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  1. lol...Lakshmi's NTR movie piracy llo choochi vuntaaru le bhayya.....aa maatram emotion common ee......anni set avuthaayi ave...
  2. Dhaaniki pedda definition akkaraledhu brother...ee party tho affliate avvanodu ..evadu baaga chesthunnado choosi vaadiki vote vesetodu...kulalu mathalu pranthalu vanti primordial loyalties ki atheethamga vote vesetodu...vaade neutral voter....vaade prabhutvalani maarusthu untaadu eppudu...
  3. CBN Kastam entha undho indhullo ..Jagan vaipalyam kooda anthe undhi... His attempts to remove TDP voters from electoral list, covert relations with KCR and Modi...murder of his uncle Viveka and trying go shift blame on CBN..all of them had a cumulative affect on the neutral voters..
  4. Yes Professor garu.. As far as this elections are concerned...i have been talking to many people across the different spectrum of our society...more as an active observer rather than as an activist for any party...and i am thrilled to know that there is a positive feeling among significant sections for whatever CBN has done...be it Amaravathi, Pattiseema, Polavaram, Pensions, Dwacra women..etc etc... .100% sure of a positive mandate for CBN..
  5. victory to Avinash in GDV...
  6. Gurraalu gaadidhalu aiythaayi... Gaadidhalu Gurralu aiythaayi.. Antha matter of TIME...
  7. Bagunna babai..how about u.. Democracy is also a test for the general public not just for politicians...they make the right choices...they make their lives better...they make the lives of their co-citizens better....they exercise right judgement...they make their country better...ultimately people only get what they deserve.. Now that i am in ground zero...getting in close contact with people from diverse backgrounds and listening to their opinions almost on a daily basis first hand..some give me great hope...some seem utterly stupid and hopeless...overall it was mixed feelings throughout... This election is one of the most exciting i have ever witnessed...really a litmus test for the new state of Andhra pradesh...Hope and pray that the collective consciousness of our society will exercise better judgement , make right choices and vote for progress and development... Happy Ugadi wishes to you and your family..