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  1. Vamsi ki last time vachinantha majority rakapovachu.... reddy polarized villages ekkuva under vamsi.... last time 2014 state division ekkuva help ayindi w r t the huge majority.... another angle is.... Pattiseema valla last time kanna ekkuva ravochu if Reddy polarized votes tilt towards him (all depends on campaign and election strategy)
  2. sskmaestro

    Farmer confidence level

    Whole media is polarized into two parts.... pro and anti. No media shows neutral pulse or opinions today. It’s up to you to follow which one you prefer. I see the videos based on “how I want to start my day” but, one thing I observed after watching good no of positive and negative videos.... 1. Positive videos lo Jagan ni evaru caste based or premeditated ga bash cheyyatlaaa.... CBN chesadu kabatti malli vesthaam..... Jagan or Pavan cheyyaleru ani hundaga cheptaru... 2. Anti TDP videos lo more than 50% caste based bashing untundi....leka hard core anti perception untundi.... ex : CBN pensions emi iyyatlaa (until 2 years ee videos vachevi) pensions anni TDP karyakarthalaki istunnaru etc., houses anni TDP party workers ki istunnaru (now we don’t see these videos) Polavaram and amaravathi graphics (now everyone mouth is shut) are you seeing these anti videos now? Why are we not seeing these videos now? Why there is a flurry of these videos back then? Positive videos chupinchey channels ni bhajana channels ani tag chesthey I pity them.
  3. sskmaestro

    Kotla joining date

  4. sskmaestro

    Farmer confidence level

    Spoke with many elders..... over past few weeks.... hearing unanimous positive talk from older people. Lock Down the 50+ age group, they are unanimous. 50+ age group entha percentage vote share undho teleedu.... if anyone have that percentage split, please post.
  5. sskmaestro

    Karan Thapar

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    Can BJP alliance open their account?
  8. sskmaestro

    Ind vs Pak

    2 years back eee Modi gadini nammukoni ah Baloochistaan verpaatu netalu dikki etti toda kottaru Pak ni.... valli notlo M!
  9. sskmaestro

    Ind vs Pak

    International ga Pak ni ekaki cheyyatam..... aaaku lo vakka sunnam eyyatam ayye pani kaadu.....
  10. sskmaestro

    Ind vs Pak

    Mundhuga pre planned undali.... if Pak uses terrorism to hit India, with in 24 hours target A or target B or target C preplanned ga undali.....
  11. sskmaestro

    Ind vs Pak

    I think we are giving too much breathing space or time to counter plan for a country like Pakistan.
  12. sskmaestro

    Ind vs Pak

    Meanwhile Imran Khan says, Pak will retaliate if India attacks.....