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  1. Ego centric extremist eedu..... he will not use. In fact corona season ayipoyaka..... RTGS valla no use, just publicity kosam Shandrababu kotla prajaa dhananni durviniyogam chesadu..... it’s a scam. This is vastavam antaaadu
  2. there is one conspiracy that this is a plan to eliminate old people from few countries to bring down their avg age of country. these countries will open up bulk immigration post this episode.
  3. Democracy doesn't mean police has to request. Police correct have work chesthey (without lancham and be workaholic) our democracy will be the best.
  4. Razayyyaa wait for 3-4 weeks. This virus will spread silently from person to person. We will see huge numbers in India. It’s not my wish. It’s a harsh fact.
  5. Do you think our public will listen if you say them in soft tone ? in our DB we call them as chetakaani xxxx and people with no balls!
  6. Ilantivi edo oka rumor create cheyyali saami..... naraala weakness vastundano..... sex life ki paniki raaru ano..... appudu anni mooskoni intlo koorsuntaaru
  7. Guys don’t take Sakshi discussions seriously.
  8. If that person is not under quarantine - police is 100% culprit. if the person is under quarantine - this is the right way police should behave if they violate the rule. reason - spreading corona is too dangerous
  9. Educate chesey stage ayipoyindi le......
  10. KA lo masjid lo unna vallani irakkottesaaru..... spared old people.
  11. 3 months ah....... they should have given 6 months atleast
  12. Forget about inhibitions and parties...... we have a police renting in our portion. We know how feared their wife will be when their husband goes on duty during corona out break! Same with doctors as well. sad part is, every day these doctors and police will go to their homes and there are high chances that even their families will be infected. be in their shoes. Try to dream about roaming outside daily when corona is suspected to be in your community..... scary isn’t it ?