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  1. https://twitter.com/hashtag/2DecadesOfNTREra
  2. Rajamouli is misrepresenting the character of Khomaram Bheem to prove that he is top notch director- A stupid attempt. He is not invincible. He better correct it while still is in formative state. It may damage the movie to a large extent, that will also dilute NTR Jr performance. Rajamouli should give the character played by NTR Jr a different name and avoid misrepresenting Khomaram Bheem. https://www.patrika.com/bollywood-news/controversy-over-look-in-director-rajamouli-film-rrr-6498888/
  3. A country that has more politicians than real bread winners will get poor. And this forum is one of them. More politicians of Babu than fans of Nandamuri hang in this forum
  4. Brother Teaser 2 Voice over is un-impressive and diluted NTR Jr's excellent visual presence, and so why do we need the 8D Audio? Try to have 8D of first Teaser 1 where NTR Jr voice-over overpowered the visual presence of the other actor. In Teaser 2 the style has been copied syllable for Syllable from Teaser 1 voice over. No actors can be of equal caliber. Rajamouli Best actors first choice has always been NTR Jr and he has said in very clearly in his interviews many times.
  5. Rajamouli is a Bigg manipulter, He & Prabhas made Bigg bucks out of it In the recent Teaser 2 that he released in Bigg Haste on October 22, 2020, he instead of putting highlight on revolutionary Komaram Bheem he plagiarized NTR's Hyderabad style Muslim look from Janatha Garage. He should realize that no two actors can be of the exact same caliber. He plagiarized NTR's syllable for syllable voice over from Teaser-1 in Teaser-2. By doing so he has diluted NTR as a artiste to low levels. Agree NTR Jr as Komaram Bheem sneaks into Nizams palace but that look does it have to be exact as in Janatha Garage? Rajamouli if you say that the story is total fictional then avoid using the historic names Alluri SitaRamaRaju and Komaram Bheem in the movie. Why not name the characters something fictional then would not get resistance or lawsuits? You would lot of effort being resistant. Rajamouli stealing ideas for Bigg actor NTR Jr is not appreciated. NTR Jr please hesitate to do such sections we fans of both NTR's do not care who the director is? Anna NTR and Jr NTR fans condemn this attempt.
  6. Where you have included politics in Chatroom stabbing happen. Did we not get that from the murder of Anna NTR still.
  7. Awesome NTR Jr. Sad even one guy in the forum has not responded. So understand NTR Sr/Jr Fans and all other Nandamuri actor fans that this site is SOLD out to stooges.
  8. Waiting for your glimpse NTR Jr. NTR the 3 letters that I cherish. I hope Rajamouli will do justice to you of what he promised after engaging you for over 2 years? You should do more movies than a movie in a year/two years. Anna NTR used to do 8 to 10 movies in his prime time.
  9. Waiting for your glimpse NTR Jr. NTR the 3 letters that I cherish. I hope Rajamouli will do justice to you of what he promised after engaging you for over 2 years?
  10. Admin I don't know what kind idiots you keep in this Forum. Yes we Hindus also pray Buddha as he is avatara of Vishnu. Buddha is an avatara of Vishnu and yes we were once all praying Buddha. Anna NTR did not order for make the Buddha statue and host in Hussain sager. Asoka the emperor of the larger India was a Hindu that also prayed Buddha. Remove these idiots that split the society.
  11. Why not when people work deceitfully day and night and make Anna NTR's fight for Telugu go to drain? Where to some to get our Telugu's pride to drain is the sole purpose why not?
  12. Songs that never impressed me. Just being tall doesn't make anyone an actor. Rajamouli just adjusted the story and graphics to the core to earn money and adding to it false earnings figure that can never be verified.
