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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lsbWlGKWdM
  2. Still not able to understand why NTR Jr missed Nandi Award for Temper. Best actor is chosen on the basis of acting skills the actor/actress has depicted in a particular movie in that year. I have seen NTRs and Maheshs movies and Jr NTR has shown unique never shown before acting skills and Mahesh has nothing new to offer? There is nothing special that Mahesh has done to deserve Nandi over Jr NTR? ...? Thanks NTR had 2 movies with great acting in 2016 NTR could have been missed by judges for 2016 Nandi as well but thanks to NTR he had 2 movies of great acting skills and that made the judges think twice and also something.....
  3. Temper deserved the best actor and many a Awards in 2015.
  4. Yes I agree. NTR was top notch in Temper that no other actor could have done in that year. Mahesh forget about him he is no way close to NTRs performance.
  5. 9 Nandi Awards for Legend

    Happy for BalaKrishna. Congratulations!
  6. 8 Nandi Awards for Janatha Garage & Nannaku Prematho

    Happy for you Jr NTR. Congratulations!