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  1. Kicku

    Ah response vinna pratee saree happy tears vastayi! Those are glory days for true N and TDP fans.
  2. BJP kayakarthalu ah? Bahu vachanam deniki ra bujji
  3. I want both pen drives ani indirect ga cheppademo #benefitOfDoubt
  4. sivaji about operation garuda

    State Intelligence ki central level lo info vastunda ? Silly! But CBN, for sure has proper channels open from Delhi to give him continuous information. Never show your cards upfront. This is what CBN followed. Now the next steps he make will decide his political fate.
  5. Only reason is AP is filled with caste phonetics! We a good divided vertically amping caste lines. R and K does not like C and it goes on.
  6. https://www.news18.com/news/politics/special-status-doesnt-matter-funds-do-actor-turned-neta-pawan-kalyan-1693651.html?ref=m_hp_top_pos_1
  7. It’s high time states like WB, Orissa, AP and TN form a group and start pressurizing.... if we do proper river linkage, proper connectivity along the eastern side of India, it will do wonders. Connect all ports, build new express road and rail line and interlink all rivers along the east coast. We can show middle finger to central Hindi based politics.
  8. Paruvu nastam daava

    Kreziwala noru jaari courts chuttu tirigadu.... same way PK meeda paruvu nastam daava veyyakudadhaa? Can’t Lokesh proceed legally and make this Lofer apologize ?
  9. Congress

    Atleast allies have freedom in UPA.
  10. Congress

    Hope he succeeds to bring a debate in Parliment.
  11. JAGAN on ABN & AJ Reporters

    Give ministry to Vijaya Sai
  12. Oka CM Elli Delhi lo deeksha ki kurchuntey saripotundi kada... why to cause inconvenience to people of state by calling Bundhs?
  13. Media hadaavidi lite teskondi... it’s all TRP based. Parliment lo entha malign chesthey antha better. Memory of common man is short lived! Step by step up chestu veltunnaru. Let’s hope for the best. Rajyasabha lo Hari Krishna garu Telugu lo excellent speech ichi raajeenaama chesi vacharu. Naitikata anedi ee rojullo butta dhaakalu avtondi..... better get some thing and fight with open heart!