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  1. Nothing some pitta Katha's,some motivation for health care workers, police etc. Horror news only after 8 pm
  2. Drama artist lu Desam ni nadipithey ilanay untadhi
  3. And he talking of opening the country for Easter. Insane.
  4. For him only power matters. Ikkada Modi ayina anthey....power kosam evm tampering tho Cbn ni nalipesaadu
  5. If markets collapse it will pinch 99 percent Americans and his poll prospects will go the drain.
  6. Potential wipe out of villages can happen.
  7. Massive crowding happened in bus stands and railway stations last 2 days
  8. These people who were infected in metro cities will go home and transmit infection to their old debilitated parents at home.
  9. Corona debbaki Trump re-election is out of question aa?