBN is better than KCR and Modi too. See how CBN behaved with them in AMARAVATHI inauguration ceremony and how they responded tells the story. In fact inviting KCR itself is enough.. to say.. CBN did all that he can to maintain good relationship but there was no reciprocation.. Neither by neighbour state... Nor by the great Gujarat STATE MAN. PERIOD.
  11. These Ids were in peace all these days. Suddenly... 🙄
  12. Welcome back after long time Mr. Pervez. To other dB friends.. Don't go by his Id.
  13. Please make it sure... to watch the film MahaNayakudu with Friends and Family atleast once in this week. The muhoortam the film took of seems too bad... that, A History of the Legend has become a matter of fun for some elements. Damage is done... but, what about the damage control ??? Cadre is so complacent... why ??? Leave about the first part... the second part is getting good reports and a perfect tribute to the Legend's political journey. Why we are not giving attention to the founder's greatness. If any film made to make fun of him... the Mafia is lapping it up and making it sure their patronage. Even a small teaser done negatively on Annagaaru is spreading like a wild fire. So much negativity for a great man ???
  14. Npower

    Tdp wins with huge majority

    Assembly polls: Surveys hint at bigger win for TDP in Andhra Pradesh DECCAN CHRONICLE. | SNCN ACHARYULU Published Jan 27, 2018, 1:34 am IST Updated Jan 27, 2018, 3:10 am IST Naidu conducted the surveys through private agencies, which showed that the TD would get more seats than in the 2014 polls. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. (Photo: PTI) Hyderabad: Two surveys commissioned by Telugu Desam supremo and Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu point to the party bagging 140 to 145 seats in the Assembly elections in AP. Mr Naidu conducted the surveys recently through private agencies, which showed that the TD would get more seats than in the 2014 elections. According to sources close to Mr Naidu, the surveys revealed that in Rayalaseema, the TD had improved its position and would get more seats than in 2014. In Prakasam and Nellore districts, where the Reddy community is strong, the TD’s position continued to be weak. In spite of the agitation in the Kapu belt of Godavari districts, TD was strong and would retain its seats. In the 2014 elections, TD won 103 of the 175 seats and its ally BJP four. In Rayalaseema, the TD won 23 of the 52 seats. In Kadapa, the TD won one of the 10 seats and in Kurnool four of 14. The survey said the TD would improve its tally in two districts after strong YSRC leaders joined the TD. In Prakasam and Nellore districts where the Reddy community dominates, TD still continued to be weak. In Prakasam of the 12 seats, TD won five and in Nellore three of the 10 last time. In the coastal region, particularly in the two Godavari districts, the TD continued its top position despite the recent Kapu agitation. The surveys said that earlier, there was strong dissatisfaction with the TD government due to various reasons, but this time there was no such atmosphere. People were satisfied with pensions, ration supplies and other issues. The surveys said that in some quarters the youth were disappointed due to non-implementation of TD election promise of unemployment allowance to the educated. In some constituencies sitting MLAs should change as people were not happy with them, the surveys pointed out. The government image was good, but the performance of the MLAs were not satisfactory. ...
  15. Npower

    Tdp wins with huge majority