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  1. Ignore that scumbag. He is a nuisance to this DB.
  2. AndhraBhoomi’s english version. VenkatRamReddy ..an age-old opponent of Ramoji.
  3. YSJ meeting ki janam leru ani post chesthe..andulo kooda CBN ki ekkuva ravadam pedda neram annattu edupu. thu nee bathukh cheda! 😑
  4. “Jenda peekeddam” article vachindi eenadu lo. Aa news tattukoleka Ramoji film city gate ekki hadaavidi chesaaru pichi fans. Cut chesthe vaalla mutha mesthri...bishana ethesaadu, within a few months. 😁
  5. Actually He also wishes TDP to be in power in AP. but Hinduism ki BJP help chesthundane nammakam(Bhrama according to us) tho he is leaning towards the faku duo.😔
  6. Inthakumude kadaa TANA vaallu RamMadhav ni kaaka paduthunnaaru ani post chesaaru. So is he going to be the new chillar leader? and of-course yelaaguu..BJP touch cheyyagaane..chillara clouds tolagipoyi..TANA batch antha nationalism tho puneethulavuthaarule..
  7. VJA lo house anedi surrounding districts vaallaki oka dream annattu. That perception itself will propel the real estate to an extent. also , akkada majority landlords are kadupu nindina batch. They won’t sell anything unless we offer them a price which is a decade in the future 😉
  8. TANA ki kooda Mee specially designed EVMs tho elections jarapabothunnaaraa?
  9. Meanwhile he is searching for some irrelevant internet write up to blame CBN for the raise of BJP in TG...