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  1. What happens when you spit badly on the sky? It may fall late
  2. Doubt ledu! Edanna Venkanna Mihima!
  3. Pushpams forever AP ni padukobettaru..... with their nexus with Jaffa and meaningless vengeance against CBN!
  4. Twitter lo hash tag undindhi..... evarikanna info undemo ani esa..... nasa candidates kastha dooram ha undochu ga? Tinnadi aragatledaa?
  5. Gundu batch ki thread purpose tho sammandham ledu..... psychopaths laga tayarayyaru ee DB ki....
  6. Enti matter? Seeing lot of news today on this....
  7. Very crucial few years ahead for India. Hope people will behave wisely this time
  8. Pawala gadi Dallas rally ki inka ekkuva vacharugaaa
  9. Antha sketch esaamaaa ? May be in their world!
  10. ee batch hud hudh appudu beach road lo untey baundedhi
  11. Few things to note here..... 1. They are too over confident on the crowd numbers, the large sized stadium is too much for a AP CM in dallas. 2. Antha mandhi Jaffa lu unnara? 3. Floods time to US visit endira na Royya..... (atleast teleconference or video conference with collectors undali kada to give direction. Motham CS ki vadilesadaaa ?)