  13. Remembering NT Rama Rao updated: May 29, 2020 8:33:43 amhttps://indianexpress.com/photos/entertainment-gallery/ntr-97th-birth-anniversary-rare-photos-6430749/ 1 / 11 Legendary Telugu actor Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, popularly known as NTR, would have been 97 years old today if he were alive. On the birth anniversary, many celebrities and politicians have been paying tributes to the thespian who left behind a rich legacy both in the film industry and politics. 2 / 11 NT Rama Rao embodied the spirit of entrepreneurship in a period when a government job was considered a key to a secure and comfortable life. He quit his sub-registrar job to pursue opportunities in film acting in the late 1940s. Here, NT Rama Rao is seen with Anjali Devi in Jayam Manade. (Express archive photo) 3 / 11 NTR made his screen debut in a minor role of a police officer in Mana Desam (1949), and as they say, the rest is history. His first lead role was Palletoori Pilla. Here, NT Rama Rao is seen with Jamuna in Naya Aadmi. (Express archive photo) 4 / 11 Director Kadiri Venkata Reddy's iconic movie Pathala Bhairavi catapulted him to superstardom, and he never looked back. Here, NT Rama Rao is seen with Savitri in Missamma. (Express archive photo) 5 / 11 NTR found tremendous success by bringing to life numerous mythological characters in Mayabazaar, Vinayaka Chavithi, Bhookailas, Seetarama Kalyanam, Lava Kusa, to name a few. Here, NT Rama Rao is seen with Padmini in Sampoorna Ramayanam.(Express archive photo) 6 / 11 NTR rose through the ranks of the film industry and achieved demi-god status by playing the role of Lord Venkateshwara in Sri Venkateswara Mahatyam. So much so that a pilgrimage to Tirupati was not complete for many without getting ‘NTR Darshanam’ at his house. (Express archive photo) 7 / 11 Of the 300 films in NTR's career, a significant number of them were directed by the actor himself. He also wrote screenplays for many of his films. (Express archive photo) 8 / 11 The most iconic movie NTR ever created was Daana Veera Soora Karna (1977). He wrote, produced, directed and played multiple lead roles in this magnum opus. (Express archive photo) 9 / 11 NTR played the roles of Karna, Lord Krishna and Duryodhana in Daana Veera Soora, which was based on Mahabharata. It is not an exaggeration to say that it was the biggest movie event of the 70s. (Express archive photo) 10 / 11 NTR won several prestigious awards, including three National Awards. He was bestowed with the Padma Shri in 1968. (Express archive photo) 11 / 11 Arguably, no other actor after NTR has managed to garner unconditional love and devotion from fans of Telugu cinema. (Express archive photo) Govindu adds: To beat NTR there should be 345 movies. No one will ever will.
  14. Bollywood is held by the Goons
  15. Last Updated: 11th October, 2020 17:33 IST Did You Know Jr.NTR’s Brindavanam Was Remade In Marathi With Raqesh Bapat & Pooja Sawant? https://www.republicworld.com/entertainment-news/regional-indian-cinema/jr-dot-ntrs-brindavanams-marathi-remake-casts-raquesh-bapat.html Fans will be surprised to know that Jr.NTR’s Brindavanam was remade in the Marathi language with Raqesh Bapat and Pooja Sawant. It had 6 remakes,the 2nd highest remade movie in India. Written By Pooja Dhar Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, most commonly known as Jr.NTR or Tarak, is the grandson of Telugu actor-politician NT Rama Rao. He is himself an Indian actor and television personality, who is predominantly known for his works in the Telugu movie industry. In 2010, the actor played the lead character in the Telugu language action romantic movie, Brindavanam. The movie was highly acclaimed and a huge commercial success. But, fans will be surprised to know that Jr.NTR’s Brindavanam was remade in the Marathi language with Raqesh Bapat and Pooja Sawant. Read further ahead to know more about the Marathi remake of the movie. Jr.NTR’s Brindavanam's Marathi remake In 2010, Jr.NTR played the lead character in the Telugu language action romantic movie, Brindavanam. The movie has been written and directed by Vamshi Paidipally and produced by Dil Raju under the banner of Sri Venkateswara Creations. The movie cast Jr.NTR, Kajal Aggarwal, and Samantha Ruth Prabhu in the lead roles while Prakash Raj, Srihari, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Mukesh Rishi, Tanikella Bharani, and Brahmanandam as the lead characters. The movie was highly critically acclaimed and a huge commercial success at the box-office. The movie has also been remade in many languages. In the Marathi language, Jr.NTR’s Brindavanam has been remade as Vrundavan (2016). The remade version of the movie has been directed by TLV Prasad, and cast Pooja Sawant, Raqesh Bapat, Sameer Deshpande, and Bharat Ganeshpure as the lead characters. The plot of the remade version of the film revolves around the Mr-fix-it Krish who decides to help his girlfriend’s best friend by posing as her boyfriend until he decides to completely fix her family problems and reunite them as a whole. Brindavanam became the second biggest hit of the Telugu movie industry in 2010 after Nandamuri Balakrishna's Simha. The movie was also remade in the Odia language as Love Master, in the Kannada language as Brindavana, in the Bengali language as Khoka 420, in the Bhojpuri language as Hum Hai Jodi No.1 and in the Bangladeshi language as Buk Fatey To Mukh Foteyna. Having six remakes, the movie is one of the nine movies that are the second highest remade movies in India.
  16. Brother You could change your comment and remove by irresponsible comment

  17. Hi Sir, Thank you for some changes you are making. Probably that is why the Discussion board is publicly not visible.