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  1. I hate to say this.... but real fact. when we are in ruling - we followed prevention is better than cure. when in opposition - we should let things happen, let people get affected, then they will know the true value of “preventive administration”
  2. Jagga will create history in getting severe beating from courts!
  3. Dr sudhakar case lo govts failure ni govt Tarapuna vaadinchina lawyer meedaki tosestunnarugaaaa...... jaffa gadi online team - SM/YT-Channels full ON lo unnayi
  4. after Revanth, this guys is going all guns blazing against KCR and TRS. Appreciate his efforts!
  5. Fellow govt employees - please feel ashamed that you are not even responding when one person is witch hunted like this. Meekendukuraaa unions ? Dharma laku tappa!
  6. Good cop bad cop ploy idhi...... konta mandi aggressive ga pothaaru to satisfy “balls” fans! Konthamandi ila warnings istaaru to satisfy neutrals!
  7. Musalollu kuda gattiganey unnaru ah time lo..... MSR, Rosiah, KK, DS, etc chala mandi unnaru ah time lo..... but YS outplayed them with hunger strike and padayatra. Revanth has to do something to shed off vote for note thing and also he should stand tall among fellow congressmen.
  8. Mr Ramana Deekshitulu, sigguuuu vadili nee Benz car lo siluva gurthu unna Lotus pond ki ela potable appatlo?
  9. Center chetiloki TTD ni lakkune kutra idhi..... state level lo untey Jagan lantollu ammestaaru..... better to be in center’s hands aney impression kosam ee drama antha
  10. as per family members they spoke with him until 11:30. Immediately next day he is dead. This guy is very active and strong as per their family. How come he die all of a sudden? Any wrong medicine dose given?