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  1. We salute with love & respect Akkineni Nagarjuna Garu from our hearts Best from the NTR and NTR Jr fans
  2. Govindu

    Aravindha Sametha 50 Days Posters

    Congratulation NTR
  3. Govindu

    TG Elections Servey

    Awesome! but Nothing to Celerbrate as TDP Anna's party will be not holding the reigns and also we have put Anna soul to shame.
  4. Govindu

    Kphb bettings

    Yes we will make Akka Suhasini win. If we contested all 119 seats we would have won many. It is that 3 lettered word N.T.R that would have resonated all across. Leadership should be better and sound and not be short sighted i.e.: Should not be worrying about the results.
  5. Jai Anna NTR, Jai HariKrishna, Jai Jai NTR Jr and Kalyan Ram TDP could have contested all 119 seats with Anna NTR name attached to it but No, Shameful seat contesting in Telangana and Suhasini garu please revert it next elections Telugu Desam Party L. Ramana 15 2 13