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  1. Edho vidamga sagar right canal ki water site baguntadhi. People are patiently waiting..
  2. It’s balancing reservoir to stabilize the krishna delta. The original idea was feasible 30 years back when we used get enough water and waste water to sea from sagar. While project kickoff there was no feasible study performed or evaluate previous one. It’s was just built to rob some money during jalayagnam days.
  3. gopi089

    Mangalagiri International Cricket Stadium

    C K Naidu Name petithe baguntundhi
  4. gopi089

    AP e-Pragati

    Personal experience: came for a visit to India. I bought a new car for my parents and taken special number and selected number though aprta.citizen.epragathi website bidding process got number in one day. What a smooth process no agent no money.
  5. gopi089

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Any rains in Krishna catchment in MH?