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  1. It is a never ending discussion.... AP should put a condition saying, first merge Mahanadi and Godavari and then think of Kaveri and Godavari link.
  2. sskmaestro

    India Today survey : July, 2018

    2 digit for BJP.
  3. Hmm.... could be some shrub variety..... tree variety ayithey problems vastayi
  4. It’s a Congress paid survey ani Admin Sahab cheppamannaru
  5. sskmaestro

    Tribute to Vajpayee

    Vajpayee Advani Venkayya etc are rare breed politicians who stood like stalwarts and statesman.
  6. sskmaestro


    May be, the last statesman of Independent India has just slipped into a forever sleep zone.
  7. sskmaestro

    Revanth paristhithi enti?

    Revanth’s chance will be after 2022 He has to play a very safe role and intelligent game
  8. sskmaestro

    Rafael update

    Manallni oppose chesey vallu anti nationals! Manalni question chesey vallu Congress ah your honor ?
  9. sskmaestro

    Non Stop India

    You know, the price increase was the outcome of UPA rule. Only GDP increase is because of Modiji
  10. sskmaestro

    Revanth paristhithi enti?

    Plz come to AP. We will keep you in our heart
  11. sskmaestro

    Non Stop India

    Non stop rupee slide ?
  12. sskmaestro

    Rafael update

    worth watching the whole video.
  13. Just a tactic to arm twist Jaffa and make him agree for the seat sharing with Feekay dont get surprised if he gets summons from ED to present infront of them
  14. Admin uncle ee batting edho England elli cheyochugaaa kasta series anna draw avvuddi