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  1. Kheema kottali ee chetta naa kodukuni
  2. U seriously think Modi did justice to Ap??? Special Status?? Special Package??
  3. And I still don't know how this ducker who claims to be a champion on corruption can favour Jagan and make him win. Duck u Modi.
  4. 10 percent Ebc quota is a great move by Modi. Can't duck him on that. But it still doesn't change the step motherly attitude towards South India and Ap in particular.I pray the ducker rots in hell for the injustice done to my people.
  5. It's not built with government money. It's built with donations people give.
  6. Build a magnificent temple like an Akshardham Temple.
  7. ofcourse we wont deny the good things he had done. But we wont stop hating him either for treating us like we dont exist.
  8. There is India beneath the Vindhya hills....Its called South India....we do exist Mr.Modi.
  9. Good Job Modi,but duck you for considering South Indians as second grade citizens.