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  1. Vaaru Rama bhaktulayyaaa..... Bhadrachalam ramudiki roopayi vidalcharu! Ayodhyaaa ramuniki vipareeramaina prema choopistaaaru! reason : Ayodhyaaaa raamudu appudu (king) eppudu (MPs) balavantude kadaaa! paapam bhadradri ramudi aranya rodana mana vaanara mooka (south) mathramey vintundi!
  2. Hippocracy gurinchi Bhakts cheppatam..... oh my Modi!
  3. That is one way, but there are more easy ways. The problem with our channels are we all work in a silo mode. We should work as a team and share videos of each other, that way there will be more reach.
  4. Sai gadi meeda cheyyali antey oka series of videos cheyochu.... problem is it’s too risky to constantly hear his voice 🤣
  5. Inkaaaa ekkuva cheyyali bro.... it’s not enough.... the viewership of this channel is too small compared to coverage of a person like Undavalli.....
  6. Veedu and Jagan are like uppu nippu.... SheeeM chair kosam Jagan and ED/CBI immunity kosam RRR compromise ayyaru..... next 2-3 years lo ah financial settlement cheskontey RRR rachipovachu.....
  7. DB lo boothulu dobbuthaaa first thread esedhi tamare if that situation comes up!
  8. A section of YCP fans will feel “if TDP can do development why can’t Jagan do? He is young, dynamic and etc etc.,” to do things like YCP, you should stoop down to the level of negative infinity. Does our fans and cadre accept if we do that ?
  9. lol^1000 em? Meeru mathramey onkara tinkaragaa links petti conclusion draw cheyyochaaa ? Memu cheyyakoodadhaaa ?
  10. There will be a threshold brother.... I am not saying everyone will change. Few percentage will definitely tilt towards us. its a sin for TDP to have these self-proclaimed-intellectual batch as fans!
  11. Achem Naidu should be more aggressive.... somehow RRR is stealing the show and he has become the latest benchmark for the Telugus who are crazy for punch dialogues!
  12. Your first statement itself ended the matter! Mee Bhakts kaadaaa RRR lo NTR Muslim character ni kuda controversial cheyyaleda ? Same thing applies to this ad also... ah ad lo content ni.... desam lo jarigina love jihad cases ki link chesi choostunnaru choodu.... 🙏 same bhakts.... haleem outlet kanipiste queue kattestaaaru!