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  1. Pennsylvania State University in Amaravati

    Upenn aithe Super! but Penn state also not bad
  2. Pennsylvania State University in Amaravati

    Penn state is very reputed Univ..
  3. PK vs Kathi Mahesh(peda kapu vs peda madiga)

    Seema bidda, Pileru Factionist Kathi ...The Boss
  4. NTR Amaravati International Airport

    yeh..naa uddesam kooda reclining gurinche. last year travelled from JFK to Delhi. had a horrible back ache cause of those seats. food kooda worst! But travel time maatram takkuve! dubai nunchi US ki air india flights levu kbatti. most likely emirates tho tie up avutharemo.
  5. NTR Amaravati International Airport

    @sonykongara Brother, thank you so much for keeping an eye on this development.
  6. NTR Amaravati International Airport

    Its a good beginning...however, US nundi AirIndia lo ravadaniki evaru prefer cheyaru cause of worst seating experience. this airline is a common choice for elderly people, who are not fluent with English. may be dubai varaku emirates lo vachi..baggage claim chesukuni, ee connection catch cheyyalemo.. gotta see how airindia treats connections with other airlines.
  7. How it works Three days before they plan to go out of station, they should open the app and click on “request to police watch”, enter their registration ID and enter the number of days, date and time from which they need police surveillance, the SP said. On receiving the request, the police would install an LHMS CC camera free of charge and synchronise it with the police control room. When any person enters the house, it will sound an alarm in the police control room, besides sending photographs and video to the control room
  8. Visionary Pedda kaapu gaaru

    Lets leave the past behind and move on, brother
  9. Visionary Pedda kaapu gaaru

    Nuvvu ani pilusthunnaru..do u even know me personally? Try to makntain decorum. get lost annadi edusthunnaru ani meeru post chesinabduku. Mundu evaru instigate chesaaro okasari thread antha chadivithe arthamavuthundi. Btw, CBN ni vyangangaa ante whats wrong in it? Naa anukunna vaallaki anyayam chesthunnadu kabbaatti annaanu. U dont have right to say a fellow member as” edusthunnaaru”. mondiga vaadinchakandi. lets leave it here!
  10. Visionary Pedda kaapu gaaru

    Looks like a few brothers here are supporting CBN no matter what. Thats ok. but victims ayina OCs ne “ ippatidaaka musukunnaaru”, “ edusthunnaaru”, “ emi peekaaru” ilaa antunte, no one is even objecting it. I personally dont live in India and this reservation does not impact me at all. However, I felt the wrongness in his decision and expressed my dissent . I am more furious cause CBN is one of the role models i look up to. any way, since you all like his decision, i request Admin / moderators to remove this thread!
  11. Visionary Pedda kaapu gaaru

    Munduga 2 page lo nidrapothunnarni, edchatani instigate chesindi tamare. later on you realized it and edited “edusthunnaru” as “baadhapaduthunnaru” ani. ippudu “anni musukuni “ ani andamaina bhasha modalu peduthunnadi kooda meere! i cant stoop down to your level. kindly excuse this thread!
  12. Visionary Pedda kaapu gaaru

    anduke mudragada 9th schedule lo christhe kaani promise fullfill ayinattu kaadu ani koosthunnaadu. he will be ready with tiffin plate and sambar ginne..if situation demands.
  13. Visionary Pedda kaapu gaaru

    hmm.. however, ilanti desparate promises ika meedanaina apithe ade padivelu
  14. Full meals (10%) anukunte tiffin (5%) maatrame vachindanta. ika nunchi tiffin plates..sambar ginnelu mogisthu bediristhademo