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  1. sskmaestro

    PK fans

    Banners enni untayi enta mandi kadataru? Please come out of that.... I am not over confident, e year irrigation valla Chaka votes TDP ki for ga padatayi especially votes in villages
  2. sskmaestro

    PK fans

    Fact vs reality
  3. sskmaestro

    cbn pk

    All depends on how AP public use their wisdom.
  4. sskmaestro

    cbn pk

    It has gone too far this time. Thanks to PK’s social media team
  5. sskmaestro

    cbn pk

    Pavala manatho kalisthey mundu vadi fans vadi Mohaaana oostharu
  6. sskmaestro

    what are your wants..

    AP varaku BJP is pretty much happy to sail with Jagan-Pavan. TDP leaders are no fools to believe these wolfs
  7. sskmaestro

    Too bad

    Attached link bro.... too disturbing
  8. sskmaestro

    Too bad

  9. sskmaestro


    I am a live example who benefitted from pattiseema. Before pattiseema, Krishna delta used to transplant in August end to mid sep. Now, we are transplanting in July.
  10. sskmaestro

    cbn pk

    Zoom in and see puchodi expressions
  11. sskmaestro

    cbn pk

    Oka PM group of CMs daggariki vachadu... how can you compare that to this one ?
  12. sskmaestro

    Thodualludu gari press meet choosara

    Bans thread 🙈
  13. sskmaestro

    Indo-Pak laser fence

    Hmm.... so terrorists under water vacheyochaa? All the way?