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  1. Bhakts emo Chinese products ban chesthey China out annattu build up istaaru!
  2. Next election tarvatha chestaadu. Eedu merge cheyyali antey eediki MLA Hodha undaalani rule pettukunnademo.....
  3. 2020 kalla super power chesesaarugaaaaa! 1 USD = 1 INR! Black money vachesindhi..... make in India super hit and every country is asking for that model! Fast track courts pettesam and we punished each and every financial terrorist! And btw, we have the world’s largest no of smart cities!
  4. Balcony lo chappatlu kottukuntu desa bhaktulam ani cheppukoney batch personal attacks ki digajaaraka inkem chestaaru le!
  5. Chinese products ban chesey scene sintakay manaki unnaya ? Just question yourselves.... walk around your house and count the no of Chinese products you own. Even the mobile you use for typing posts in this DB has dependency on China! They grew to that range. we should first focus on how to increase our exports.
  6. When I heard the word “pradhaan mantri Ji and swaawalamban” I stopped watching!
  7. Btw, this is a high flyer or tumble pigeon which is also a pigeon sport. These birds don’t have the capacity to fly back home (unless racer pigeons) if a hawk or eagle chases them, they will run away for their life and wander as nomads until they find few domestic pigeons which will accept them in their flocks.
  8. Reyyyyyy racing pigeons ani untaayi..... legs ki puttina 1 week taravatha rings estaaru..... which cannot be removed (closed band rings antaaaru) its a sport to train racing pigeons. Maavi UP daaka vadilaaamu.... more than 1000 kms race chesayi...... our ring numbers start with VHS and HRC followed by some number. This numbering is to keep records of birds and their Parents etc.... you will leave the pigeons increasing the distances and the bird comes back to its home. Anthe kaani Pak lo bird egiri.... India lo AI-Robot Madiri chalkarlu kotti signals evvadhu..... prateeedhi Pakistan ki link cheyyatam! Orinaayanaaaa!
  9. Meeku proofs levu kada to audit! Jagan cases “inkontha kaalam” kooda no result anamaata! Marenduku fast track courts ani fekaadu edava 2014 elections campaign lo ?
  10. Janaalalo eedu emanna anukuntey cheyyagaladu aney impression create cheyyali for getting mass image..... ledaaa simple noreskoni padi povali.... which he cannot do! I see one possible way..... he has to continue his weight loss..... kaarteeka Masam lo oka Monday Krishna lo inko Monday godari lo.... throw Monday Tirupathi lo open shirt vinyaasaalu (nadhee snanam) chesthey antha set avtundi for paada Yatra!
  11. On a personal note - MoSha are evil to my state. I always treated the likes of Vajpayee and Advani as GODly figures (compared to this ugly MoSha) elaaa adhikaaram lo unnamu..... ennallu adhikaaaram lo unnamu anedhi great ayithey Nehru kanna great PM ee country ki undadu! Baffas should realize this!
  12. Why court should accept apology when those statements are severe - like “narakaali” “corona antinchaali” criminal mind set unna vaari words avi..... if left alone in society they may do the same to fellow citizens ani gattiga vadinchaaali
  13. 6 pack antey...... shirtless ga oka godari snanamo Krishna snanamo chesthey perception set avtundi..... that’s what I meant Regd 6-pack!
  14. That is the first question anyone should ask Baffas instead of arguing on other matters. why did they allow ViSa in PMO, when they are in alliance with TDP? what happened to CBI and ED cases in Jaffa ? (It’s been 6 years Shreeman Modi became PM) PKishore meedaki tosesi pabbam gadupukuntunnaru! it is BJP, which threw AP under tipper lorry! And not PKishore!
  15. Power kosam enni Lucchhaaaa panulaina current BJP batch chestundi.... best example - allowing ViSa into PMO!
  16. Antey PKishore valle Visa gadu PMO loki enter ayyadaaa? PKishore valley Jaffa CBI and ED cases advance avvaledaaa ? PKsihore valley Polavaram and Amaravathi NGT cases Vachaayaaa? BJP double game aadaledaaa ? Amaaayakulaaaa?
  17. Next mahanadu ki 6 pack lo vastey kaani fans satisfy ayyettu leremo!
  18. I hate to say this.... but real fact. when we are in ruling - we followed prevention is better than cure. when in opposition - we should let things happen, let people get affected, then they will know the true value of “preventive administration”
  19. Jagga will create history in getting severe beating from courts!
  20. Dr sudhakar case lo govts failure ni govt Tarapuna vaadinchina lawyer meedaki tosestunnarugaaaa...... jaffa gadi online team - SM/YT-Channels full ON lo unnayi