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  1. sskmaestro

    Repu ee time ki

    I know, but there is no other option for me other than DB to share the exciting moments “live”
  2. sskmaestro

    Repu ee time ki

    Nenu ala anatledu le.... alanti manchi moments potunnayi celebrate cheskoleka aney badha evari meeda kakkalo teleeka....
  3. sskmaestro

    Repu ee time ki

    Manaki goosebump moments(party or Heros) vachey situations lo DB ki dooram ga undatam anedhi kastam! It happened in 2014. It happened on the day lagadapati announced his exit poll for TS. Repu counting appudu avvadu ani guarantee ivvandi so called fellow members who find fault in my post. Manaki unna DB idokkatey.... mamool days lo enni technical glitches vachina no worries. But crucial times lo vastey, edho mana daggari nunchi balavantam ga lakkunna feeling untundi.... hope people understand!
  4. sskmaestro

    Repu ee time ki

    Don’t have any hopes of DB availability tomorrow. This guy is an expert in pouring cold water on us.
  5. sskmaestro

    owaisi statement about T elections

    He needs 20-25 seats to demand that
  6. sskmaestro

    What if KCR loses ?

    IVR - as usual soft spoken, never uttered a negative word. He only supports some one when he has the real number. TELAKAPATI - personal crying at next level. Prod Nageswar - he has double standards. He analyzes CBN and KCR in a different ways and by different yard sticks. Theory should be same for both, but here he changes conditions and applies them differently. Like BT batch, this guy hates CBN, that’s clear. Only guy who sensibly analyzes without uttering a negative word these days is Sabbam Hari. We have to see how he analyzes if at all in future wave goes against CBN.
  7. Pedda Owaisi to meet Noseguy today. 100+ seats maavey! We will surpass the expectations! ABBA Kodukulu mamool ga chupaledu mekapothu gambheeryam! Ivala hung vastey ela ani meetings pettey daaka vellaru! vekili makili survey lu nammakandi..... mukkodaaaa neekundiroy!
  8. sskmaestro

    What if KCR loses ?

    If TRS loses, slipper slap on left cheek for BT batch If TRS loses and KCR also loses, slipper slap on both cheeks for BT batch. still, do you think this BT batch will change? These are similar to Jaffas, Baffas and Pawalas, whose mind is only filled with hatred and nothing else.
  9. sskmaestro


    TG election results match ayyaka.... future lo EVM nunchi vachey final results Kosam evaru wait cheyyaremo
  10. sskmaestro

    Kcr - Quiz - Poll

    Veedu taagi taagi poyey type kaadu.... mandu lekapothey nerves issue vachi poyey type.... suppose, jail lo pedithey.... easy ha potadu as there won’t be liquor in jail which will be surrounded by CCTV (high profile khaidi kada)
  11. sskmaestro


    Different people will be at different levels of evolution. We may be right, we may be wrong. It’s ok to get wrong rather than getting into a argument to defend yourselves. Remember one thing, in the process of over defending we will look like beast(positive meaning) infront of others. Bringing the beast out of you should be like a Rama banam and you shouldn’t use it always. Play wise!
  12. sskmaestro

    owaisi statement about T elections

    Both are snakes hatched from same egg! Split ledu tokka ledu. They are playing mind games.
  13. sskmaestro

    Lagadapati press meet undha Ivala?

    You are right! This admin will always pour cold water.
  14. sskmaestro

    BJP Ready to support TRS

    Hyd Muslims different brother. Potta kosina kuda MIM ki blind ga guddutaru....
  15. sskmaestro

    Lagadapati press meet undha Ivala?

    I don’t see it wrong. Certain section of people get attracted to a dare lie. They don’t believe if some one who thinks twice before uttering a word. That’s the reason you see many people believing KCR & KTR bluntly saying that they will win 100+ same people will say, Lagadapati is not confident and he may get it wrong this time. its all process of evolving. Some people stuck at the adolescences and are very reluctant and lethargic to evolve. It’s part of nature and we have to accept it and live with it.