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  1. Bhayya, konchem harsh ga chebutunna try to understand Last 20 years gaa work chesa antunnaru, andulo CBN leadership lo kooda work chesaruga mari intha kaalam teliyaledaa ayana gurinchi? Antha kaalam leader gurinchi ardam kaaledu anna... telisi kooda chesanu anna miru chesindi chaala foolishness! inka miru aa foolishness lone vunnaru, ikkada roju villatho disco vesukunte ami vastundi? kaasta alochinchandi, you not gonna gain anything here. Instead, find someone who can takeover TDP and work with them to takeover TDP or wait for some one to takeover and work with them. Roju ila ikkada disco vesokavadam valla ami prayojanam? You are going to get any thing, even your frustration wont get down instead it will pileup.
  2. Ego ki poyi godavari lo eeta kodataaniki pote digetappudu herogane chustaaru, digaaka am chustaro cheppakaraledu
  3. Yeah, very true... I too agreed with you on your criticism when the comments were made during the time when needed. But bringing up topic which was discussed so many times and has been long time...! not going to help any one. We have expressed what we felt and people who has to know and correct have to deal with, not us. If we are not happy with how it is being dealt, we have to either go with other alternatives or travel with it when we are not up to take over and change it. Getting obsessed with it, when we can not stand to correct only lead to frustration and hate. Better to avoid that for our own peace.
  4. Thanks... Accepted, acknowledged and feeling enlightened...Good job...
  5. Gundello CM... Kapdupulo PM andiraayyaa... flow lo inka kindaki ellamaaka... tattukolem
  6. Yes, in all news papers including Sakshi. It was "hold allocations to Amaravathi as there are lot of irregularities in there. We will come with 'sastriya vidanam' for funds after the enquiries.
  7. Avunu, "Whose capital Amaravathi" ani oka IAS and worked as Cheif Secretary for AP raasina book. So, Amaravathi ane capital ni kattadam oka kutra mariyu vyardam...!
  8. Jagratta, lekapote 370 raddu chesina prantam lo vadileyyagaladu