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  1. Brother, would you still stand on point people does not vote for good leader even if TDP wins this election?
  2. I don't know about her, any reasons why harsh comments her pm aspiration?
  3. Any travel arrangements from Banglore? please let me know
  4. voreedi... Veedu 2009 lo akkina machine inka digaledaa.... Jaggadu akkindi dream machine antunnaru, mari villu akkiindi daani mummy mechine naa...?
  5. Mosapovadam oka tiru, telisi nettimida pettukovadam ante adi vere range le bhayya.... Daarilo smasanam vundani deyyam thodu vaste bagundu anukunnadu anta...
  6. RPSNP -- Regional parties saaanka naake party
  7. Win(90%): 1) Pasupu kumkuma, Annadatha Sukhibhava, pensions (Grabbed votes of women and elder people) 2) Retained former voting with pattiseema, progress of polavaram and ettipotalu 3) AP situation, people thinking he can only develop in this situation Loose (10%): 1) One chance to Jagan campaign + people believing BJP will come to power and will screw state to take grudge on CBN 2) Kaps voting 3) Failure to publicize achievements and other schemes
  8. Endi ee racha... inko 30 days tappademo
  9. Chal tiyh, ittantivi saana soosinam... next elechanla kooda maa saare CM
  10. About videos on TRS, chal tiyy... ittantivi chaana susinam... next elechanla kooda maa saare CM
  11. So sad... would not have happened.