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  1. smartdesi99

    General Elections 2018

    max on time lone pedatharemo le. within three months avithe central govt take decision anukonta state can't say no.
  2. smartdesi99

    Renu Desai getting married again?

    Personnal life valla istam. Days changed now no discrimination between Boy and Girl.
  3. smartdesi99

    Lagadapati rg flash team survey

    Final ga Lokesh ekkadaninchi poti chestadu.
  4. smartdesi99

    Lagadapati rg flash team survey

    final ga caste card and money plays Role in tight seats.
  5. smartdesi99

    Jagan Paadayatra

    Days changed now people also mudurulu not like 80's.
  6. smartdesi99

    TDP kanchukotalu

    120 varaku possible emo 2019 lo
  7. smartdesi99

    Which Party?

    BJP large party avutundi after 2019 elections lokuda apudu kuda ede procedure emo. Rahul gandhi too weak to fight against MODI and Shah.
  8. smartdesi99

    TDP Vs BJP+YSRCP+Janasena in Jan-2019

    Votes congress ki Seats BJP ki CM seat JDS ki
  9. smartdesi99

    Govt employee about the TDp

    antha mudiri poyaru everyone needs easy money and free bees media corrupt people corrupt its tough to develop.
  10. smartdesi99

    Govt employee about the TDp

    Nidadavolu Rajeev anukontunna for YSRCP.
  11. smartdesi99

    Govt employee about the TDp

    Nidadavole tight untundi ee sari. Kovvur core TDP.konchem tough avina win avvuddi TDP.
  12. smartdesi99

    Madhavi Latha

    JVC brother rate bale cheppav ga. correct info
  13. smartdesi99

    Tv5/flash survey

    got it
  14. smartdesi99

    Tv5/flash survey

    JD key ga avithe