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  1. This pic is the best till date. Never seen this angle from CBN.
  2. Old films lo Amreesh Puri laga..... eeme sepiathey janaalu chanipothaara? (Antey velley chanpesi, as per law accidental death ha picturize chestaraa?)
  3. This is second time right? I remember similar news post 2014?
  4. Don’t worry Modi ji.... we will send you back to GJ and you can be head of BC corporation which suits your range.
  5. State meeda Banda rallu vesey ilanti vallani chepputo kottadam anedhi pratee Telugu vadi hakku!
  6. Yathaaa leader tathaaaa followers!
  7. AP is deficit in 2014, doesn’t have a capital. What happened to India? Ur logic itself is utter nonsense.
  8. My Inti mundu kaps family, they are YSR fans and votes for Jaffa in 2014. This year they voted for TDP (pensions, pasupu kunkuma, amaravathi, Polavaram etc are motivating for them). My father never talks about politics with them, but they themselves asked whom my father voted and they said they voted for TDP. Glad and that there are a few rational thinkers in opposition camp!
  9. Akkada unnadhi hardcore Jaffa’s.... min 25% untaru. So don’t expect them to vote for TDP.
  10. Did anyone expect Akhilesh Yadav and Siddha ramaiah will sit in opposition ? Same applies to Fadnavis.
  11. Whoever says TDP just won with a mere 2% vote difference should remember that, with out Kapu votes Jagan count not have come that close. (Hardcore Kapus who are anti TDP might have voted to Jaffa in 2014) so this time, with PK in the contest, will they still vote Jagan?