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  1. It’s NaMo rule! Things will only be “on paper” and nothing will happen on ground.
  2. Please add all the flip flops of YCP batch in this thread. @Manoj_Jashti please pin this thread. Can be a one stop for all the YCP flip flops.
  3. They have piece piece in their pedigree! No wonder if that day comes!
  4. Why are you comparing with AP? TS is one sided now. I said on that context
  5. Indonesians are not fools like Andhraites to believe that these are graphics!
  6. Simple logic bhayyaaa....... municipalities one sided ga 75% raavaali if you consider TRS form in Telangana. 2014 lo YCP and TDP has a tight fight, but in 2018 TRS one sided ga kottindi
  7. If you consider assembly results..... TRS won almost 80% of seats..... but municipal and corporation elections.... it fell down ~50%
  8. Guys don’t waste your time discussing with folks like @Palnadu. They don’t add any value!
  9. Brother, avtalodu entha neechudu ayinaa..... vadiki sokam vachinappudu anandinchadam raakshasa aanandam avtundi! please correct this!