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  1. 175 pawala 2 to 5 anutunnaru TDP 100 YSRCP 70 ee range lo antunnaru most of the Observers. Govt meeda anti em ledu at the same time pro kuda ledu. Govt meeda neutral opinion undi. at the same time Jagan ki vote veyyalane positive points emi levu unless one chance slogan.
  2. Konchem atu etu ga 180 to 200 madya settle avutharemo le.
  3. No MP seats man. max Vizag has chance anthe not sure shot.
  4. pawala gajuwaka win annamata avithe. Bhimavaram doubt antunnaru.
  5. rahul mayavathi mamatha modi I think these 4 only chance.
  6. mayavathi mamatha CBN KCR Naveen patnaik Mulayam stalin inka main list veyyandi reasonable MP's vacche vallu.
  7. em kadule bayya CBN vasthe Andhra luck Jagan vasthe Andhra bad luck anthe. anthaku minchi emi jaragadu. media corrupt...... leaders corrupt...... People corrupt........
  8. yes they need.but single largest party valle le.
  9. Tiger ni vadileyandi he will retire eitherway.
  10. Endi maa tiger kuda womanizer aa. Endo le Brahma keina puttu rimma tegula.
  11. maa tiger first time loss emo. by any chance if he wins he will retire with no defeat in his political career.
  12. didn't follow whole issue