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  1. What CBN asked is really fair. Voter has to be given a printed slip from VVPAT where he sees and verifies his vote in EVM. (Real time audit and customer satisfaction at a time) 50 % of the VVPATs should be counted. If there is mis match. Recount or repoll is the only option.
  2. VVPAT machines is a big joke in our Indian Democracy. There is no ruling on what to do if VVPAT count doesn’t match count in EVM.
  3. LP open heart is not fresh episode! May be you saw that now!
  4. Nobody can save brother..... there will be a time to repent when everything is out of hands. AP lost a opportunity to become the best state after Punjab w.r.t irrigation infra. Godavari water ni whole state ki link cheyyatam aney dream..... dream ganey untundi! Hope Jagan proves me wrong.
  5. We are bearing the load of TS as well. Or else, suddenly why do you think load on AP discoms will spike up?
  6. More than rains, water management is the key for AP’s success. We have Godavari and Krishna. Okatemo water storage ledhu.... inkotemo storage unna water raavu. Water management lo CBN/Uma did wonders as politicians. Jaffa gadu em chestado choodali..... max projects redesign perutho dabbulu dandukovatam tappa no use.
  7. More than neutrals, it is youth voting where we are kind of Golden duck!
  8. Seema ki water ichina kuda mass ga Jaffa ki guddaru choodu..... had CBN did the same thing to TN/MH farmers they will treat him like GOD. Our AP people always look at caste!
  9. In one way it is true. Party head gave a serious fight. MLAs hands up (either due to cash crunch created or due to overconfidence that its CBN’s Image that will secure a win) .... when MLAs show negligence, that will creep into the cadre.... money teeyakapothey why cadre will work ?