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  1. Nuisance characters

    DB Posani Chandas....Thanks for your info.....
  2. Tarak you made it boss

    chettu kindha chilaka jyosyam cheppevaadi maadhiri saavalachcha sefuthaav nuvvu....avanni ippudu yeda check chesedhi....
  3. Tarak you made it boss

    ikkada jarige neralu goraalu okasaari choodhamani vachcha bro...
  4. Tarak you made it boss

    aa taruvatha Mahesh Bob tho kooda set chesthe baguntadhi antaav.... ranku nerchinamma bonku nervadha ani inevaadu undaale gaani emaina sefhaav.....
  5. Bandla ga

    ee Bandla gaadoka chillara kxkkx
  6. GST 2.0

    Capitalist Bob Miyya....isumantivanni inte aa chandas emayyipothaado.....
  7. Veedento ...veedi vidhanalento...
  8. Muslim apologetic state

    Marxist idealogue Chittajallu Chandas...
  9. CBN Biography

  10. National media is a blady myth...I don't think anyone takes them seriously, it has been proven so many times. Yes, we do lack affective spokespersons and need to fill that lacunae. And it's also true that we don't get good spokespersons overnight. Need sometime to get the right talents.
  11. Hmm...as long as we defend ourselves affectively at the state level, it should be OK..my personal opinion.. one solid action is more than equivalent to 1000 words. I hope the concerned minister will follow up and initiate appropriate action. Let the media rant as they always do...
  12. Appropriate action will be taken against those employees after due enquiry ...there is no point in blaming the minister for everything. Amen