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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7rwaAHpWmM
  2. Ha Ha is Modi a Thug now. Last election it was Sonia Gandhi? Who are you fooling man?😋
  3. Brother I was in India and AP in month of March 2019 and did not see anything like this what you described? Also the election commission of India has evolved to be the best in the world. So what are we worried about?
  4. True after Naidu but is a joke as of now
  5. Govindu

    I Go Crazy

    Brother I am 58 years person and so I was right there and know what IS FAKE. This site of Nandamuri actors is misused for last two decades for supporting Naidu and his evil? Are you challenging me and other Anna NTR and Jr NTR fans? We will provide bigger evidence to dig Grave for Naidu.