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  1. Jaitra

    CBN Heroic Intro @UN

    B odi ga plz die.
  2. Jaitra

    Punjab local body elections

    Modi sachedin aa...lol
  3. Jaitra

    Feeling proud that I casted vote to CBN

    Lokesh has been saying this....Country lo manamay first ani cc roads veyyatam lo
  4. Jaitra

    Feeling proud that I casted vote to CBN

    Mottam cement roads ga....super
  5. Jaitra

    Grand welcome for cbn in us

    50 mandhi unnara Ani govindu vumcle asking
  6. Jaitra

    Operation Kumara

    very low level cheap and criminal fela veedu
  7. Jaitra

    Brain drain 2.0

    DB lo egos ki pokunda discussion nadapandi brothers... I think at least people in this political section are very mature to keep aside their egos and debate on the topics.
  8. Jaitra

    Brain drain 2.0

    Ee coins endho,paatha kaalam lo Golden coins la,okka mukka ardham kaadhu naaku
  9. Jaitra

    Brain drain 2.0

    Luvntr bro,koddiga cool ga nadapandi bro discussion ni...If you and Andhrudu discuss cooly,ignorant people like me,will get to understand.