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  1. 3 kakapothe 10/10 India loney untay..... that’s not the point. Who is he to judge us ? That too during a presidential debate when whole world listens to him? Minimum manners anedhi ledu Trump gadiki....
  2. Wow..... trump gurinchi adigithe Kamala annadu.... malleee Pak annadu..... Xi and Imran vacharu....... ori naayanaaa meeeku telisindi idheee kadaaaa 😆😆 answer cheyyatam cheta kaaadu.... only diversions!
  3. So you prefer being tagged as filthy! Wow atleast you Bhakts agreed what you are!
  4. I never supported Kamala’s statement. Infact I will condemn any statement which is pro Pakistan! Enduku divert chestav topic ? Mee Bhakts ki topic divert cheyyatam tappa edhi chetakaadu le.... insecure souls!
  5. When we say about Trump’s comment on India - Bhakts bring Kamala’s comments on Pakistan! What a acting amma! induku kaadu Telugus Easy ga divide ayyedhi....!
  6. Is it global environmental forum to comment on India? Even if it is a global environmental forum, can he use the word “filthy” to describe us? damn.... where is the National feeling in you guys? It would only come out for fake things ?
  7. He he..... who is trump to abuse our country ? Ikkada Bhakts ki nationalism gurtu raadhaaa ? or may be right wing kabatti discounted ah?
  8. Vadevado anadam endhi? Asalu oka country ni alaa anadam sense ledu Trump gadiki malleeee aadi statement ni supporting ah!
  9. Trump humiliated Bhakts twice! debate 1 : India is putting up fake numbers regd Covid debate 2 : Air in India is filthy!
  10. Suddenly unemployment in AP increase with this GO!
  11. Choostaaaa undandi..... general ga power shift will be seamless. But this time power shit will have some bloodshed.... BJP vallani kukkkalni kotti nattu parigettinchi kodataaaru konni places lo.....
  12. Cycle ni adhikaram loki teste prajala future kooda improve avtundi ani slogan teeskellali
  13. Mana TDP loni “elite” cadre tho problem idhe! aayana khaaleee ga time pass chese type person kaadu..... ayanaki nachindi cheskonivvandi..... liked below video
  14. Peddayana musugu lo maa party gurinchi enduku neeku?
  15. Cabinet ni Reddies tho overload chesina Jagan ki entha fine eyyali?
  16. Prateeeedi alaaaga lekkalu esukokandi.....
  17. Ah header lo peddayana picture teesi Modi gadi picture pettukomanandi.... and also site name Modi fans discusssion board ani petti chuddam... 20 members kooda undaru.....
  18. Ban for that post ? Seriously ? I too reported multiple times on these Bhakts and the report button is a big joke in This DB! NaMoDB ani name change cheskondi.... enduku Nandamuri fans ani musugu and BJP bhajana ?
  19. we can still do it. If you observe, In the video the author clearly pointed out Prof Nageswar's priority. 25/45 videos in 10 days on just one topic and Prof Nageswar might have crossed 50 videos mark by now. lets circulate every small points. thats a good way to start.
  20. If Amaravati people have 1% pride, YCP and BJP batch ni kukkkkalni kottinattu parigettinchi kottandi