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  1. Ivanni ilane chebutaru bro, result different ga vuntadi
  2. Constables ki stars vundava dress mida?
  3. Pink diamond ville lepesi, asalu ledani antunnaremo
  4. you will feel content only when you see others, you are talking to, hurt internally or start arguing with you. If you observe group of people of like minded sit and criticizing some one, one of the member will raise some good nature of the person they are talking about like 'aina kaani vaadu alanti manchi pani chesadu kadara'. It is because with out some counterpoint they wont get the high of the acrid they make. I think 'you' understand what I mean. Ignore threads of such nature, they will sting here for sometime and ultimately they will find some other place where they get high.
  5. Caste descrimination in name of panchamas/untouchables existed even before english men ruled our country. we are weak, we can not accept wrong with us and find solace in libeling. Even during British period we have people who did fight against wrong thing in our culture like untouchability, sati, vitantu punarvivaha nishedam (we have people in Telugu land also). It is this generation/we who are weak, political parties caste hatred provoke chestu raajakiyam chestunna munduku vachi anti meeru chesedi ani prasninche dairyam lekunda bratukutunnam.
  6. AA amount amundi, migadaaniki vallaki icecream chikinanta time paddadu...
  7. Awesome... What a knowledge....🙏 We would like you to be our PM... Jai Vihari Jai Jai Vihari
  8. Ee video lu chusi T & AP elections taruvaata mabbulu vidipoyaayi, AP janala mida nammakam ledu... last lo ala ina shift avutaaru..
  9. chatt.... FM announcements gurinchi pandaga chesukokunda andi mi racha!