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  1. Mana Db lo..unna Gujju lickers kooda gamaninchandi. entha Desa Bhakthi..ane ruchi antinchina......its poisonous.. in the end.🙏🤓
  2. Desa drohullam andaram..oke thread loki cheraam kadaa? 🤣 Northie slaves ..itu raaru Le. 🤓
  3. Pravan Kalyan...kotha bichagadu.(baffaGaadu).with naamaaalu..and botlu..🤣
  4. So..seema ki vachina Kia and mobile companies gurinchi maatrlaadaru. Pakka zilla ki vachina AIMS meeda matram baadha padatharu. mari..krishna vaallu kooda..Kia and sri city maaku raaledu ani cry cheyochugaa? appudu emi samadhanam chepthaaru? there is nothing wrong in demanding a good hospital For any location..but krishna, guntur ki edi vachina..edusthu unte..God only can save AP.
  5. BJP wants instability..where they don’t have stakes. thats how they remain..prominent. Sheer negative politics. northies slaves ki maatram.. happy.. 🤓🙏
  6. Northies Boot lickers .. happy aa? 😁
  7. Paduchu Admin...emaina.. vere laa alochisthunnaaraa? 😆 Ap is gone case..because of the ppl in it. Surrender ayina vaallu,,.musali ayina..paduchu ayina..theda emi ledu🤣
  8. Telugu vaallu..Mana chethi tho..kathi ichaamu ..in the name of TG split. its just a start.. inka chala chestharu bjp vaallu. they r ruthless..moral less creatures. be ware and just try not to get too much involved in politics at all. thanks to tekugu bjp slaves for giving me the enlightenment. 🙏
  9. Haha,,,this is exactly what BJP wants. another turmoil in the minds of Telugus. as long as they don’t have stakes..they want that state to go ramshackle. thats the only way,,they will remain prominent. northie bosses 🙏
  10. Stakes leni states..entha gaa disturbed gaa unte..maaku antha scope untundi grow avvadaaniki. maaku ila undadame kaavalsindi. - itlu Baffas aka..slaves.
  11. This state already lost its revenue sources. Also their morale was put down at the parliament. these were the reasons for this temporary benefits..again..reiterating..its a temporary provision. so,,now u r saying that..mana state ki asalu avi ivvadame tappu. Center andarini samaanam gaa chusthundi ani. so..u r vouching for their act. no wonder..we telugus couldnt keep a state together with this submissive attitude. 🙏 ika eppudu meetho ee discussion Lo participate cheyyanu. Telugu vallalo okaru taggi..northie count lo okaru petigaaru anukuntaa.. 👋
  12. Can you kindly stop down playing the damage? some aspects aa? Congi manchi ani memu anadam ledu. adi worst ani cheppi..power loki vachi..vaallakante worst gaa teesukupothunaru indian politics ni. you have absolute majoand have a great chance to change the face of the coun.,yet u continue in the age old..grab by hook kr crook method. some aspects avvaledu ante..migatha aspects emi unnayi. nenu adigina 4 pooints ye major promised. avi cheyyakundaa..unna party ki vathasu palukuthunnaru meeru..congress ane boochi chopinchi. meeru..congress kante..yela different..when it comes to Ap? May be much more worse. capital vishayam lo..meru play chesthunna dual games ki kooda ..congress Ye reason aa? idi kooda some aspect yenaa mee drushti lo?
  13. So,,memu blame chesthunnam re org points tho...but U guyz wont respond..because u r seeing us as helpless miniature.. U dont care ?,u dont even consider Ap as a part of india. U can play with regional parties and continue to enjoy ur power. no morals. ur morals and bharatheeyatha is only limited to whatsapp messages. u r more menacing than earlier governments 😏 yet..some telugu ppl take part in this crime with no guilt. 😏
  14. Nenu adigedi mimmalni ade! alaa negative politics chesthunna ..much more worst party ki .,enduku supporting ani? Meeru, gvl, kanna , ouran garu, ilaa..telugu supporters Unnaru kaabatti.. he is taking ap as granted. U r also partly responsible for Ap’s pathetic, plight .
  15. Mosha gaalla support undi Jagan ki. anavasaram gaa ..paranaala meeda ki techukovadam waste. nature ye ..edo oka correction chesthundi. appati varaku..its better be active in the media than in the field.