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  1. Peru marustaam...... maaki alavate kadaaaa
  2. Missed key points 21) CBN meeda Maro cinema teeyatam 22) Pawan Kalyan ni 4th marriage ki usiholpadam
  3. It’s not the duty of Revanth to fight..... TG public opinion matters..... let’s see how TG public will react..... Revanth chinchukuntey saripodugaaa...... TG public ki G lo baagaaaa kaaaledaaaka low profile maintain cheyyatam better
  4. TDP ki and N heros ki sagam daridram ee fans mindset
  5. Revanth is a true leadership material. Sad that AP don’t have a person like him for next generations..... KCR ni tappa verey evarineee digajaari maataladadu (KCR deserves for the wicked game he played during vote for note ) one wrong move costed Revanth like hell. Post 2004, whoever youth Leader grown under TDP leadership, only Revanth is a material in long run.... Kodali - galeez edava. MLA ga enni sarlu gelichina kooda noru teristhey drainage Vamsi - until couple of months ago, he projected himself as soft spoken person and only a person of actions and no ugly talk, he derailed himself! Payyavula- dannam saami! Business links priority be it with opposition or TRS. Revanth kanaka eeyana place lo undi untey inko range lo undedhi seema..... Jagan vs Revanth laga undedhi AP lo scene. Dhulipala- able person, but not trying to dominate the politics.... Uma - self buildup tappa janaalani kalupukoni polemic waste fellow (NOM) why I am mentioning post 2004? We are in opposition back to back terms, there are huge deflections into PRP. This period is a great opportunity for new faces to come up as second level leaders.... Its Worst fate for AP on a whole that none of the above persons went in right direction. AP is left with the below to choose from 1. Donga (Jagan) 2. Pichodu (Pawala) 3. Pappu (the way he is projected) just imagine, okademo eppudu jail keltaado teleedu..... inkokademo matter nil candidate..... moodovademo too heavy incapable tag vesukoni unnadu...... mana AP daridram entantey, option 1 and 2 can influence using caste tag. Just imagine, if Lokesh couldn’t prove himself and we are left with Pavan and Jagan. (Also assume that Jagan gets clean chit - BJP Punyam) 20 years, Jagan and Pawan CMs ga untey.... state anedhi uganda! Politics are too costly for common person to rise from grass root level..... Telugu pride is a gone case guys!
  6. Guys, counter this with Jaffa’s lip lock with Avva..... Jagan gadu vachi untey varasaga lip locks ichevadu..... manollu kabatti vallaki accessories ichaaru.....
  7. Oka GIF undi kadaaa....... Jagan giving a flying kiss and a little girl giving that flying kiss back!
  8. So you simply ignore the no of sectors that were fasaked by Modiji.....
  9. Manam penchithey Strategical increase..... adhey UPA hayaam lo perigithey...... chitikalu!!!!
  10. Enni rojulaki vachindanedhi disco kaadu..... before 2014, BJP said hundreds of times that they will reduce the household gas price if they come to power! How much did you decrease in last 6 years ?
  11. Hmm..... how do you calculate your progress as a person ? Increase in income or increase in luxuries (through loans) ?
  12. Basic sense undaaali blind ga BJP ki support cheyyataaniki..... what did BJP promise during 2012-14? (If we come to power we will reduce Gas and petrol prices) stable ga unnayaa? You always shoot your foot!
  13. If you are South Indian and Rama is your Lord, why can’t you question your Party’s commitment towards Bhadrachalam ? em.... Ayodhyaaaa Ramudu (King) mathramey kaavaalaaa? Bhadradri Ramudu (sage life) vaddaaaa ?